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Your Predictions: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte (Royal Rumble 2016)

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Tonight at the Royal Rumble, Charlotte defends her Divas Championship against Becky Lynch.

We asked for your predictions for this match on our social media pages and picked some of the best to highlight here. As always, you can join in by leaving your comments!

  • Amanda Marie: Would love for Becky to get the title but Charlotte will retain cause its a Flair thing. Waiting for the Divas Title to retire and bring back the Women’s Title.
  • @BomayeKO: Charlotte scrapes the win and Becky comes out looking good. She’ll get to WrestleMania where The Boss will be waiting.
  • Brandie Leann Scott: What I think is that they make Becky lose and then set up Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte for WrestleMania. What I hope happens is Becky loses and Fastlane is a #1 contenders match where Becky wins again and it goes to WrestleMania with Mick Foley in Becky’s corner.
  • @chrismartin202: It’s too early for Charlotte to drop the title. Charlotte goes over because of some Flair shenanigans.
  • @dianakbxo: Becky Lynch wins because Ric Flair costs Charlotte the match or Natalya causes a distraction. Charlotte loses and it starts a Hart vs. Flair feud.
  • Francisco Mata: I would love if Becky got the title since Charlotte’s reign has been lackluster. I think Ric will try to interfere and a surprise returning Mick Foley will be on Becky’s side, helping her get that title. If Charlotte is to retain I hope she retains clean after a great match so she can elevate her reign to another level. Post-match, Ric takes out Mick and Charlotte takes out Becky, only for a returning Sasha to attack Charlotte, help Becky up, they have some tension but eventually they shake hands. Sasha places her glasses on Charlotte before lifting the title signaling that she wants it. Then out of nowhere, she attacks Becky takes another pair of glasses and puts it over a fallen Becky and Charlotte and the segment ends with her lifting the title setting up a Triple Threat match for WrestleMania.
  • @Haupstadtaffe: Charlotte wins by interference. This might grant Becky another title match, possibly with a submission stipulation.
  • John Dern: I would absolutely LOVE to see Becky Lynch take the belt (especially since she was the only one of the four to never have a run with the NXT Women’s title), but I can see Charlotte retaining so WWE can continue to make her run seem legitimate.
  • Kate Fawcett: I’d love to see Becky win because she’s really come into her own, but I can see Charlotte cheating to win. Charlotte’s reign has been boring beyond belief so I’m hoping Becky walks out of Royal Rumble with the belt, setting up for Sasha to come in for ‘Mania.
  • Luis Alberto Quijano: Becky wins, Charlotte attacks Ric to cement her heel persona.
  • Mathieu Matt J. Jeanneau: I Think Becky will win! Now that she understood that Charlotte is no longer the one she liked, there will be no love lost between them, and she will win with some Flair’s dirty tactics, or interventions of Natalya and Paige!
  • @MRayneGuy: Becky Lynch wins the title, then Paige returns to challenge her, starting a Becky vs. Paige feud.
  • @NatiBronca: I REALLY hope that a legend accompanies Becky (*hint*Foley*hint*) and that Becky wins the belt.
  • @philly1gleek: Ric will cause a distraction, but then he’ll get knocked off the apron by Charlotte, which will help Becky win the belt.
  • Richard Wallace: Would love to see Becky win but I honestly doubt that’s going to happen. Charlotte will retain her championship.
  • Robert Bradley Curran: Becky wins by DQ to set up another rematch at Fastlane, hopefully with some kind of stipulation (a submission match, or Ric banned from ringside/locked in a cage like he’s J.J. Dillon).
  • @SirCharlieee: Becky wins when Paige returns and slaps the taste out of Ric’s mouth. This distracts Charlotte, who is rolled up pinned for the three.
  • Tia Blakey: Becky. I think that she’ll have someone in her corner to neutralize Flair.
  • Tommi McRae: Team B.A.D. interferes and causes a disqualification, setting up for Becky vs. Charlotte vs. Sasha at WrestleMania!

What are your predictions for Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte?

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