SHIMMER Volume 39 Taping Results Live from Berwyn, Illinois

SHIMMER returns to Berwyn, IL this weekend to tape Volumes 37-40 in its DVD series. Diva Dirt’s Cryssi, Eric and Steven are on hand bringing live results:

SPARKLE (pre-show)
* Rhia O’Reilly & Jett Riley def. Brittany Force & December. O’Reilly pins Force after a crossbody.

SHIMMER Volume 39

1. Kellie Skater def. Courtney Rush with a running neck snap.

2. LuFisto def. Sassy Stephie (with Madamoiselle Rachelle) with a modified STO.

3. Rachel Summerlyn def. Mena Libra via Texas Cloverleaf.

4. 3S def. Nikki Roxx and Ariel to retain the tag titles. Hiroyo Matsumoto got the pin after a exploder suplex on Roxx.

5. Mercedes Martinez def. Britani Knight via Fisherman Buster.

6. Daizee Haze and Tomoka Nakagawa def. Mia Yim and Jamilia Craft after Tomoka reverses a kick from Mia into a fisherman suplex.

7. Jessica James def. Athena via Hard Boiled Egg.

Backstage interview with Jessie McKay. Jessie is interrupted by Nicole Matthews, who calls her a Diva. Up next: Saraya Knight vs MsChif.

8. MsChif def. Saraya via Desecrator.

9. Serena Deeb def. Portia Perez via DQ after Portia hits her with a cookie sheet. After the match, Serena is carried out by the referees.

Backstage segment: Danger is looking for Leva Bates. The Knight Dynasty and Rebeeca Knox run out of the lockerroom. Danger finds Leva laid out. Danger challenges Britani Knight to a singles match.

10. Nicole Matthews vs Jessie McKay in a two out of three falls match. Nicole scores the first pin with a roll up pulling the tights. Second fall goes to Jessie, after three Schoolgirl Crushes. Nicole scores the final pin with Roll the Dice to pick up the win.

11. Ayako Hamada and Cheerleader Melissa def. Sara Del Rey and Madison Eagles when Ayako rolled Madison up for the pin.

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  • Rhawk

    Aw bless poor Courtney, she’s lost all of her matches since she debuted… she better win on volume 40… but I doubt it for some reason. x-D

  • The_JM

    @rhawk don’t feel bad, women usually have to pay dues before getting wins in shimmer. Like Jessie McKay for example, she debuted on Volume 21 and didn’t get a win til Volume 26.

  • Rhawk

    @The_JM – True enough, she will get her time… but its a shame about her luck this weekend. x__x

  • vb61

    What is the hard boiled egg finisher from Jessica James supposed to be?

  • vb61

    Any updates on Serena’s condition?

  • vb61

    i hope melissa gets atitle shot and wins the title. She deserves it.

  • Bdawg0701

    I’m happy for RAJETT to win both their matches, but why not Athena? Come On, SHIMMER!!

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Woot! Aayko & CheerLeader Melissa scored a A win. I hope Ayako & CheerLeader Melissa get a title shot against 3S.

    Or I would have a Triple Threat Elinmation Tag Team Match. Ayako & CheerLeader Melissa vs Del Rey & Madison Eages vs 3S for the titles….

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i kinda dislike the way they keep calling Jessie a DIva, lol, because it seems like there using diva in a bad way type thing, and just think that is disrespectful, however, i also think that this might help jessie get noticed by wwe

  • Mikas

    i kinda dislike the way they keep calling Jessie a DIva

    This was started by diva-dirt i think, people kept saying how she looked like the Bellas. I think its great to see them include stuff like that in promos.

  • laqisha

    @SherriShepherdWWE: You have no Idea how much Jessie and the Bellas look alike :)