TNA Xplosion Watch (July 14, 2010): When Former Partners Collide

(Apologies for the belated Xplosion report! This one slipped by me. Apparently it happened a day before the street fight we saw on Impact.)

It was bound to happen. Not content to keep their implosion behind the scenes, we finally see Sarita take on her former tag team partner Taylor Wilde tonight. Their similar styles and exciting ring work together makes me anticipate this all the more. Who’ll come out on top?

 Out first is Sarita, in a blue and lime green one piece outfit. She’s taking a page from the Zack Ryder playbook however…there’s a piece missing from her right shoulder down to her upper arm. Okay. Brimming with confidence, she smugly makes her way down the ramp. It’s all about Sarita now! Next comes Taylor Wilde in her silver and black bikini top and skirt. Very cute! After a pose for the crowd, Taylor has her game face on as she marches to the ring, pointing at Sarita. Any hesitation Taylor may have felt about facing her former partner is gone, replaced by a focus that is pin point.

 As she climbs into the ring, Sarita has her hands up in a “hold on” gesture. She…apparently wants to shake hands with Taylor? At first, Wilde isn’t buying it. But Sarita is insistent…Taylor takes her hand and both women shake, then separate. Huh. This is a far cry from the ruthless, cold woman that we’ve seen the brunette morph into. Interesting. The bell rings and the two circle each other.

 The two lock up, each struggling for advantage for several moments. Finally, Sarita gets the upper hand with a waist lock. Forcing Taylor to the ground, Sarita manuvers into a head lock. The two slip in and out of holds until Taylor gets a solid arm bar submission. It’s not for long, however, due to Sarita managing to get to the ropes. Taylor breaks the hold, backing up a little while Sarita looks semi-impressed. She claps, as if to say “Not bad”…or she could be mocking Taylor. The two shake hands again and at this point, it’s like a horror film. You know something bad’s coming, you just don’t know when.

Once more the two jockey for the upper hand, slipping through arm bars, head locks, until Taylor manages a flying mare that sends Sarita across the ring. Taylor looks energized at getting one over yet again on the brunette. Sarita has a sly look on her face as yet again she looks for a handshake. Taylor reluctantly gives her hand only to be pulled into a headlock. A bit of maneuvering and Taylor gets the advantage, attempting to whip Sarita off the ropes. It’s reversed, however, but as Taylor comes back towards Sarita, she deftly pulls off a cradle hook pin! It’s only good for two however. Nice bit of chain wrestling by these two women, it seems neither can get the advantage over the other. As the two separate, Sarita gets a gut wrench into a pin but gets two only. A series of pins follow by each woman but to no avail. As we fade to commercial, both roll to their feet and face each other warily. Excellent stuff here!

Coming back from commercial, Sarita has Taylor in another headlock. Whipped off the ropes, Taylor dodges Sarita twice but at last gets a blow to the back which sends her through the ropes to the floor. The Dark Angel smirks at finally having the upper hand on her former team mate. She follows to the floor, landing blows to Taylor’s back and a chop to the chest. Rolling Wilde into the ring, she goes for a cover but only gets two again. Twice more she tries for a pin and fails to get three. Now we see the fustration come to the forefront on Sarita’s face. As she gathers up Wilde, the blonde lands some blows to the midsection but gets a club to the back for her efforts.

Getting Taylor to her feet, the brunette whips her into the corner and follows with a clothesline. Sarita follows through with a well placed kick to the midsection, then snapmares her down for a pinning attempt. Only good for two. Whipping Taylor into the ropes, the blonde manages to roll and duck the spinkick, then maneuver Sarita into a clothesline, then another one. Taylor follows through with a bodyslam into the corner. She climbs the turnbuckle but Sarita’s up and meets her with a hard slap to the face. She climbs up and the two struggle for advantage. Taylor manages to lift and slam Sarita face first down to the mat. As she makes her way to her feet, Taylor simply NAILS her with a hard missile dropkick!

Wilde is showing her wear and tear, but she lands two clotheslines to Sarita, followed by a flying leg lariat. At this point, Sarita’s had enough and tries to exit the ring. As Taylor tries to pull her back in, the crafty brunette gets a nice shot to Taylor’s jaw with her elbow. Back in the ring now, she hoists Taylor up, maybe looking for a side slam but the blonde deftly hooks her legs around Sarita’s neck, getting a nice headscissors takedown! Sarita’s up but as she charges at Taylor, the crafty blonde spins her into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  Wilde yells, as if sensing victory, and, grabbing Sarita by the hair, proceeds to slam her head into one turnbuckle, then a second turnbuckle. But as she tries for a third, Sarita manages to push Taylor into the corner chest-first. As Taylor stumbles back, Sarita rolls her up into a pin. She gets the three count – but her feet were on the ropes! Taylor is stunned as Sarita does a victory lap around the ring, jubilant in her (stolen) victory. All that so-called good sportsmanship was a sham. Taylor looks pissed and as the camera does a closeup of Sarita, we hear her call Taylor a loser.

Wow. This match was fantastic. I loved how they exchanged hold for hold, blow for blow, pin for pin. It was fast, fluid and exciting. I’m baffled as to why they didn’t hold off to put this on PPV, it was a match worth paying for. Certainly I would’ve payed to see it. But this feud is far from over, as evidenced by the street fight we saw on Impact. I look forward to seeing more from these two women. They don’t hold anything back. This is why I’m as much a fan of Taylor’s as I am of Sarah Stock’s – they’re both so much fun to watch in the ring, their styles are exciting. Lets hope that TNA follows through with this feud and we can see more matches between the two. Well done ladies!

  • Jamal

    Very cool match. Good work from both women. I agree that this should have easily been on PPV.

  • ohiofan1

    This was a very good match. This whole feud should have been on Impact/PPV. It was more interesting than anything TBP and Angelina done so far.

  • Alex

    This is a definite match of the year candidate both taylor and sarita told a story with the match from beginning to end

  • Kaledrina

    great match. even though i would’ve preferred this feud taking priority on the main show, i am thankful that it was on xplosion. at least then we get a proper build to it, promos, backstage fights, etc. it’s a bit like the jillian/bellas feud – imagine how rubbish it would be if it was on raw.

  • Kaledrina

    also.. with taylor and sarita slowly re-merging with the other knockouts on impact, i’d love it if this feud is settled (or even amped up!) at the hard justice ppv.. give them a ladder to climb or a table to go through.. it could be epic.

  • Mr. I-55

    I really like all the time the Knockouts get on Xplosion, the pre-match interviews are pretty neat too. The match was good, although I didn’t like Sarita being dominated the entire match and ending with a roll-up made her feel very weak and seems like as if Taylor had been the heel. The constant handshaking was a little odd, seemed odd to have them wanting to claw each others eyes out to actual shaking hands.
    But overall, I really liked the match and I can’t wait to see more Heel Sarita.

  • imj1995

    I loved this match It was very exciting. TNA take the hint this is going to be your money making fued i don’t see tbp fued going anywhere but the return of Tara. If only TNA had hell in a cell well they do have cages but hell in a cell would be so great or even a tlc match. Wwe is probably thinking man we should of kept Taylor.

  • SnDi

    I loved how they were so fiery and ferocious, but managed to channel that fury into a beautifully orchestrated technical wrestling contest that showcased athletic rolls and tight, rough pinning combinations right out of catch wrestling. This is by far my favorite feud in TNA, right now, and I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

  • hewitt

    That was some of the best wrestling I’ve seen all year, absolutely beautiful. Taylor still bores me a bit but I’m totally digging heel Sarita. When she called Taylor a loser at the end I actually laughed out loud. I love how Sarita wins both through a street fight and then in a “legit” (since she stole it) match. It’ll frustrate Taylor to no end and I can’t wait to see what this feud culminates to.

  • theshape31

    This was much better than their no-hold-barred match from Impact. I’d like to see a longer, more high-impact version of this on the next PPV. They deserve it.

  • theshape31

    By the way, the backbreaker attempt countered into a head-scissors was brilliant. Just amazing. These two are so good.