Mickie James Injured with Ruptured Breast Implant


Add Divas Champion, Mickie James to the injured list along with Kelly Kelly.

Rumours had been circulating that Mickie had ruptured one of her implants last weekend, this has now been confirmed by PWInsider. They report she is due to have them fixed soon.

Though not a serious ‘injury’ per se, both the Divas and Women’s Champions are sidelined. That’s not a good look.

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  • Mikas

    So that means its Gail vs Beth/Jillian/Rosa/Alicia that are left for the RAW brand. That doesn’t really look good, especially with Trish Stratus hosting the RAW show on monday. Guess we are going to see Gail/Trish vs Beth/Rosa or something very similair to that.

    Or use Trish to give either Beth or Jillian a face turn.

  • Johnyfaction3

    Man is like they have a hex! Since 2008 the list is going and going……Candice(Not WWE), Melina, Maryse, McCool, Mickie, Kelly.

  • RKOyou

    man,the divas are dropping like flys,everyone is getting injured

  • WWEDivaFan09

    A ruptured implant? Now that’s a new injury for the Divas.

  • MarBu13

    ^ That’s a good way to put it. The divas are dropping like flies. Even as a fan of wrestling, I haven’t really been a huge fan or supportive of WWE’s traveling. They are always on the road and always doing television. They really need to do what TNA is doing to allow talent to rest up or something. Burn out and injuries will be inevitable.

  • MarBu13

    Quite a few divas ruptured/burst implants in the past WWEDivaFan09. I think Gail Kim did once. I’m sure Major Gunns did as well. The others escape me.

  • bonepile

    Maybe with all these WWE Divas dropping like flies Vinnie Mc could package this as “the Survival series” and come up with a new story line to fit all this inaction.

  • palaceofwisdom

    Wow, I didn’t know Mickie had implants. That’s news.
    But I believe Ashley ruptured an implant before, too.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com Erin

    The only girl I remember this happening to was Chyna, and that was a looonng time ago. Sounds excruciating, though.

  • http://diva-dirt.com Tiffany

    I remember Sable also had a ruptured implant, and it started leaking shortly before her evening gown match with Torrie (against Stacy & Miss Jackie) at Wrestlemania XX.

  • theregoeskitty

    that sounds horrid, sounds really dangerous 2,
    couldn’t that dilute ur blood? i heard there filled with salt water

  • LJ23910

    I think Mickie could be out for a few months. Having a new implant put it and also she will have to have both implants replaced because dont they only stay “stable” for up to five years?

    Hope Mickie makes a fast and big recovery :) no pun intended :P

  • LJ23910

    theregoeskitty ruptured implants can be dangerous and can cause blood poisoning (i believe). Guess its just one of the downside to having big bazookas!

  • Mikas

    I think one of the Nitro Girls in WCW also had a ruptured implant, but no clue on which one.

    I don’t know how long she will be out, but I hope WWE doesn’t “rush” her recovery just because she is the top-Diva.

  • WWEDivaFan09

    MarBu13 – The other ruptured implant injuries are news to me if they are even true.

    But, maybe our Divas shouldn’t get implants. That way, they wouldn’t have constant breast issues such as these extremely serious after effects that come from an implant rupturing.

  • Slapshot

    Supposedly Vince wouldnt bring her up from OVW until she got “done”.

    Storyline will be that Beth hurt Mickie’s shoulder on Raw a few weeks ago in their title match, explaining Mickie’s absence from tv. (Unlike Maryse…………who just disappeared)

    Interesting to see if they pull the title off Mickie, with Trish hosting Raw and Gail being from Toronto its a possibility if they want to go for a big pop, maybe even put the title on Trish for a night.
    Depends on how long Mickie will be out, if WWE is still steamed at her for THAT MATCH, Mickie doesnt have the backstage clout other Divas do.

    Kelly got hurt at the house show Sunday in the match where she took Mickie’s place.
    Probably why there was no Diva match on Raw Monday, Gail, Beth and Alica were the only Divas who could work, and we might see Beth/Gail this Monday and they didnt want to give it away.

    Hope Mickie has a speedy and safe recovery.

  • MarBu13

    Lol, I’m not saying I’m an implant expert or anything. Just saying that it’s happened before and I heard of a few cases. Whether the girls get implants or not are fully up to them and they are adults to know the dangers of having implants. Not all of them can be Alicia Fox (whose boobies are wonderful), and I certainly don’t have any qualms for them real or fake. So I guess it’s their decision.

    Wow, if it was Jillian that would’ve looked like it would HUUURT.

  • ScottL

    Sorry to hear about this. Mickie is great, hopefulyl she recovers soon. They didn’t take the title off of McCool, so we’ll see what happens.

  • http://idolforums.com/index.php?showuser=127769 Bryan

    No offence to Mickie Marks, But Michelle is Sidelined & Layla is being shown in a match every week & Mickie is also sidelined as so is Kelly, While Gail is the only face diva left so im hoping they turn one of the heels Face & I hope its Jillian because Beth is not actually over with the Fans as a heel so i dont know if she will as a face… While Rosa doesn’t get any reaction, Alicia just turned heel. So maybe this might be the time Jillian finally gets her big break? Anyways i wish Mickie a fast & succesful recovery. :)

  • TNAFan80

    I may piss some people off with the following comments but … I personally think Gail Kim and Mickie James have both looked weak and sloppy in their matches for a while now. Since Gail Kim returned to WWE, it seems like she rushes everything in her match and it just seems so off. Mickie James has been “lazy” with her inring work for a while now to, in my opinion it comes off like she just don’t care.

  • Kaledrina

    tna fan, i think it is less gail “rushing everything” and more the other ladies can’t keep up with her.