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Your Two Cents: Trading Divas and Knockouts

“Your Two Cents” is the new interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: If you could send one Diva to TNA and one Knockout to the WWE, who would they be? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Our Two Cents

Batting for Team DD this week, it’s Bobby giving us his personal opinion on this week’s topic:

Bobby | It’s funny this is asked, because I’ve always been thinking about one Knockout, in particular, who I think would make a perfect WWE Diva, and that’s Rosita. I think she’s stunning, and fits the look WWE tends to go for. While I’m perfectly fine with her in TNA, I think her style would mesh perfectly in WWE and she’d be a great fit for the company. As for sending a Diva to TNA, I’m sure most people would probably assume Beth Phoenix or Natalya, but to be honest, I would love to see Tamina branch over. I think she has the most unique look on the roster, and with every Knockout being different, she would easily be like nothing else they have there. She could use her family lineage as her gimmick, and already that sets her apart from the rest of them.

Your Two Cents

Clinton Bowman | If I had to? I’d send Madison Rayne to the WWE and send Natalya to TNA. I understand that this is weird, but I’ll explain. Madison, at this stage, is THE BEST Knockout in TNA right now. She understands pacing, gimmick control, how to play an effective face/heel, and she’s downright charismatic. She’d do wonders on that roster. As for Natalya, she’s still fairly young, but she can teach some of the knockouts a few things, as most desperately need to start tightening up their ring work, and Natalya is that girl.
Daniel Royce Wilhelm. | That is a really hard decision, especially given that for a Knockout to move to WWE would be a huge down grade (prime example Gail Kim, thank God she went back to TNA). In my opinion, I would move Madison Rayne to WWE. Madison is an incredible heel, she is so annoying, but at the same time she still has a great look and very good in ring skills. I think she would fit right in, looks wise, with the Divas and have a heel persona that I doubt any current diva could live up to, aside from Vickie Guerrero. Could you imagine Vickie managing Madison? As far as Divas go, I would move Alicia Fox to TNA. Alicia has some wicked in ring skills that she is not given the opportunity to show in WWE. WWE doesn’t seem to know how to use her except as a jobber and that is really a shame. I could see Alicia as a singles competitor or along side Velvet Sky as a baby face, or the newly heel Gail Kim. Alicia Fox, to me, is so diverse and deserves much more attention.
@GregLucM | Toxine/Christina Von Eerie to WWE: The fans WANT something different. Not just different, but WILDLY different. That’s how Kharma chiefly got super over despite not wrestling a single match. CVE would get super over with the bare minimum of creative effort in an angle of her as a face vs. the DoD, centered on how she fits the Diva mold even less than Beth and Natalya, yet didn’t let that get to her and start attacking people physically and verbally. Naomi to TNA: Because if you’re going to be stuck in Florida, might as well get on national TV. That WWE still hasn’t brought her up, and now she’s running around FCW with some sort of hoodrat gimmick baffles me. This isn’t even to mention that I’m sure she could put on some good-to-great matches with the rest of the KO roster.
Josue Guzman | I would pick Tamina to go to TNA. Reason: She is currently serving as a backburner in the WWE. Her being a heel should have placed her in the Divas of Doom alliiance but for some reason hasn’t. She has a lot to offer but hasn’t been given the chance to shine. A move to TNA would allow her to showcase her talent. As for a Knockout to the WWE, I’ll go with ODB. Reason: She is not just another cookie-cutter MODEL. She is very diverse, wild and experienced. With the Divas of Doom storyline currently going nowhere and Beth being the top heel, it would be a great addition to have ODB as the top face and going against Beth.
@MeaganG1990 | If I can send a Diva to TNA, It would have to be Natalya. While most of the knockout division has a diversity with the beautiful, the inked, the spicy and the mysterious, I think having Natalya in the knockouts Division would be good for her as I would LOVE Natalya vs. Winter as my Dream feud. If I had to send a Knockout to WWE, It would have to be Sarita and I can think she can fit well with the Raw Brand. The reason why I am saying this is she can feud with the likes of Eve Torres because of her speed, but I can also see her going after the Divas Championship with regarding who the champion is. I feel Sarita can carry the Divas Division and make it interesting.
Mondarious Brantley | For the Knockout I would send to WWE it would be ODB because she is not the diva mold that WWE likes and her wrestling skills are up to par. She would fit good in feuds with Divas like Natalya, Beth, Tamina, and AJ. The Diva I would send to TNA I would go with Maryse. 1. Because she has such a strong presence and ppl love to hate her which is what a heel needs. 2. I can really see her improving over in TNA. Christy Hemme looked decent in the ring when she left for TNA and also Brooke Tessmacher has improved. And 3. I could see Maryse in high profile feuds with Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Mickie James and many more.
Nick Voodoo | TNA -> WWE: ODB. I know she wouldn’t get a push…but she can actually work and the Diva’s Division needs that. BADLY. WWE -> TNA: I know she’s not a Diva…but let’s send Vickie Guerrero to TNA…just because it’d be hilarious to see her & Karen Jarrett go at it on the mic.

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Which Diva would you send to TNA? Which Knockout would you send to the WWE? Tell us in the comments…

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