Taryn Terrell Pulled from ChickFight Match on February 5th

ChickFight, Diva Dirt and Pro Wrestling Revolution are extremely disappointed to announce that former WWE Diva, Taryn Terrell aka Tiffany will no longer be part of our February 5th show in San Francisco.

Our apologies to fans who were eager to see Taryn on the card, on which she was due to face Alissa Flash, and hope that this won’t affect your experience.

We were very excited to be working with Taryn in her first independent match, however after confirming and promoting her for the show, Ms Terrell made requests that should have been brought up prior to the booking being accepted & promotion of the match taking place. While these requests were simply not feasible for the independent wrestling scene, we’d like to stress that ChickFight and Pro Wrestling Revolution did attempt to cater to Ms Terrell’s requests, despite already having an agreement with her. We’re saddened that things didn’t work out to either sides’ satisfaction.

With the event due to take place in just over a month, we hope fans will understand our need for swift action in order to present to you the best show possible.

Once again, our apologies to all of the fans who were hoping to see Taryn in action. We hope that we can one day work with Taryn again.

However, as they say: the show must go on. We are hard at work in booking a replacement to face Alissa Flash. We hope to make an announcement as soon as possible.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsanchez96?feature=mhum sanchezdiego96

    Aw, I’m so bummed. She could have learned a lot from being in the ring with Melissa. I hope she goes for for indys though.

  • adifferentsame

    Sounds like someone still thinks she’s a Diva.

  • Macho Madness

    what happened?? why did she back out??

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DivasManiaHD xILOVENATTIEx

    She is really not building a good reputation outside of the wwe

  • MikeChrisH

    Well, duh.

  • Alex

    i’m sure taryn has a good reason why she pulled out

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie

      She did not pull out. She was pulled by ChickFight & PWR.

  • adifferentsame

    Considering Taryn’s reputation as a wrestler is zilch after being released unceremoniously from a high profile company, one would be inclined to think such demands would seem obviously ridiculous to her. She isn’t going to progress further in her wrestling career unless she mucks in the way every other independent wrestler does. Besides, it’s not like she has veteran or superstar status.


  • http://www.youtube.com/RingVixens Teri

    Woah.. okay there, Ms Terrell.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    I’m guessing they think she’s not ready and not able to pull off a good show. Now i have to wait who knows when until i get to see her perform outside of the WWE.

  • angelbaby09

    Ok this chick has a personality issue, I hope Chickfight and PWR can find someone else who is more cooperative.

  • vonVile

    No surprise. Taryn most likely was used to being pampered in the WWE and expected the independents worked the exact same way. Sorry, no private dressing room with choice catering for you, but there is a bathroom stall over there that’s all yours to change into your wrestling gear.

  • Jamal

    Sorry to hear. This would have been a tremendous learning opportunity for her. Melissa is awesome.

  • shannymac

    I’m guessing she wanted way more money than DD and ChickFight could manage. It’s realy unfortunate, because if she’s as serious about wrestling as she lets on, this could have been huge for her. Too bad she couldn’t seize this huge opportunity.

    Sorry your 2011 is off to a less than stellar start, DD. It really seems like there’s nothing you all could have done, though. Hopefully you’ll be able to fine a replacement in time. It shouldn’t be hard, though. Melissa/Alissa could have a 5-star match with a paper bag!