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Jenny Rose shares her thoughts on the Jericho Cruise and her future

With the women’s revolution gaining momentum and speed by the second, women from all promotions are getting the spotlight they truly deserve. Kristen Ashly from had the honor of an exclusive interview with Ring of Honor’s Jenny Rose, where she touched base on training in Japan, her experience on the Jericho Cruise, and ROH’s Steel City.

Rose has worked in various promotions throughout her career. She was asked if she had a particular promotion or moment that was her favorite.

“I enjoy promotions for different reasons. For example, competing for ROH I get the production and TV experience. Competing for Pro Wrestling Diana in Japan, I get to experience competing against the best Joshi legends in the sport so I learn so much. I personally prefer to work for promotions where I can compete against the best competition, be around good people, and get a decent payday. Those two promotions are my favorite so far.”

Rose was asked if her training in Japanese dojos gave her an edge.

“I grew up in Philly, so I was born with an edge! The intense training I endured in Japan has certainly shaped me into a more intense competitor though. It’s all about hard work, getting what you put in. Japan has a special place in my heart because that’s where Jenny Rose was born. I love training in Japan. It’s tough, but worth it.”

ROH has been criticized for having a small women’s roster. Rose was asked to share her thoughts on that situation.

“In my opinion, ROH has a decent amount of women’s matches on their shows. This is the first time I’ve heard of that criticism, recently. ROH does their best for the women considering the amount of time they are given. ROH has always been focused on wrestling among anything else. A lot more women are itching to work with ROH now, and it shows with our sold-out tryout camps and the amount of oversees companies who are eager to unite with us. When I first started working for ROH in 2009, they barely had one women’s match on a show. I guess I know what it’s like to be on the sidelines, and that’s why I appreciate where we are now. Things have changed for the better.”

Rose was asked about her experience on Jericho Cruise, and if she would participate again.

“YES! I was very fortunate to participate in the very first Jericho Cruise! I was one of the only few who competed every day. I took huge pride in representing women’s wrestling there, and being surrounded by so many talented artists was amazing! It was a really great experience. We were treated like gold. I really enjoyed interacting with the fans there, met some cool musicians and bonded with my wrestling family. I was able to challenge for two different titles and although I lost, I really put my heart into it. I want to thank all of the fans, ROH, and Chris Jericho for making it an experience of a lifetime.”

Diehard Jenny Rose fans often speak about her matches with Sumie Sakai for the WOH Championship. Rose reflected back on her time against Sakai, and what the future holds for the feud.

“Whenever I get to compete against Sumie Sakai, I’m pumped! I know when I step in the ring with her that I’m going to be challenged. My goal while I’m in ROH is to become WOH Champion, and when that title is on the line, it really pushes me to fight harder. I have something to win, to prove that I’m the best. I received my first WOH title shot back in Chicago, which is the city where I made my debut nine years ago, so it’s a special city to me. Lately, I’ve been practicing my Jui Jitsu and training hard. I’m hoping to get a rematch soon. I’m ready, anytime!”

Jenny Rose
Credit: ROH

Mandy Leon and Jenny Rose are cited as training partners and close friends. Rose shared her thoughts on her fellow competitor.

“Mandy Leon is like my sister. I have so much love for that girl. Her debut match was against me in 2014, and we’ve been close ever since. She’s come a long way and been through so much. I’m proud of how hard she’s worked to make WOH a success! We always keep positive and do our best to share our positivity with the up-and-comers which is very important to me. As far as projects, I would love to do a Japan tour with her in the future.”

Aspire Pro is a growing independent promotion started by Rose, which she touches on, proudly.

“I spent a lot of time living oversees in Japan and I loved our dojo shows so much, that I wanted to bring those kind of shows to America. Basically create a fun atmosphere for wrestlers to go, and for my family, friends, and fans to have fun! It’s been a dream come true. You can keep up with future Aspire dates at”

Rose was asked if she would ever consider competing for the Mae Young Classic.

“Of course, I’d love to compete everywhere. I’m up for anything. So much talent, and plenty of competition. My dream growing up was to be a wrestler, and I made it happen. I never expected to experience as much as I have already. Pro wrestling has been good to me. Who knows what the future holds.”

ROH’s Steel City Excellence took place last weekend. Rose had thoughts on her opponent, Kelly Klein.

“That match was more than a wrestling match, it was a grudge match. We’ve been battling for a while now, and there’s still bad blood between us. If ROH was smart they would give me more shots at her. Someone needs to put her in her place. I’m not quite finished with her yet.”

Finally, Rose gave some parting words and advice on women’s wrestling, and for future women wrestlers.

“I believe what women need to do, is continue to stick together and support each other. Sure this women’s revolution is going on that we all have fought for, but we must continue to fight. If I could give advice to anyone who wants to do this, I’d say to get an education and join some kind of martial art like jiu jitsu or kickboxing to stay in shape. It’s important to remember that we are athletes who also have responsibilities for others. Work hard, stay humble, and no matter who may try to bring you down, always keep your passion going. Surround yourself with good people and enjoy every moment.”

Check out all Women of Honor in ROH’s next pay-per-view event in New York City, ROH: Final Battle, on Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. EST.

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