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Position: Video/audio host & news reporter

Favorite movie: Heavyweights. You know, the movie where Ben Stiller is a weight loss instructor at a fat camp.

Favorite TV show: Big Brother, because every summer it’s on three times a week and consumes my soul.

“Must listen” songs: All five of Beyonce’s albums.

Favorite women’s wrestler: Of all time, definitely Chyna. Currently, probably Gail Kim.

Favorite men’s wrestler: Evan Bourne, because Evan Bourne.

Favorite match: Beth Phoenix vs. Melina in an I Quit match at One Night Stand 2008. So perfect.

Favorite feud: Probably going to go with Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James. Stalking. Obsessed fan. People in gift wrap. What’s not to love?

Least favorite wrestling moment: It’s a toss up between when Michelle McCool won that Diva competition and got an ugly ass bike, Ashley Massaro wrestling her first match and making me regret voting for her in the Diva Search and Alicia Fox telling the fans to have a “FOXAY HOLIDAY”.

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