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On a usual week of no women’s wrestling, complaints would be the norm. However, despite not receiving many of the women actually competing in the profession, we do witness great character and story development for more than just one or two ladies… And for a brand with up and coming and underrated talent, this is what we need to see the most.

Our first match of the night is scheduled to be the Lass Kicker Becky Lynch vs All Red Everything Eva Marie. After Becky is in the ring, Marie delivers her far too dramatic yet ever so perfect entrance in which she poses at the fans and indicates that she will be taking home the victory. But, her indiciation is far from reality. Once Eva jumps off of the middle turnbuckle after a glorious pose, something appears to be wrong with her leg. After limping to the other side of the ring and complaining to the referee and trainer, the match is quickly called off – to Marie’s delight, of course.

Following her match Eva is then treated by the trainer for her ever so serious medical injury. The injury is so serious that the trainer is unable to deliver any information by the time Tom Phillips shows up for questions.

We then see an altercation between the Princess of Staten Island Carmella and The Anvilette Natalya happen in the next segment. As Renee Young began to interview the former NXT star, Natalya stormed in to interrupt. As the self described “Queen of Harts” and the uncle of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, Neidhart felt entitled to an interview from Young over the final SmackDown draft pick. Carmella quickly defends herself by saying that despite being the final pick of the brand, both women are in the same place regardless. So of course, to settle their differences in the only way professional wrestlers know how, a match is scheduled for later that night.

As Carmella soon makes her entrance to the ring, Natalya quickly attacks her from behind and throws her into the barricade. As the Staten Island Princess is laying defenseless, she is forced her to tap out to the Sharpshooter, screaming for release.

Thoughts: Though we didn’t receive much wrestling this week, the progression for both the characters and the stories is brilliant!

What I adore the most about Eva’s gimmick is that she is capitalizing on the response she gets from fans. This allows her to make the audience seethe at her existence by somewhat proving them right about her “lack of dedication” to the profession. Everything her haters say about her caring for her look and ignoring the wrestling is made out to be true, which gives her the perfect reaction.

The 2013 Diva Search winner was able to make part of the crowd yell in frustration at her “disrespect” for the business, whilst another part would cackle in glee in response to her hilarious ways. Either way, nobody watching is bored during Eva’s performance – and that is what WWE requires the most.

Marie may not be everyone’s favorite wrestler, but what she does do is keep us invested in her performance, whether we love her or not.

After her lack of speech last week followed by her non-performance this week, I predict that we’re getting a Fandango pre-Wrestlemania 29 shtick where Marie will refuse to wrestle until she appears on a grand stage… like SummerSlam, maybe?

Also, huge credit to Eva for the humorous work this week – never thought she’d make me laugh, but she did!

Our other female oriented storyline is also perfectly executed this week. Natalya has had some trouble fitting into her heel gimmick which, when we remember her first run in the company, is pretty strange. However, it seems like she’s really getting the hang of it again!

What worked this week is a combination of her booking and her portrayal of it. With the Queen of Harts emphasizing her relation to Bret Hart and then degrading Carmella’s success, it gives us the cocky vibe Natalya needs to be hated. And of course, her brutal attack before the match was a great way to show her off as a strong heel.

This tactic works so well as fans want to see Carmella make her in-ring debut. We all want to witness what the Staten Island Princess can deliver on the main roster. And, just as we were about to be given that opportunity, Natalya took it away from us.

Natalya is coming across as a bitter and jealous heel, and it works for everyone involved. She has hatred for up and coming talent such as Becky Lynch and Carmella – talent that has time to grow and an appeal to the masses. And through the use of these cowardly and bitter tactics, Neidhart is not only able to give herself a good character, but the women she works alongside of can be pushed as baby faces in a better light.

The only complaint about this week’s antics is the lack of Naomi and Alexa Bliss.

Naomi just made her return a week ago and didn’t make a single appearance in this week’s show. And then we have Bliss who made her WWE debut that same night, and she was also nowhere to be seen. It is difficult to feature so many women within a two hour slot, so it’s not always possible to do so. However, it is fairly disappointing when two of the roster’s best women are forgotten about in week two of the new era – here’s hoping that next week is better for them!

How do you feel about this week’s show? Do you like the character and story progression? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Hollalicious

    The character development doesn’t make up for the little TV time.

    • Tevin Campbell

      I disagree. When a match finally happens it’ll mean so much more because the fans will know their characters. We’re getting more character development then what NXT gave us. All women got to talk last week & show character. This week they got to show a new side we’ve either never seen or have seen in the far past. Carmella is sassier than ever. Natalya is actually trying to become a good heel. Eva is killing her haters with this gimmick. We’re getting characters for women who night of been overlooked before the new era. I want ring work too but these segments here will give so much until we finally see ring work.

      • Hollalicious

        Still barely 5 minutes to represent an entire division on a 2 hour show is unacceptable
        You can always make segments or matches shorter for sake of storyline progression or character development which is what WWE have done with Becky vs Natalya to avoid giving the feud long segments which is why it fell short
        We should have had Alexa and Naomi appear too

      • Woman


      • Sha95

        I agree w/ you. The biggest problem most women’s wrestling fans have is that they want it all right away. No buildup or anything. They claim they want it and character development but because we didn’t see at least 2 minutes of wrestling (holy wow, we’re missing so much) people complain.

  • mariah

    I love Eva!!!! I could not stop laughing!!!! She is such a beautiful mess lol and I mean that in the best way possible.

  • Stef’

    This show is so filled with ads I felt angry for the lack of matches. I understand what they do with the women but honnestly RAW was more enjoyable, I watch wrestling for the actual matches and there was none here.

  • Love Eva’s character progression, but I wish she faked the injury after a move or something.
    Her just jumping down and pretending she’s hurt wasn’t believable. I’m excited to see where they’re going with it tho.

  • Carmella was so confident in that backstage segment, love her on the mic.
    Also wish she and Nattie had a match but maybe next week, Alexa and Nattie vs Carmella and Naomi? Would like to see it.

    • Exotic

      Becky and Carmella vs Eva and Nattie sounds more logical! Plus teaming up with Becky will help the crowd get behind Carmella.
      I would like to see an backstage interview with Naomi getting interrupted by Alexa.

      • ?Liv It Up?

        That would be very logical! In my opinion, it would make sense for Eva to drop from the ropes when Nattie needs to tag out. Eva then like grabs one of the announcers phones and take a selfie and just admire her pure beauty because fans seem to just think she’s another pretty face who doesn’t care to wrestler which could lead to multiple feud options. Possibly a six-pack challenge for the new women’s title for SmackDown. Eva Marie vs Natalya vs Carmella vs Becky Lynch vs Naomi vs Alexa! Now that I think about it a more logical match to start the feud would be Eva, Natalya, and Alexa Bliss vs Carmella, Becky, and Naomi! Which would led to the heel team breaking out into a verbal brawl , while Naomi would continue to cause a problem with in her team during it which leads to an argument with Becky, Carmella, and Naomi. As all the divas are arguing, Eva would be in the middle laughing filing her nails like I’m not about to get my hair f’d up, which then causes Shane or Daniel to come out and announce they will all compete in a six-pack challenge for the (SmackDown) Women’s Championship at the next PPV BackLash or Clash of Champions. (TBH I don’t know if that sounds messy or not, so if it sounds a little messy. whoops!)

  • Wolf Kane

    Oh Eva!! What are we ever going to do with you? She’s actually funny to watch and I’m not sure that’s what they want for miss all red everything.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I was kind of disappointed at not having any matchs take place. I legit was going to tear in to smackdown on this Reduex. But going back over everything I do like the character progression. Like the writers said I see them doing a bit of Fandango with Eva. And I hope that is the case. It’ll be cool seeing her work her way out of getting the ring before she’s ready.

    The attack by Natalya on Carmella has mixed feelings for me. Like we just saw Nattie do this to Becky Lynch already. On the other hand I do enjoy Natalya give her best downs. Plus this gives us sympathy to give for Carmella and a reason to get behind her.

  • fearlessfoxy

    Carmella was great backstage she seemed so confident with the promo!

    I just missed Naomi and Alexa a lot this week!

  • sshhtu

    Surely Eva could have hammed it up a bit here? Although her revamped entrance is verging guilty pleasure territory, I can’t really see what purpose she’ll serve on Smackdown until her ring skills have developed to the point she can credibly carry the responsibility of being the division’s top heel.

    Not a fan of the show and no tell to the matches this week either. I would have had Carmella beat Nattie via a strategic count out (Torrie and Victoria did the same thing many moons ago) and then have Nattie beginning the jumping the weeks after.

    • Woman

      Omgg that Torrie and Victoria match! Memories wow I wanna go back. Fuck the current division and the wrestlers.

      • Eliseo Reyes

        Wasn’t there a point in 2007 where the smackdown women’s division consisted of Victoria and torrie Wilson?

        • Michelle and Kristal too

  • Mark

    Oh my God Carmella is SO cute and so adorable. And major props for her taking the bump into the hardest part of the barricade and then taking that snap suplex to the outside! Still wish she was heel though because she’s so good at being a bitch.

    • Shakil Dossa

      Agreed, but I still feel like Alexa is a better bitch. Carmella was great with Enzo and Cass. Now I worry about her

  • Kickn’ Lass

    Again, as with Raw, the positives outweigh the negatives here on SD. Eva’s character was great, as was Beckys angst to get at Eva despite Eva’s “injury”. Even though their time was short and they didn’t have any talking some things progressed.

    Carmella seemed so natural in the segment with Renee/Nattie, and Nattie came into her character a little better tonight.

    I will say that although I would’ve liked to see Naomi and Alexa as well, that we did get two women’s division segments within a two hour show which is a big deal in my eyes. We can’t see everyone all the time so as long as they don’t disappear for weeks I’m ok with it for now.

  • Bryskers

    Ok, I really did not like how the women were handled on this edition of SD!L.

    1) Becky Lynch VS Eva Marie.
    Eva fainting injuries to avoid getting in the ring is actually a very good idea, but they should have made it more obvious that she was faking. Because it was just awkward af and it litterally KILLED the segment.
    2) Carmella “interview” with Renee. Carmella sound confident, wich is good. I wasn’t sure but she seems ready for the MR. Good for her :)
    3) The “match”. So, one match cancelled for a storyline : fine.
    Two match cancelled ? NO. Let these girls fight goddamnit -_- It didn’t have to be a 15+ min match. It could just have been a short match with Nattie breaking the rules for a DQ or something like that. This kind of booking is just to lazy.

    The women’s division did not look good yesterday.

  • Mark

    I don’t know why they keep bringing Eva back to the main roster. SHE’S NOT READY for the main roster. She should be in NXT for atleast another 2 years! And it’s so annoying and frustrating to me when in interviews she’s always like, “the goal is to just get back to the main roster as soon as possible.” Bitch isn’t the goal is to become decent enough in the ring so you could atleast have some good matches ON the main roster? This is why I feel like she’s so fame hungry. Her motive isn’t to get good in the ring, it’s to be in the spotlight ASAP. It’s soooo annoying.

    • She already went to NXT last year and moved up because they want her to. There’s not much that she can do now.

      She’s at a decent level and they know it, that’s why they’re avoiding her having a match and such.

      • Mark

        She should have stayed in NXT. She was far from ready to come back. It could have been really amazing for her. Who knows, by next summer she could have been in a huge feud for the NXT Women’s Championship. And she would be ready for it.

        All the women on Smackdown can keep up with eachother. Eva Marie is the only one where matches will need to be shorter and slowed down to benefit her because she simply can’t. Whoever decided to bring her back was dumb. If they think she’s so hot and so marketable then why not put the work in her to be good? Why rush her when she isn’t ready?

        I’ll never understand.

        • I know, but if they want her back, there’s not much that she can do but agree. Let’s see how they will play this out.

    • Windyhawaii

      Kayfabe, learn it.

    • Exotic

      I had the same opinion but from the past two weeks, I warmed up to her alot. Shes a great troll, and lowkey the most interesting thing happening on the SD womens division.

  • Louis

    I’m extremely pissed that we didn’t get an actual match this week, which is strange because I never normally get this worked up over things like this. I would of loved to have seen some Naomi and Alexa but ‘im satisfied with the showings we did get, i’m just glad we got some character and story and progression which is honestly great right now!
    On Smackdown, because each girl is so individual, we need to set up strong persona’s and characters and also solid Heels and Faces to get behind and sell the story’s….as of right now it’s clear that Nattie, Eva and Alexa and Pure Heel and Becky and Carmella are the Loveable babyfaces which is a good start! I’m not sure of what direction they will go with Naomi but i’m hoping for her to be a Face! and also, if the rumors are true about Melina and Victoria, I would love for Melina to be a Heel and Victoria to be a Badass Face so she can feud with Nattie and live out their history they have when Nattie debuted on Smackdown!
    I love what they are doing with Eva, personally I feel she looks 100 Bucks and she looks like a goddess, I love that she laps up the hate so gracefully and handles heself with such Poise, but I would really love to see her out of the blue channel some aggression and give a beatdown on somebody lol just to get physical and take that persona to the next level now!
    Carmella seemed very confident and comfortable in this segment with Nattie, I love her accent and I think she has a good swagger about her, I feel her character is the ballsy, Split-fire kind of girl that come at you if you push her down. I am interested into where they will take her and Nattie next and I want to see her go after Nattie for some pay back next week! Going onto next week….I NEED to see Slayomi and and Alexa so they spread the load between everyone so they get spotlight but I also thing consistently showcasing a good amount of Characters will get the girls over quicker and get the audience to take them easier…Seeing consistent Characters and stories is what we need!

    • Diva_Fan

      Victoria defintley isn’t returning lol she trolled everyone her suprise was just her friend holding a sign on Smackdown about her being in the HOF .

      • Louis

        LOL that’s actually quite funny, She is such a troll….oh well I guy could dream I guess!

  • Kickn’ Lass

    Also, when Natalya was talking about a “strong, brave woman…” To lead the division I was getting real Nikki return vibes because of how she’s all strong and fearles blah blah. And then when she attacked Carmella and was facing the Tron in the Sharpshooter I was just waiting for Nikki to either run down or for her music to hit and Nattie’s face to be shocked

    • shumiley

      omg what a slayful idea! I didn’t think of that but damn that would’ve been great! The only issue is we still need to build up Alexa and Carmella, and Nikki (though she’s my absolute fave) will unfortunately take that away from the two that need the spotlight a lot more.

      • Kickn’ Lass

        Yeah, I agree. I was even thinking that Nikki could come and knock Nattie out and help Carmella, then the next week or something Carmella can be like “I don’t need someone else’s help” and then they can build Carmella vs Nikki vs Nattie that way Carmella gets solo shine

        • shumiley

          ok this is pretty cool lol

  • Diva_Fan

    Although there was no match this week which was a bit annoying I think in terms of character development they done a really good job this week especially with Eva, Nattie and Carmella. Hopefully we actually get a match next week and also Naomi and Alexa aren’t left out either !

  • Troy Rochester

    I think what I found frustating was TWO diva’s matches were teased only to not happen like if one match didn’t happen and the other did then fair enough but it was really frustrating to watch.

  • Geek God

    I won’t be watching Smack down till tomorrow, but, judging by this redux & comments, Raw was STILL millions of miles ahead & superior, there is no excuse for the women to have no TV time, the segments could have gone as planned but Alexa vs Naomi in a full match should have happened

  • Windyhawaii

    Victoria was gonna return I thought, the only thing I was hoping to see

    • Danny?

      Basically she trolled everyone and she ain’t returning.

      • Windyhawaii

        well now i kind of hate her a little bit cause that was a major dick move, but now it’ll make me like Melina even more if she does return so jokes on her

  • Db

    Since I have nothing positive to say about the womens segments on SD, all I will say is this:

    I’m becoming Eva’s biggest fan. LMAO

  • Liam Collett

    I’d loved for Carmella and Nattie to fight at backlash maybe have scenarios were their is double pins or Nattie cheats to win then at Backlash while Carmella is winning have Victoria come out and attack her.
    Another angle I was thinking would be cool is a Gaunlet match at summerslam for the smackdown title.
    Starts with Eva and Becky; Becky eliminates Eva then Naomi comes out eliminates Becky/Alexa/Carmella then natayla comes out eliminates Naomi and then we have Melina come out and have a match with Nattie then Nattie can fake a injury to distract the ref and Victoria comes out and widow peaks her and Nattie wins it puts Naomi over for eliminating 3 girls Melina returns and Victoria and we have a Melina and Nattie/Victoria feud and can even involve Carmella some how.

    • Diva_Fan

      Victoria ain’t coming back anytime soon so you can get that idea out of your head !

  • Yuri #GoddessGabi #RaquelTNA
    • B J

      LOL did she actually say this?

      • BOSS #TalkingDivasOnDisqus

        Yes.. LMAO flop ass Eva.

    • Andy Salcedo

      Which means, she’s going to lose at Superslam lol

  • Tevin Campbell

    Last night was awesome although I’m a bit bummed we didn’t get a match but this character development is is definitely making up for it. Loving Carmella & Eva(Never thought I’d say that).

  • ItsANewDay

    Raw still winning. I’m just annoyed two matches are cancelled for the women I am not impressed. Things better change quick. Also I’m looking forward to Victoria returning as well as Melina.

    • Diva_Fan

      Victoria is not coming back she trolled everyone lol

  • Resting Beck Face

    I’m not against Smackdown using airtime to build the characters of the women but it would be nice if we could back it up with, you know, a match from time to time. It might just be me, but I feel that until they establish a title for the women (which Daniel said they want to take time in doing) that this is what we might be stuck with which is a shame because Smackdown could be using this time to build up contenders for the title.


    This was so disappointing from Smackdown after the build up from last week. Last week, all of the women were able to at least show their faces and we had an excellent match between Nattie and Becky. This week, we didn’t even get a single match, just Nattie taking out Carmella during her promo and a talentless redhead wasting 4 minutes of valuable TV time. Where’s Naomi? Where’s Alexa? Another useless week from Smackdown. Hopefully that Women’s title comes soon because Smackdown’s female superstars really need it.

  • Juri

    So did Eva really hurt? or she was just faking it, please someone tell me LOL !

    • Exotic

      Shes trolling lol

      • Juri

        That will make people hate her MORE, that’s for sure XDD

        • Exotic

          I actually started liking her more xD
          I hope she continues this act longer, its amusing.

    • Shakil Dossa

      It’s part of the storyline.

      • Juri

        Oh, good! I thought it was just an accident. Because that will build Eva’s heel character more .

  • Danny?

    Definitely still the B show, when you look at what the women on RAW have been doing for the past two weeks and then look at the women on SD there is just a huge difference. Story lines may have progressed but I don’t have any interest in either of them. I LOVE Becky but Eva is just really boring, I just dont get why everyone loves her entrance so much I find it so cringey. As for Natalya although she is a great wrestler has little character while Carmella is bland as fuck all around, from in-ring work to her gimmick.
    Hopefully Naomi and Alexa will be on next week because Naomi is great in the ring and I love her gimmick and mic work. Plus Alexa is making great strides in her ring work and character.

    • TheDarkShaw

      Thank you on the Eva entrance, Im sorry she’s not getting any points for that. Thats a lame ass attempt at trying to use character work to cover up somebody sucking ass at everything else.

  • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

    I’d rather character development (even if it was brief) over a random match. Right now, there isn’t a title and this combination of women has just been put together so it make sense to flesh the characters out a little bit before just throwing them into action. It would have been nice to see Naomi and Becky in action, though, since their characters are already established.

    The standout to me was Eva Marie. Yes, she’s been with the WWE for too long not to be a better wrestler and, no, she may not eat/breath/sleep the business but at least her character is being built off of these facts. What’s going to make Eva a great heel is to have her cling on to being a “diva” in the era of “female superstars”. If she can gain enough confidence to at least be passable in the ring, it’ll all come together.

    I’m really not sure how much more they can do with Natalya. I’ve never, personally, found her interesting and I don’t see them putting a title on her (despite the fact that she’s probably the best female worker on the Smackdown roster), but it’s nice that the division is still small enough for her not to fade into the background. Carmella’s kind of doing the same old, same old from NXT which I don’t think translates as well without her being teamed with Enzo and Cass or at least getting more development for the general audience to become familiar with her.

    Not happy AT ALL that Naomi and Alexa were left off the broadcast as they’re, honestly, the most interesting women in the division.

  • Exotic

    Eva trolling had me hollering lmao. Character wise, I stan her! I hope she keeps pulling out these new heel tactics that get the crowd seething, its hilarious.
    But anyway, match wise Raw > Smackdown, but in regards of character development and storyline progression SMACKDOWN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    I don’t know why majority mad about what we got. They’re slowly building up each girl. I personally prefer to have segments over matches, mainly because if we get every match up now, it will be repetitive and boring later on, so its nothing too tragic.

    I cringed when Carmella made her entrance and its sad because shes one of my faves but without Enzo/Cass its unlikely she’ll get over as she did at NXT. I’m hoping she gains some sympathy and pops later on.
    Only downside is the lack of Alexa and Naomi. But we got next week to look forward too (;

    • Juri

      You’re right, but if we didn’t get something worthy next week then it’ll be sucks and SD can’t be compared to Raw !

      • Exotic

        Raw still the flagship show.

    • Eliseo Reyes

      You guys need to give these gals and snack down time. Before the draft, the only real built up women were charolette, Sasha banks, Becky lynch, and Natalya. They are literally hitting the reset button on smacked own for sure, which is why we’re getting this. It’s going to be a rough start for these ladies, but in the end everything is going to pay off, give it time and patience guys. I actually look forward to the smackdown women’s division than raw’s, mainly because everything is fresh. And also the women’s belt hasn’t been announced yet. And when they do, the smackdown roster will already have women characters built up, in order to give the title prestige.

      • Exotic

        I liked what we got so far, but yes I agree.

  • Raleex2

    The problem is that everything Natalya does is related to the Hearts. We get it, she is a Heart but what about giving her some real personality?

  • Xavier

    Eva’s acting was hilarious, I had no idea that her being bad, would be so good!

    The division needs to be booked the way the knockouts were all those years ago, just have the girls coming out and having all out brawls, complete mayhem and chaos until Shane and Daniel have no choice but to create a title at the next PPV to give the girls some direction.

    Becky, Naomi, Alexa and Nattie would all make amazing first champions. and in the coming weeks have a few of the girls branch off into valet roles within the Tag division to give your top girls a chance to flesh it out for the title until girls like Carmella and Alexa are built up enough.

    • JD

      Not a bad idea about the new title. Debuting it at Backlash, which is a SD branded PPV(and the 1st branded PPV of the new brand split) would be a great way to do it. Have an 8 woman tournament starting after Summerslam & crown the inaugural champ at Backlash.

    • Andy Salcedo

      Looks like they’re doing the 2nd Women’s title idea. The question is: does the Smackdown women’s roster have enough women for it or do we get more NXT call ups?

  • Woman

    Nattie and Carmella was the best part of the show womens wise. It would have made more sense had Carmella gotten the upset victory over Nattie in a match the weak prior. Also it seems to be that they want to build Carmella up as the underdog face, but that won’t ever work with the shtick she has now. The crowd will turn on her. She won over the NXTcrowd because of Enzo and Cass, but she’s on her own now and it’s not long till’ they start doing the WHAT? to whatever she says.

    I have nothing to say about Becky and Eva.

  • Smackdown need to stop playing lol & give us a match. Ion mind building people up lord

  • Queen of Spark

    Eva: wonderful acting there having an injury. This goes well. She’s almost trying to be a female version of how Fandango started. Her entrance had me crying and I’d love to see where this goes
    Becky: didn’t get to wrestle, and she was READY to kick Eva’s red Lass but didn’t happen. Man I’d love to see these two in an actual match.
    Carmella. Just like her NXT segment w Alexa, she looked more fluid on the mic against Nattie. Yes I was disappointed she couldn’t wrestle, but it makes the fan hyped even more for her in ring debut
    Natalya:I’d never thought she’d pull off her heel turn again, but this proved me wrong. Sure she’s not the best on the mic, but her actions says it all; her sneak attack, suplex and sharpshooter proves she’s a threat.

    Not bad of an episode, but there better be a match next week.

    • EvatheDiva

      Eva queen

  • conan_kun

    Natalya jump Carmella then lock her into Sharpshooter is just a carbon copy of Natalya did to Becky a few weeks ago

  • The Queen #BlissPlease

    Another pointless feud. The story is too shallow. Nattie is mad for being not interviewed first? And they are building up this feud the same way as they built Becky vs Nattie – attacking from behind, storyless attacks.

  • i.is.ryan

    Queen Eva making my night with that fake injury act. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Let’s be honest… Would anyone really want to sit through Eva Marie trying (and failing) to wrestle a LIVE match?? Anyways, I kinda feel bad for Carmella. I know she’s trying to do the best she can with that crappy CRAPPY gimmick, but it just seems so forced; and really difficult to get behind tbh.

  • Francisco

    I think what Eva is doing is genius and I would totally applaud it. that is if she did it right. I never cringed at anything more than this segment. She couldn’t even sell properly her injury and her acting was terrible. That was comical but not in a good way at all. She’s overdoing and overreacting her overdoing and overreacting gimmick, jesus I never thought such thing could be possible! For someone like her the gimmick should come off naturally, it should all seem natural yet it still seems like a poorly executed gimmick.

    Don’t get me wrong she has that star look COMPLETELY and I’m the first one to wish Eva success, but at this point to not even have a certain level of decency in any aspect is worrying. There are girls week in and week out having matches and their skills progress very nicely… However with Eva she appears, tries to prove that she’s better than last time which is still not good either, and then disappears and this goes on and on and the girl cannot ever get better in the ring. How about applying the same schedule, the same intense high tech training as the other girls? How about involving her in as many live events and matches as possible in order for her to progress as a wrestler and a character so she can become the star that she looks like? Eva surely is one of a kind… but not in a good way.

    P.S- This attire of hers has got to go.

    Nattie vs Carmella was a rehash of what Nattie did to Becky just some weeks ago, like the same thing but only a different person. So does this mean Nattie has moved on from Becky? What about Becky? What’s the state of the division? So many questions left unanswered…

  • Shakil Dossa

    As someone who stans Alexa Bliss, I was disappointed. They better not bury her. She’s amazing.

    • Woman

      Where did you even get that from? She’s one of Triple H’s NXT kids. She will be fine. If anything, we should be scared of Naomi who is possibly heading down the Alicia Fox route where we don’t even know if she’s heel or face.

  • OriginalsFan

    The good:
    Carmella: Her skillz on the mic is good, its better than a lot of other divas who started off fresh on the main roster. I like her ‘zing’ factor, but sometimes its a bit too much. She prob need a different introduction because its a bit awkward, may be bc shes not getting much reaction.
    Natalya: I really like this side of natalya, I understand ppl might find the resemblance between this feud and becky’s, but her reasoning is legit. She is attacking the newbie, whos getting all the attention. Questions: how far will this go? and who will come out on top? In addition, I kinda find it hard to swallow everytime Natalya brings up Bret Hart. We know this for years. Natalya has better reputations on her own than just relying on her family fame, it makes her look weak and irrelevant (she was former champion, former Divas of Doom, she managed tag team champions). Heck, just the bare fact that shes is a seasoned veteran for 10 years is enough to verify her spot on the roster.
    Overall, the segment had a point and a sense of direction. Natalya is just moving onto her next victim on the roster.
    The absolute terrible:
    Eva Marie, I mean, at this point, the more people hate on her or say mean things, the more WWE will love it and push it down ppl’s throat. But her acting definitely could have been better. She could have at least tried to wrestled and faked her way out of the match, rather than awkwardly skip and hop and unemotionally rubbing her leg. The fact that she didnt get to say a word makes it even worse. It makes her look more talentless and pointless in front of everyone. Even the backstage segment, she could have just give an evil mean stare, or say something, instead of the doctor kicking the interviewer out…like why? shes ‘suffers’ a sprained, not a freaking heart attack. The seriousness was randomly unfitting for the message they tried to deliver. I am confused of Eva’s character at this point. I feel bad for the girl. She might be in the wrong business or WWE is seeing something that I don’t.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    I disagree the booking was horrible, it did nothing to build a women’s division. We need a tournament for SD’s next title and I need Natalya, Naomi & Becky in the top three. Any of them can make a good champion. I disagree with the comments about Natalya, she comes out as a strong heel after this attack and it does good for her, the thing is that her character is less fruit loops and more in ring aggression. She doesn’t need to act like a girl, immature, she’s on her 30’s and she’s about proving she’s the best.

    I don’t believe there’s a feud yet but Nattie is starting somethings with Carmella but in the other side of the room, Naomi and Alexa might show up. WWE don’t really use all of their divas on one show.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    I’m sick of all period everything.

  • Ethan Demarest

    Just a lil disappointed that there wasn’t a real match. That being said:
    -To me, Eva was hilarious. That new entrance, though cringeworthy at first, it’s HILARIOUS to me now. I love the Fandango-esque MR debut story she has going, it works for her character gives her the natural heat that she would get no matter what. Sure, she isn’t a great wrestler, but she has improved slightly and I see her improving further with experience.
    – Nattie’s attack on Carmella was BEAUTIFUL! I loved the fire she gave off. Carmella did great in that interview, but maybe she shouldn’t be as over-the-top in her entrance. Idk something about it just rubs me the wrong way :/
    On another note, how cool would it have been to have Nattie attack Carmella and then after, we hear Victoria’s theme and she comes out to team up w/ Nat and continue the beat down!

    Anyways, I’ll let the lack of matches this week slide for the sake of character development. But fr imma be pissed if this happens anywhere in the near future

  • Claire

    Eva Marie should have stayed in NXT. She’s one of the biggest reasons why some people don’t take women wrestling seriously. She’s bringing back the Women’s division when there were untalented eye candy. She can’t act, has very bad mic skills and can’t wrestle.

    • conan_kun

      Yeah, if WWE is afraid of letting Eva work on a live show, why call her up from development to begin with?

    • EvatheDiva


  • QueenB_Mnl

    Lol at Eva Marie botching her fake injury! What is she trying to do on her segment? She’s so bad at wrestling so her leg gave up on her?? What a joke! Even the collar on her robe is botching lmao I really don’t see anything special on this girl, Yes she’s hot but not hotter than Nikki Bella. Some are saying that she’s improving because of her “training” down in Nxt but we haven’t seen any improvements from her. I think all that “training” is just a storyline for her on Total Divas. She’s a joke of a wrestler! Just fire her and give other girls the spotlight.

  • TheBoss

    I really do like Eva but what she did just annoyed me. I was waiting for her to show off her new ring skills on the main roster. But I guess it served its purpose and now she has more heat with the audience. Carmella actually shined in the backstage segment, and I’m excited for her feud with Nattie. Alexa and Naomi should’ve been on the show. They’re the two I like the most on Smackdown other than Becky. I think they’re taking things really slow right now for until they announce the Smackdown women’s title next month.


    I LOVED the concept of Eva fake injury, it was something fresh and diffrent . but i wished she sold it better like alicia , and summer has done in the past. eva really needs to work on her acting skills, mic skills , selling ability, and be more comfortable in the ring and her character .You can tell she’s still robotic with her motion, and facial expressions. TBH she can be a big star she has the presence and the IT factor and being on smackdown if she worked on those skills i mentioned. she can instantly become a top heel , and women’s champion. she should also work on her in ring ability although she has improved in becoming decent now. i feel she’s still very limited in the ring, against the women .
    Natalya and carmella i’m loving it , nattie finally seems dominant, and a threat now as this pissed off veteran heel who wants all the limelight . her segment with carmella was really good. nattie impressed me in that segment, it could have been a whole lot worse but she did fine. and ofc carmella mic skills stole the show in this segment she’s one of the best, on the mic in smackdown alongside naomi and alexa.
    The only down fall was no alexa and naomi they could have at least given them an interview or a face off .

    • EvatheDiva

      Eva will go down as a legendary superstar in wwe. she’s better than summer, Dana, and tamina. They just water her down so it goes with her character. other then that i agree with everything else she will become TOP HEEL and the first ever smackdown live women’s champion .

      • Hollalicious

        Lol Eva is not better than any of the girls you mentioned
        Eva is only better than Lana and Rosa

        • TheRedQueen

          lol She is and yes she’s better than rosa and lana as well. i didn’t include them because they been inactive for a while.

          • Hollalicious

            No she isn’t better than Summer or Tamina or Dana

          • Windyhawaii

            someone is on HEAVY drugs

    • ?Liv It Up?

      I’m almost 99.9% sure, she was acting bad on purpose so it could be like one of those “Oh no! I can’t compete! Cry Face. Cry Face. Jk I’m just too good to fight Becky Lunch!”

  • pussy too tight
  • EvatheDiva

    YASSSSSSS my red queen slaying on smackdown give her the title.

  • conan_kun

    They should have drafted Carmella to Raw and reunite with Enzo & Cass, if they set up Enzo & Cass vs Jericho and Owens, let Carmella to be on Enzo & Cass corner and Dana on Jericho & Owens corner.

  • loved this weeks smackdown live and eva is a good heel

  • EvatheDiva

    And here’s your winner as the new wwe women’s champion…… The most stylish ,… elegant… , bewitching …., internally divining…. , continuously charismatic…., and fantastically , fascinating women to appear in this or any arena. Allow yourself to be seduced…. enchanted …. dazzled and in tranced, by allred everything her self EVA MARIEEEEEE https://67.media.tumblr.com/d207dee290ce8c8da8cd00d3241b3886/tumblr_oazv4dp9kt1rmv1vdo2_400.gif https://66.media.tumblr.com/c1b59364ff894b394d2a0a257ee23ced/tumblr_oazv4dp9kt1rmv1vdo4_400.gif

    • #Hooligan

      Keep it

    • Sunny’s Therapist

      eternally beguiling*

  • Cassie Cage #TheSexiestOfSexy

    the fact that I waited a week for that Alexa vs Naomi match and they didn’t even appear

  • Wolf Kane


  • Monkey Tennis

    “On a usual week of no women’s wrestling, complaints would be the norm.”

    Not on Diva Dirt they wouldn’t. It usually just means the level of WWE sycophancy and apologist writing on here has to work that little harder than usual. As the above article illustrates in this week’s “Things-That-Didn’t-Happen-Redux”. Great character development and story building!? You’d have more chance finding a Mew in Pokemon Go than you would of finding any story or character on this week’s Smackdown.

    Let’s start with Eva. The woman without a gimmick. You see, being crap at the job you’re supposed to do isn’t a gimmick. People booing you for taking up a place on a roster that could be filled with an actual wrestler isn’t a gimmick. Being an in-joke that you’re not a very good wrestler isn’t a gimmick – unless the person in question actually is a very good wrestler… Cos that actually would be a gimmick.

    And that’s the point. That’s where this all falls down with Eva. There’s no endgame here because there’s no reveal. She IS a bad wrestler. It doesn’t matter how much sarcasm, irony or trolling the WWE use to try and put her over in a life-imitating-art way, ultimately there’s no twist in the tale.

    Seriously, where does this go? Let’s assume the worst and say that Becky has drawn the short straw and will be feuding with Eva over the next few weeks. And over those weeks, we see more of the same shenanigans with Eva finding different ways to avoid wrestling (meaning we might not see Becky wrestle for a while either). And then what? Becky finally gets her hands on Eva and beats her down? Clearly that’s not going to happen. More likely, Eva will steal a win in a match that still sees her not wrestling very much.

    And maybe, just maybe, at the end of it all, they have a big match (that Becky has to carry Eva through) and Becky finally gets a win. Over Eva Marie. Well just give Becky the title now, cos that’s the way to launch her Smackdown career.

    The alternative is that Eva ducks out matches with everyone on the roster, but other than Becky and Nattie, I don’t think there’s anyone else on the roster capable of getting a bearable match out of Eva. Alexa and Carmella are still a little green themselves and I think Naomi’s in-ring style would be just too fast and athletic to mesh with what amounts to hand-holding Eva through a match.

    Moving on to Carmella and Nattie, let’s check out the ‘character and storyline’ there. Carmella is generically sassy and has been insanely lumbered with doing an intro that’s a carbon copy of Enzo; that has the two-fold issue of her not being able to establish a personality of her own and already having to do the kind of mic’ work that requires a LOT of confidence… confidence she didn’t have on Smackdown.

    Nattie is just being the same female heel we’ve seen a gajillion times before – entitled, self-important, I should have the spotlight, blah blah bliddy blah – and the storyline of their feud is basically just about that.

    In a nutshell, Smackdown was an awful night for their women’s roster… and it’s only been two weeks!

    • Windyhawaii

      you’re a very intelligent person, glad to see you on here

  • Sunny’s Therapist

    i see what theyre going for with Eva, kind of like a “im too hot for this” spoiled bitch act (like Sable, Stephanie during her womens title run). But it was done horribly. They probably just told Eva to go out there and act like her leg hurts as fast as she can because they need to cut some fat off the show, i dont blame her.

    and how many goddamn times are we going to see a Natalya run-in and “beatdown”. Does she even have matches anymore or does she just run in, do a “beat-down” and then stare “defiantly”? Jesus Crumb on a Cracker!

  • Organization XIII

    Nobody was bored? lol Nobody is watching to see Eva not wrestle. If anything that’s what she NEEDS to be doing. Maybe I have bad hearing but she didn’t get that much of a reaction from her leaving the match.

    • Danny?

      Very good point about her getting no reaction. The crowd were all chanting Becky’s name and couldn’t care less about Eva.

      • Organization XIII

        Exactly! SO capitalizing on heat? I’m trying to figure out where they capitalized

  • Jouey

    Ok I love Eva, but why she already did not change her attite since WM she has not change it…

  • Dreignz

    My favorites on Smackdown are Alexa & Naomi and they were the only divas to not appear…(sorry for my bad english)

  • Sunny’s Therapist

    btw why did it say Eva Marie was the winner of the 2013 Diva Search….(there wasnt one)

    • Jouey

      There was but it wasnt public.

      • Sunny’s Therapist

        lol. then…surprise! i guess. lol wtf,

      • Sunny’s Therapist

        that explains SO MUCH about her though. She’s really good for a diva search winner. They’re a different breed.

  • Luiz Giem

    What pisses me off about this episode of SD is they way the women were handled. I understand the “character development” thing but the booking was awful.

    Starting off with Eva vs. Becky, I was really excited for this but when Eva started “selling” her injury it just got so awkward. I’m actually not a hater of Eva and it’s great they understand she’s a natural heel and she needs to gain as many heat as possible but the way the segment happened and Eva’s acting was a big WTF.

    Carmella and Nattie have potential to be a big feud, specially for Carmella. She can benefit from this one a lot and I was looking forward for the match. I still have problems taking serious Nattie as a heel but both women delivered this week.

    And the biggest disappointment was not to see Alexa nor Naomi on the show. They are (alongside Becky) the most interesting characters in the division. I would love to see these three girls feuding for the championship.

  • Raleex2

    I like Eva Marie, She brings something many women don’t and is her charisma. She is a polarizing figure in the women’s division, few like her and most of the WWE Universe hates her. Also she has a presence, when Eva Marie is in the ring you can notice her, for good or bad she’s an asset to the division.

    Now the current events in Smackdown are bad. Carmella looks great against Natalya in the verbal showdown, let’s see how it turns out that rivalry. Becky Lynch… well she’s going to be suffering for a while, smackdown has nothing to offer to the red-headed, high-flying, risk-taker female athlete.


    Some of y’all have got to chill. I think WWE is handling the new era pretty perfectly SO FAR. We are 2 weeks in. Let’s give them some breathing room. Did I miss Alexa and Naomi this week? Hell yes. Just like I’ve missed Paige, Alicia, and Summer who have had 0 appearances on RAW so far, but I trust something is coming. WWE is carefully crafting characters right now and I honestly think they are taking the right approach. I was a little annoyed that they set up 2 matches that didn’t happen, but it DOES make sense. On a roster of 5 talented, character-driven, great women (and Eva, who they are big on) it is far too soon to start handing out losses to damage their credibility. They are slowly building character first so that when wins and loses do happen.. It matters.

    My one and only compliant is that Carmella and Natalya’s segment should have ended with Carmella challenging her to a match next week and then later on have Natalya attack her backstage and take her out that way. We would have gotten the same message, the same intent, but it would have been a different setting. Having two women’s “matches” that ended in no contest on the same night was kind of weird.

  • Nikolas Dombkowski

    Smackdown has been a flop for the Women.

    I also find it really funny how Daniel and Shane’s big thing was “making it about the superstars and not the boss” they are in almost every scene.

  • Mitch

    I think it would be better for the women of smackdown to build up strong rivalries and have great matches over the next couple months (Ladder Matches, submission matches, falls count anywhere) to show they deserve the title (storyline wise) and then finally have management introduce the title down the line. We only had 4 women in nxt (4 horsewomen) building up the women’s revolution. The women on smackdown are completely capable of doing the same. Exception being Eva Marie she should mange a heel that needs help getting over, but Becky, Naomi, Nattie, Carmella and Alexa should really be taking shots at each other and build strong rivalries with one another before they introduce the new women’s title

  • Lucas

    WWE thinks heel heat it is the same of “go away” heat. And Eva is not getting the first one.

  • limfox

    Did you guys read the spoilers that the E is big on Eva and there’s a possibility she may be the inaugural champ via battle royal? MESS.


  • NicestWayPossible.

    I actually enjoy how they’re teasing us lol we can probably get used to it, the womens roster is very small and i doubt that we’ll see all the matches in two months.. I hope SD continues this character developement.

  • ?Liv It Up?

    I’ve always known Eva was gonna be the top heel of the roster! (when I heard the draft was coming.) I mean she started of not so good in the ring, but she has definitely improved a lot since her debut! I’ve always been an Eva stan, but at the time lord knows people jumped on me like I was Bin Laden’s sister for even the slightest bit of praise for the ‘Red Queen’. Honestly, I feel like Eva is coming into her own as a heel, and she’s using everything the fans/haters say about her as a way to come across as that bitch/heel. Which is working out for her, clearly! I know Eva’s been training with Sami Zayn to improve more on her in-ring ability, so I can’t wait to see what else she can bring to the ring ever since we saw her last televised match to date being the WrestleMania match! She’s also been training with Tyler Breeze to work on her gimmick and mic work, so I’m honestly excited to see what’s next for Queen Marie!

  • lainey

    Seems like Naomi is going to get screwed over per usual for the fairer divas. I hear red head is getting the new belt first. SMH.

  • Jouey

    I pray, the red queen to be the first champ!