As it was previously reported, GFW Knockout Rosemary was injured this weekend during AAA’s TripleMania XXV event during a Reina de Reinas Title match which also featured Sexy StarAyako Hamada and Lady Shani.

Towards the end sequence of the Fatal Four Way match, Sexy Star, who retained her title, legitimately injured Rosemary’s arm, popping it out of place during her armbar submission.

Rosemary has since took to Twitter to address the reportedly tense situation, accusing Sexy Star of being a “liar” for telling people that the ordeal was part of a work but also thanked the wrestling community and fans for their outpouring support.

Read Rosemary’s full statement below:

“Let me make this perfectly clear: if you take liberties with someone’s body when they are giving it to you and trusting you to keep them safe, you are not tough. You are an asshole. And you don’t belong in this business.

Sexy Star decided to do just that this weekend at TripleMania. And while I have remained quiet on social media until I was more calm to address the situation, I have now being informed that she is telling people that it is a work. You are all now being informed that Sexy Star is a liar. She was a liar in the locker room when she was forced to apologize and instead cooked up some bullshit excuse that she ‘didn’t know’ and she is a liar now. You know if you are torquing on someone’s arm. You know an armbar is a real and dangerous hold.

The only reason your face is not broken right now is because a little voice inside my head as I lay on the apron kept repeating, ‘Don’t go to Mexican prison.’ (thanks Demon).

However, turning to positives, the outreach from the wrestling community has been incredible. I’m overwhelmed with how much love I feel right now from friends, fans, and people I have yet to meet in this amazing business. We are a family and we protect our own. If you violate that, you are not welcome here.

I also want to thank the AAA locker room. Multiple people came up to me saying how sorry and disgusted they were. Thank you Hamada and Shani, who also had to deal with bulls–t from Star during that match. Thank you, Vampiro, for professionally trying to calm a volatile situation, though, as you know, once the excuses started pouring out of Sexy Star’s mouth in lieu of an apology, it was over.

Thank you to the amazing GFW locker room, both present that night and not. I have so much support from everyone, and talent, crew and office have all reached out to show me that.”

In an update to Rosemary’s injury, PWInsider is reporting that there was discoloration and swelling around her elbow today, leading to fear that there is a triceps tear and that Rosemary will be getting additional tests done upon her return to the United States.

What are your thoughts on this headline?

  • Charlie Flickinger

    Holy fuck shits. I’m really glad she didn’t pull anything back and let it all fly.
    I’ll be honest I was a fan of Star, but the past few months have really show me how dirty she is in the locker room and now apparently in the ring. I’m glad I was shown what a snake she is now so I didn’t continue stanning her for years and THEN finding out what a bitch she is.
    I hope the Demon Assassin comes back harder and so much better after all of this.

    • Match of Year Maker

      Me too

  • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

    I feel so bad for her I never actually liked Star but I couldn’t tell why now I know

  • ?too litty?

    I f with Rosemary so hard. Such a queen.

  • Edwards1992

    Anybody have a link to the full match?

    • Juan

      Not good quality but you can definitely see the stiffness. Surprised only Rosemary got injured

      • Storm Saywell

        Omg that match was terrible. It was such a mess! It seemed like they wanted to beat the hell out of each other rather than putting on an exciting and fluent match. MESS.

        • KatyaMenelli

          The match was actually pretty good up until Star started getting stiff with Shani.

          • Storm Saywell

            It was a mess from start to finish (in my opinion). They just threw strikes and kicked each other out of the ring. NEXT.

          • KatyaMenelli

            That’s your opinion I guess, but what I saw was a good match until Sexy Star played with the bullshit. I’ve seen Hamada, Shani, and Rosemary all have great matches with numerous opponents. Sexy Star isn’t any of them.

  • Juan

    If you watch the match, Shani and Star were stiffing the hell out of eachother! The chops, the punches, and the kick in the head… All stiff. Likewise with Hamada.

    It seems Rosemary was caught in the middle of a very violatile situation and unfortunately paid the price of dealing with someone so unstable! Hope she has a speedy recovery!

    • KatyaMenelli

      Star started being stiff with Hamada and Shani as it shows. They were only paying her back.

  • GailKimStan

    When Rosemary gets out of character you know shit is serious!

  • Jamal

    Disgusting. Sexy Star shouldn’t be welcomed in any locker room

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    Star is lucky she wasn’t in the ring with Kong or Asuka. They would have ended her ass..

    • Rosanna

      Kong would have literally broke character to whoop her ass. I remember her getting fired for throwing Reby out the locker room for saying & doing something disrespectful.

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      • Radic

        Dude, she beat up Bubba the Love Sponge for the whole Haiti fiasco, and won everyone’s hearts by doing so.

    • Charlie

      Or Meiko Satomura.

  • Ghetto Baby

    Let’s not call sexy star unstable. She is just a douche.

  • I don’t feel the need to echo the sentiment that Sexy Star is an asshole since I’m pretty certain that’s common knowledge by now. Anyways, it’s a good thing the injury wasn’t as severe as it initially appeared to be. I’m just glad Rosemary taped about a month’s worth of Impact so she doesn’t have to worry about returning too soon and recover properly. As much as I’d LOVE to see a full-blown Rosemary/Taya feud, I’d hate to see her come back too soon and risk even more damage. Speaking of Taya, does anyone else find it a bit ironic that the two women who were screwed over by Sexy Star are about to enter a feud?

  • Mr. Giem

    I think Sexy Star’s boom is over now. I never really understood the hype she had two or so years ago with Lucha Underground but it looks like all that stuff went to her head. I think her career outside Mexico is over but I wouldn’t be surprised if AAA don’t punish her and keeps booking her as their biggest female star.

    And even though I’ve never been a huge follower of Rosemary what a horrible situation she got involved in. If you’re trusting your own body in someone’s hands during a match you shouldn’t be rewarded like this. I wish her a speedy recovery.

  • Shell Koleva

    Sexy Star always has been sort of Over the Clouds, with her Luchadora legacy, etc. etc. I remember her mocking of the WWE Superstars, then her ‘change of heart’, the news surrounding her AAA new title reign at the expenses of Taya and now this! She is kind of arrogant!
    I think that she is kind of angry of these American/Canadian women, who are far well marketed and known world wide. But just like her, they worked hard to be where they are!
    Me and my colleagues hope that Rosemary will be OK soon, because she is one of the greatest wrestlers and characters existing these days!

  • Aye Mate

    The typical road of a wrestler is perilous enough without pairing them with someone who is obviously unstable. I’m glad Sexy Star is being unequivocally outed for being so dangerous. Gail Kim says this is how you work your way out of the business.

    So in that vein, Sexy Star? Ass, meet door.

  • ssilva872

    “Don’t go to Mexican prison.”

    She is a real af calm queen! ?

    • Kvngbalor

      Real af im with her im not going to no one’s jail outside of the US

  • Bow down to the demon assasin Rosemary, she is so professional and show that side on this messages.
    On the other hand, oh Sexy Star is a shame that you think are the best thing in the world but guess what honey? you’ll never be toe to toe with one of the wwe women’s. Fix that attitude girl, for christ sake.

  • Kvngbalor

    I had typed a scathing read to Sexy Star but I’m sure it would’ve got me banned instantly fuck Ugly Star

  • jerrycoover

    Rosemary is a favorite of mine i have 5 or 6 shirts of her. It saddened me to know she got injured. Rosemary be strong Your my favorite I know you’ll get through this. I’m pulling for you this is your Jerry. Love ya forever. Jerry

  • Radic

    Welp… Sexy Star is a cunt.

    Hate using that word, but it could not be a more perfect way to describe with a deplorable human being.

  • Danny?

    Good for Rosemary putting the real truth out there. Hope she recovers quickly.

  • BC

    I hope Sexy Star’s career is over tbh.

    • Aye Mate

      Effectively it is. When you alienate a wide spectrum of your peers, who will put you over? There is absolutely no way Star can exonerate herself now that too many have gone on record to condemn her. The name Sexy Star is forever filth in the wrestling community.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Oh shit

  • Gavin

    I hope Sexy Star gets her ass beat. If she would have pulled that shit on someone a little less tolerant than Rosemary…

    • KatyaMenelli

      I just wish she would’ve tried that with Kong, Meiko, or Asuka. You would get thrashed.

  • MyleneCruz

    Sexy star what a sad excuse you are. I loved watching her on Lucha. Pendeja