Pro-Wrestling: EVE Issues Statement Regarding Saraya & Britani Knight and WAW

New EVE Champion, Jenny Sjodin

Pro-Wrestling: EVE has issued a statement responding to Saraya Knight‘s withdrawal of her WAW gym from the company.

Saraya announced yesterday via Facebook that WAW and its competitors, including herself and Britani Knight, would no longer compete for EVE.

Jenny Sjodin Crowned New Pro-Wrestling: EVE Champion

Saraya’s daughter, Britani, lost the Pro-Wrestling: EVE Championship last night to Jenny Sjodin which is what is believed to have lead to Saraya’s abrupt withdrawal.

EVE issued the following statement to Diva Dirt:

[notice]It is with regret that we announce the WAW Gym’s withdrawal from Pro-Wrestling:EVE. Everyone at Pro-Wrestling:EVE would like to thank those at WAW for their previous involvement and wish them well with their new ventures.

Pro-Wrestling:EVE has and always will be about supporting and showcasing the female professional wrestlers of Europe. Sadly independent wrestling in Europe is not yet at the stage where contracts offering a guaranteed wage can be offered meaning making a living as a professional wrestler can often be difficult. It is our company policy to give members of our roster the freedom to work where ever they please and to never negatively effect the chances of them earning their living as professional wrestlers. We support female wrestling, and will continue to support female wrestling companies.

Away from this, Pro-Wrestling:EVE would like to congratulate new Pro-Wrestling: EVE Champion ‘The Female Fight Machine’ Jenny Sjodin on her title victory last night in Morecambe.

With a loaded roster of talent such as The Alpha Female, ‘Portugal’s Perfect Athlete’ Shanna, Erin Angel, April Davids, Nikki Storm, Super Janey B, Rhia O’Reilly, Em-Jay, Kay Lee Ray, Carmel Jacob and Sara-Marie Taylor of The Glamour Gym, ‘The Hardcore Daredevil’ Blue Nikita (the list goes on and on) along with Jenny Sjodin as our champion Pro-Wrestling: EVE will continue to be at the forefront of European professional wrestling and are excited at what the future will bring.

We now look ahead to Sjodin’s up-coming title defences (details coming soon) and the ground breaking Pro-Wrestling: EVE vs Ice Ribbon Series in Doncaster on October 8th and 9th. Details and tickets for this event can be found at[/notice]

Thoughts: While it’s disappointing that we won’t see Saraya and Britani on EVE shows again, EVE has the tools to succeed, especially with a big show coming up in October with Japan’s Ice Ribbon promotion. Plus, new champion Jenny Sjodin and Alpha Female have what it takes to be big stars. (Alpha, in particular, caught my eye on the very first EVE DVD last year.)

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  • Mikas

    I’m sure EVE will still have enough women to fill their shows, but this must be a big blow to them. They lost 5 women, of which 2 bignames. And now it seems they are also going to loose the EWW girls (among them Rhia O’Reilly).

    There will always be enough women to fill a your show, but it will be a show without any big names (No Melanie Price, Jetta, Lisa Fury, Brittani, Saraya, Rhia, Wesna, Blossom Twins, Eden Black, Skye, Jemma Palmer, Erin Angel, etc…yes i know some of them are retired).

    They still have the talent, but only Alpha Female and Blue Nikita, and to some minor extend Jenny Sjodin are known outside of the UK. Most wrestling fans outside of the Uk arent going to buy their DVDs if they only have names that nobody have heard from.

    An additional problem is that the current girls on the roster loose out on working with some veterans. Its very hard for a rookie to advance to the next level in your career if you only work against other rookies. Wasnt that a big problem with the girls from ireland/scottland? I heard they didnt have any experienced people to work against in their home region.

  • laqisha

    That sucks they lost two stars now they have only 4 talented girls Jenny Sjodin, Alpha Female, Blue Nikita, and that one girl with very Short Hair!

  • shonshu

    Their roster is looking weak without the two Knights. Sjodin is a good wrestler but lacks charsima. Nikki Storm is probably the best raw talent that they have left. Poor management, miss-communication, personal issues, whatever the cause it’s a serious blow for Eve. Unprofessional behaviour that also damages the reputation of the Knights. Kind of a loose loose situation business-wise.