WWE Reportedly Signs New Asian-American Diva

WWE has reportedly signed Asian-American wrestler, Su Yung to a developmental deal. The young wrestler is based in the Memphis, Tenesse area and wrestles for Memphis Wrestling, also secondary home to WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

The report was posted on the website Wrestling News Center, complete with a quote from Yung. She reportedly said:

“I appreciate all my fans who supported me in the Mid-South area (and elsewhere) and I’m so excited about this new opportunity with the WWE.”

The report continues to say that Yung will continue on in Memphis until July when she’ll report to Florida Championship Wrestling.

Please note that this can’t be taken as 100% accurate and we are treating it strictly as a rumour. However, Su is very beautiful (as you can see above) and is in her early 20s which seems to be the trend in signing girls to developmental deals, so it seems plausible. Not to mention her connections with Jerry Lawler.

More information on Yung can be found here.

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  • Mark

    at least they’re signing wrestlers again, you can read more about her @ glorywrestling.com

  • Ayzali

    Well if this holds true congrat is in order! She’s a wrestler and she’s beautiful I wish her all the best!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/art1ej art1e

    why sign new girls? why not work with the ones u have?…..i understand having younger ones in training but how many is in fcw now?…

  • http://yahoo.com madslam2009

    Su Young is a very good wrestler for her age.
    Hope she makes it big time

  • Bobby Lea Burchill

    There really aren’t that many FCW divas who work strictly for FCW as wrestlers and not a main WWE brand as well. Only AJ Lee, Aksana, Tamina, Liviana, and Naomi Night are full time FCW wrestlers, with Jamie Keyes working as the ring announcer I believe since Jemma Palmer has not arrived yet, so she fits in well. I like her look and nice to see she has trained in the indies

  • RedHotVixen

    I hope that this is true. I like how The E has been all about diversity in recent years, instead of hiring a bunch of hot chicks that all look the same. Good luck to her. She really is beautiful.

  • molly4ever

    maybe a fcw diva will be brought up to the main roster so they need someone to fill the missing spot in fcw.

  • http://www.youtube.com/jillfan1 Jillfan1

    OMFG i am so happy saw this AND WAS LIKE WHATTTTTTTT finally lol she very pretty and could wrestle finally WWE they need to bring some girls to the main roster from fcw though and word has it WWE may bring Mickie back i know this has nothing to do with this but hey they might let go of girls who can’t wrestle and there roster will be full of amazing wrestler syay that my dream nevertheless congrats to Su Yung

  • http://goth-goddess.org Kerry

    She looks really good and I liked her personality as it comes across on the glory website on her profile – love that she doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs!

  • https://twitter.com/anniluci Ana_Nattie_rules

    So pretty! Happy that she’s actually a wrestler. And someone asked why they are hiring new girls. It must be obvious. The main roster needs some people. They probably will call AJ very soon. Yet none of the other girls seem to be quite ready to step up. Maybe they’re searching for better competitors who can move up to the main roster faster.

  • xMissxBellax

    Very beautiful. Can never say WWE has bad taste. I’m happy to hear she’s a wrestler. With the rumors of Jennifer Blake and the try-out of Cherry Bomb, maybe the WWE will finally realize their are gorgeous women who do in fact wrestle and they will focus on that.

  • seasons-of-love

    Wow, she’s stunning. Hopefully she’s good.

  • Jayd211

    cool its awesome if this is true the fact that wwe is even looking in the indys again at all is a big deal because they havent dont that in a while

  • TRiSHA

    Let me guess they going
    to get rid of Savannah because
    of her. But I’m happy that they
    actually signed a wrestler and not
    a model or a dancer.

  • Jayd211

    wel i mean to be honest savannah and serena need to come out of FCW anyway so they do need to sign girls to fill their spots there

  • Lovedaddio

    If you want to see clips or order full downloads of Su Yung’s matches, go to http://www.mlwonline.com I’ve followed her career there for a few years. Interesting to see how she’s evolved from a sweet babyface to a vicious heel champion over the last few years so she can play different roles.

    I do find it interesting that WWE now has FOUR Asian-American wrestlers on the roster, Gail, Angela, AJ and now Su Yung. What concerns me is the future of
    Angela Fong. There’s got to be some reason why she hasn’t been called up to the main roster yet when it’s clear with all the injuries and releases the main roster needs Divas. From her matches in FCW she clearly was a quick learner and was IMO surprisingly good for someone who had no previous wrestling experience, but now she seems to be buried behind a microphone.

    Although it could be just to replace the Divas they’ve lost I, like many others have expressed, hope that they can add enough girls to eventually create a tag team title.

  • Alex

    @Lovedaddio is’nt aj hispanic her mother’s maiden name is mendez

  • Lovedaddio

    @ Alex….I could certainly be wrong. I guess that was always my assumption, but for some reason I thought I remembered reading that on a wrestling website (can’t remember which one) back when she first started with WSU in 2008. Even if she is of Latin descent, I still find it interesting that they have 3. While not technically Asian you also have Tamina whose look could still be described as exotic. I’d like to see them sign another African-American diva but all in all I’m digging the diversity.

  • Jennifer L134

    She’s certainly beautiful but more importantly she has wrestling experience. I wish her the best in her future career!

  • TNAFan80

    I wonder if WWE is looking to replace the older Gail Kim with the younger Su Yung, when Gail Kim’s contract expires?! Gail Kim just turned 33, and I’m sure WWE is looking out future.

  • adifferentsame

    It’s kinda sad that in WWE, 33 makes a woman ancient.

  • ozzyv

    I still think Gail Kim is in for a big push(assuming she doesn’t drop the ball this time)in the near future. This could be the last big one, so I hope she doesn’t get injured or anything. And she may be 33 but she looks like 25 or 26.

  • ozzyv

    Btw- I’ve wondered why Gail looks a lot younger now than before. When she first came in(in 03) I assumed she was about 30. I’m guessing that her new shiny outfits and some makeup does the trick? And her beautiful smile. Gail Kim is hot! And tbh she wrestles even better than 5yrs ago. She’s got loads of untapped potential imho.

  • spiffy

    Don’t get too excited. It’s a developmental deal. Might not see her for another two years, if at all.

  • DivasAreBetter

    She looks nice. That’s all i gotta say. :P