Jenny Sjodin Crowned New Pro-Wrestling: EVE Champion

Pro-Wrestling: EVE has crowned a new champion in Jenny Sjodin tonight in Morecambe, Lancashire, UK.

Sjodin defeated Britani Knight, the company’s first ever champion, for the belt using a cross arm breaker submission. On their Twitter page, EVE said it was a ‘back & forth 9 minute match’.

Commenting following her loss, Britani wrote on Twitter:

Lost the belt. But @jennysjdin was a worthy champion. She really upped her game. Fair play! Guttered still though!

Earlier today we reported that there is some tension between Britani’s home affiliation, the WAW Gym, and EVE after Britani’s mother, Saraya, announced via Facebook that WAW had ended its working relationship with the promotion. One must wonder if Britani’s title drop played a factor.

Nonetheless, congratulations to the new champion, Jenny Sjodin.

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  • alexl467

    1) Congratulations to Jenny Sjodin for winning the match & title.

    2) Now WWE hurry up and sign Britani Knight to a contract.


  • Mikas

    Time for Britani to pack her bags and move to Florida ;-)

    • adifferentsame

      This crossed my mind also.

  • Lily

    Congrats! I love Jenny,

    I hope this means Britani was signed by WWE and is on her way to FCW even though she said she ‘wasn’t signed’.

    • SherriShepherdWWE

      i was thinkin the same thing, Britani may be heading to WWE lol

  • Rhawk

    As much as I can’t wait to see Britani eventually sign up with the WWE, doesn’t she still hold other titles around europe? At least that is wha her Wiki page says. =-\

    But again a bittersweet siuation here:

    Bitter – Britani lost the title outside of a Pro Wrestling EVE taping, making it somewhat confusing for the DVD releases.
    Sweet – That situation Birtani had a month or so ago? That might not be a problem anymore. ;-)

    • Rhawk

      Oh yeh, even though I prefer April more, congrats to Jenny on defeating Britani, I’ve actually grown fond of Jenny as I bought more of the EVE DVDs. =-) If anyone should take the title off of her now it SHOULD be Alpha Female, as she might just be the only main event face on the roster worhy enough for a title shot. =-)

  • laqisha

    I don’t know her, but she looks really tough.

    How are her Ring Skills ?

    • Rhawk

      From her matches on the EVE DVDs, she’s quite the technical wrestler. Her and April’s Catch Division matches are something to watch. Very hard hitting, great German Suplexes. =-)