Get hyped for Money In The Bank 2017 with Diva Dirt Hype, highlighting the first ever Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder match!

Check out the Diva Dirt Hype clip below:

Music: “Acting Out” by Ashley Tisdale

Once Charlotte Flair was given a title match opportunity, after only seven days since debuting on the brand, Natalya, Carmella and Tamina were ready to make their voices heard. The trio, dubbed as the “Welcoming Committee” interrupted Flair’s championship match against Naomi, causing a disqualification. Since then, the group have rallied to get women like Becky Lynch on their side. But despite being unsuccessful in that, they still reigned over the SmackDown Live Women’s division.

After successfully defeating Flair, Lynch and Naomi at Backlash, SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon set out a Fatal-Five-Way Elimination match. The winner would then go on to face Naomi for her Women’s championship at Money In The Bank. The match didn’t manage to get underway however as the women were so focused on beating down on each other that a devastating brawl took place before the bell could ring.

McMahon then came out to ringside to make a “historic” announcement. Due to their strong desire to take one another out, Shane entered all five competitors in the very first women’s Money In The Bank Ladder match. The winner from this Sunday’s contest will be the first woman to climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase, and thus giving them a Women’s championship opportunity at any given point within the next 365 days.

Money In The Bank airs tonight, Sunday June 18th at 8 ET/5PT on the WWE Network!

Who do you want to become the first ever Miss Money In The Bank? Who do you think will take home the crown? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • The thought of any of the above five winning doesn’t make me excited at all. I hope the sixth competitor will enter the match and I hope it will be Asuka. I love the idea of her dominating on SmackDown division and showing up with her NXT belt but still appearing on NXT.


      I agree about the fact that any of the girls winning here doesn’t make extremely excited. I think the match is great for SD and it’s division but at the same time, the best choices which are who Becky (ONLY if it leads to a heel turn) and Carmella are just… not extremely exciting.

      I love Becky but her winning wouldn’t move me truthly and while it would make up for a totally compelling story in the long-term with her turning heel on possibly Charlotte, I feel like for the first winner, having a young star or one who has to truly touch the top of the division would be so much better.
      Carmella, in that sense, would be ideal but she’s just not good enough and she has never really connected to the crowd despite any effort WWE may have done with her and that’s why it’s just meh…

      • Becky’s heel turn is personally the last thing I want to see. She is such a pure, natural babyface which this division desperately needs. Sorry, but Naomi is not doing it for me. I agree with you about Carmella. It’s unable for her to connect with the audience which is weird because she is incredibly charismatic.


          That’s not something I want as well but I wouldn’t be against it because we desperately lack a strong and credible top heel now that Charlotte turned face. Lana has everything going for her but she likely doesn’t have the ring skills to work up there. Asuka could come in as a heel but I think there is a lot more money bringing her up as a face first. Nattie is a no and same goes for Tamina.
          Carmella like you said, has some solid amount of charisma but I never thought she was the most charismatic either. She’s very confident which helps and has a LOT of personality but I don’t see her as being overly charismatic. Now that being said, I would have expected her to be somewhat over because she still has solid charisma but no… Fans are just not impressed by her and even on NXT, as a face, she was getting ZERO reactions which is sad because it’s quite easy to be over there…

      • SweeneyTodd

        Becky Heel Turn is stupid…will not work for her and after that she would be the Dolph Ziggler of the womens division



    • Same. This match favors a strong & on the rise heel. We don’t really have that here. I’m hopping Becky wins and turn heel. Nattie winning would be interesting as well but I kind of prefer if she didn’t win.

    • Ew omg delete this

  • Bryskers

    The hype video is amazing!

  • Summer_Slay #TEAMCARMELLA
    • B J

      I really think she might “steal” the win!

  • Jouey
  • Mark

    Now would be the time to give Carmella the win. Steal the victory! Be that annoying, bitchy heel who slays the mic. The other women aren’t interesting and I feel like Carmella is ready to be a cheating, cocky, annoying heel with awesome mic skills. It’s her time.

    • B J

      Yeah I agree, it’s Carmella time to shine. A big win like this will solidify her as an actual competitor. Granted, I think Natalya deserves the win. She can’t cut a promo if her life depended on it.

    • SweeneyTodd

      She has no mic skills, that’s why Ellsworth speaks for her. Carmella win is a step back to dark diva divsion days

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        We’re already at the dark diva Division days with the champion on Raw.

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  • Nattie > Tamina > Carmella > Becky > Ellsworth > Charlotte

  • Monkey Meat

    “Let’s do something historic” follows up with a clip of Nikki Bella hoisting up the divas championship. That’s so disrespectful.

    • Vito

      she did have a historic, record breaking title reign

    • Victor

      But that was a historic moment ?? She had just become the longest reign champ.

  • GlowTime

    So, so excited. Come on Carmella! This is your time!

  • conan_kun

    If Charlotte wins, they will let her compete SD women title match on most PPVs with briefcase still in her hand since they won’t let Charlotte sit out any minor PPV without having a match. Not only would her win and her eventual title triumph be predictable, since she is always the apple of the creative team’s eyes, but it would also be retreading familiar ground. Moreover Charlotte has held a title on numerous occasions and done the same thing every time she’s been champ, so I rather want Carmella to win in order to get elevated.

  • Makay

    Wow…… Just wow….

  • Lovely Hype Video I must say. I haven’t been excited for a PPV this year since Wrestlemania 33 and Elimination Chamber so this will be really exciting to watch. It will be even more exciting when that 6th Woman enters the MITB Ladder Match.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    What makes this match so interesting is that most of these girls needs to solidify their careers with defining moments. Charlotte & Becky not only participated in the show stealing match at WM but Charlotte and Becky have archived history making moments outside of their NXT careers. This match could transform the winner but Is also adding depth to the division since all of them are winning something off this match, pure credibility.

    Natalya & Becky transform their careers and have yet their best year since debuting, Carmella & Tamina could finally make an impact. Charlotte could continue her legacy. I can’t wait!

  • Suspect Charlotte will win but still excited for the match as well as lana’s debut again an easy match to predict but should be interesting and with maria set to return maybe even tonight definitely looking forward to this ppv


      Well, there are different rumors ciruling about MITB so I wouldn’t be totally sure about Naomi retaining or remaining champion after MITB tbh.

      • If Charlotte wins and it’s before Lana vs Naomi I expect Charlotte will cash in mitb and win the belt but you never know


          Honestly, I don’t see Charlotte winning at all but we’ll see. I believe WWE knows that she doesn’t need it as well but who knows with them… I may be giving them too much credit.

  • Aye Mate

    Becky Lynch winning and becoming an opportunistic heel would play into a perfect narrative arc considering how she’s been booked thus far. It would switch up the division in a massive way, even create an interesting dynamic where Charlotte and Becky can retread their history with roles reversed. Yes, Becky plays a tremendous babyface but such is the breadth of her talent there must surely be scope in a heel turn.

    As aforementioned I understand the rationale behind Carmella winning. Narratively, it could also work towards something bigger. Unfortunately in the grand design of things that sort of investment needs to be met halfway; Carmella isn’t the worst wrestler out there, but I’ve never seen a match where I was convinced she was anything more than just decent. In fact, the argument people are making in favour of Carmella is something I’d be more on board with if it was Summer Rae.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

      She HAS to lose the moonwalk

  • #Lasskicker

    I’m just so happy that this is happening.

  • Lushluke

    Want Charlotte to win she will have too much fun with that briefcase carrying it around

  • Vito

    Im just praying charlotte doesnt win… too predictable

  • Victor

    I still think that Carmella will win the briefcase and Naomi will successfully defend her title. I’m also intrigued on what Maria and her husband will do tonight.

  • IDK! My bets are with Carmella because is that heelish and opportunistic character that fits so much on the Mr. Money In The Bank persona. But i really want Natalya to win, because she thinks is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be, but hasn’t accomplish a lot. Must need history.

  • Neutral

    A contract signing! When will your faves?

  • Maddox

    Off topic but who is the better wrestler between Charlotte and Sasha Banks?

    • Charlotte.

    • Michelle


    • Aye Mate

      Sasha’s more versatile as an overall performer in my opinion. Charlotte’s a showgirl and an incredible athlete, but Sasha’s the better storyteller for me.


      Sasha’s the better wrestler by far and that’s no shade to Charlotte. She’s probably more athletic given her gymnast background but Sasha is wrestling no doubt about it

  • Summer_Slay #GiveSummerAChance

    Let it happen please. She amazing on the mic, good in the ring, beautiful (maxim top 100), talented and the most underrated woman on both rosters. Give her ONE good storyline to showcase what she has. She was the top heel of NXT and made everyone from Paige to the 4HW relevant. #GiveSummerAChance.

  • Michelle

    Charlotte or Carmella


    Gotta say whata video package. Love the nod to chyna Trish and Lita to Nikki and the Bella’s and to Sasha and Charlotte for their hiac. Love the fact that it’s the SD girls time to really show if they can bring it to the level of the previous historical bouts and moments from our past women. Can’t wait to see what gets cooked up for some of these girls this is make or break and the above video package does a wonderful job of putting all women involved over.

  • Liam Collett

    My overall booking would be something like:
    Carmella wins MITB
    Naomi and natayla feud till next smackdown ppv
    Nattie wins the title
    WWE make history at summerslam havjng 3 third generation wrestlers fight for the title
    Tamina vs Nattie vs Charlotte
    Charlotte wins but carmella cashes in and wins the title after the match
    Some things may be different I would like nattie to retain but carmella heel and nattie heel fued could be shitty.
    Plus if carmella can pick up a win over a top superstar like Charlotte it could elevate her to a new level and seen as a proper threat.
    Carmella could have a program with Charlotte and carmella retains title over Charlotte using James to distract the ref or something sly like that.
    Anyone else has some good booking ideas to share?