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Have you ever watched wrestling and thought, “I want to do that?” Chances are many of us have dreamed, at one point or another, about being a professional wrestler. But how many of us chase our dreams? Meet Jessie Kaye

This young, ambitious and hungry 19-year-old from Baltimore, Maryland, is chasing her dream to become a professional wrestler and is inviting you along for the ride!

Diva Dirt presents ROAD TO THE RING, an original web series following the highs, lows, laughter and heartbreak of Jessie Kaye as she strives to make it as a professional female wrestler, training under the guidance of former WWE star, Gillberg.

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Jessika Evelyn Heiser is a normal 19-year-old: she has a loving family, including parents Cleve and Mary, she goes to college and has a part time job. But from an early age, Jessika had a passion for wrestling and dreamed of one day following in the footsteps of her idols The Rock, Undertaker, Trish Stratus and Mickie James. And now, unlike most 19-year-olds, she trains three times a week to make that dream come true.

Overweight and a self-professed outcast in high school, Jessika spent her days behind a computer and felt trapped in her body. “I felt so inhibited and frustrated, but I never had the discipline to change it.” Like many, wrestling was her escape. It was her love of wrestling and desire to become a wrestler that inspired her to change. Joining her local gym in March 2008, it was a struggle at first to lose the pounds, but Jessie cites a friend (now under a developmental contract with WWE) for helping her get down to a healthy weight.

Jessika, now known by her ring name Jessie Kaye, began training at the Gillberg Wrestling Academy in July 2010. “The trainers there include Gillberg, but also Earl The Pearl and Ramblin’ Rich, two successful wrestlers who have worked the Maryland independent scene as well as had their experience in the WWE doing jobs here and there. Their passion can’t be compared to anyone who I ever met; they love the business, are so analytical of it and are both huge encyclopedias of knowledge. I couldn’t be luckier to have them!”

Still, it’s a long road ahead for Jessie but she’s ready for the challenge. “I just want to continue to work hard. Nothing comes easy with this… nothing. Not with weight loss, not with wrestling, not with anything. You get out of wrestling what you put into it, and I’m working hard to put all I have into this.”

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