Divas Respond to WWE.com Article

It looks like the “Divas division needs saving” article has ruffled a few feathers in Camp Diva. A few of the girls have responded to the article via Twitter.

Former Divas Champ, Eve Torres writes:

@WWE I’d love to step into the ring whomever wrote this, & c who needs saving. #Iwillbootypopinyourfacethenmakeyoutap

Don’t ever let anyone undermine your hard work, label your character, or set limits to your potential. #BeliEVE!

Diva of Doom, Beth Phoenix added:

Its not the Divas Division that needs saving, but the WWE Universe. Myself and @NatbyNature are on a mission to make you change your minds..

As long as I can remember I have worked my butt off and been underappreciated while the crowd adores @RealKellyKelly and @EveMarieTorres…

I am tired of looking and being the best and being passed over time and time again. Im done asking for approval. And just getting started proving my point. #DivasofDoom

Thoughts: Two very different opinions here. One side arguing that the ‘model Divas’ work hard for their spots, the other side arguing that the ‘wrestler Divas’ get overlooked for the models. I’m guessing we’ll see even more Divas chime in as the day continues.

Tell us what you think in the comments!

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  • TeamEve

    These may not be their true opinions, but their characters thoughts

    • Jake


  • melina prez

    Oh Eve #Iwillbootypopinyourfacethenmakeyoutap is hilarious !

  • JSciola

    I really like how they’ve been using the website and twitter and build-up feuds more and more recently.

    • DIVAsupporter

      I still do prefer it whemn they build up storylines on the actual show

  • davepower

    I dont see the money in this direction be honest. WWE is stupidly tearing down its babyfaces at the moment.

  • DIVAsupporter

    I really don’t know who to root for

    I can’t say the model divas hasn’t worked hard, but I need to give DoD the credit they deserve

  • http://kringerspice.tumblr.com Irene_Cabrera

    I’m sensing a double turn here, with DOD turning face then Eve, Kelly & the Bellas forming a heel stable of ‘model Divas’ who are sick and tired of being looked down upon and doubted by the WWE Universe. Then again, I could be wrong. But I want it to happen so badly. *sigh* :(

    • DIVAsupporter

      I would love that to happen

      • BobAnthony

        If only…IF ONLY!

  • http://www.gailkimsource.com Danni

    You know what gets to me about this whole storyline? How Gail & Melina were hinting at this “I’m tired of Model’s getting pushed, what about is wrestlers” thing a while ago and trying to get storylines going via twitter, but were punished for it ..its a bit of a kick in the face to them really.

    Otherwise, loved Beth’s tweets xD
    Eve does need to stop doing those booty pops though, it just looks silly & gives people the wrong idea about her.

    • Kaledrina

      i was thinking just that! i don’t know if there’s any truth to them being punished for it, but it is definitely funny how beth and natalya are pretty much doing on the show what melina and gail were doing on their twitter feeds!

    • Jake

      Reminds me of WWE turning down Tiffany/Drew storyline then they release Taryn and give the storyline to Kelly lol.

    • MelinaFan

      Yeah agree..

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Intresting…taking this twitter…

  • http://kringerspice.tumblr.com Irene_Cabrera

    How ’bout this one: we now have the ‘heel model Divas’ vs. the ‘face wrestler Divas’ and we add a tweener Diva (ehem… Gail Kim or Melina or both… ehem) into the mix who’s against Divas who do booty poppings and stink faces but also loathes the DOD’s methods of salvaging the division. Personally I see it as a money maker and a game changer for the Divas division. But again, I doubt that this will come into fruition knowing WWE. They only care about the money and the ratings that they have to compromise the quality of their storylines which is very, very sad.

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    I’m sorry but Eve dear, YOU are labelling your character with your booty popping. I thought it was ridiculous when Victoria did it too. How are you supposed to be considered a threat when you’re shaking your ass in people’s faces?! I know people have referenced Torrie doing it, but she was never a champion or even a contender!

    I’m no purist, I’ll root for whomever entertains me but I also won’t take a Diva seriously if they oversexualize themselves in a comical manner. I took issue with Mickie James wrestling in skirts & kissing her opponents because It made her look desperate for attention. Kelly was getting buzz earlier this year without the stinkface & last year Eve was a martial arts expert & hyped as bad ass. Now it’s “look @ my ass”. The Bellas, Maryse, Trish, & Layla are all “models” & they didn’t/don’t rely on such silliness for audience reaction. It’s just lazy IMO, “oh I can’t get a pop so I’ll act sexy.”

    • Jake

      “The Bellas, Maryse, Trish, & Layla are all “models” & they didn’t/don’t rely on such silliness for audience reaction. ”


      Bellas – Ass shaking double team move

      Maryse – Hair flip

      Trish – licking her hand sexually to chop a chick in her breast

      Layla – Who could forget her sexual body scissors? lol

      • WWFoverWWE

        you can’t compare trish to those women. Trish reached a higher level of wrestling than those women ever did

        • Mr. Asstastic

          Get off your high horse. I love Trish but I’m sick of people acting like she’s God. She’s a former model just like all of those girls and guess what? She used sexuality for a cheap pop too.

  • itsmariabitch:p

    i dont think the divison needs help with the people in. i think they need help with storylines and the 2 mins matches etc…. everyone who is comment that are saying stuff about kelly kelly and the bellas twins. Maybe they dont get enough time to prove to you they are good wrestlers. honestly i like all the divas and dont have a problem with anyone of them. so i dont know why you guys sitting here saying stuff about them because i bet if some of you try to step in the ring you guys couldnt do any better. im not trying to be mean but im kinda sick of everyone put this diva down or that one!

  • art

    well this might get wwe to start taking the women serious again…

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

    Gahhhh GO EVE :DD !! Woooft I would LOVE to see wwe turn this into a promo .Im sorry I will just MARK OUT if they ever did this.

  • WWFoverWWE

    I feel eve gets a lot of crap just by association with kelly. Eve is honestly not that bad

  • Raekon

    Actually the main problem of the division is neither the indie wrestlers nor the “model” wrestlers.
    The main problem is the creatives that cant write a proper feud and add some storylines in there for the divas.

    Sad enough and a big shame that the divas started creating their own feuds and stables only because the creatives didn’t have a clue what to do with them then thats more than a indication that some people are not doing their job properly out there to say the least.

    The chickbusters/It girls as example that werent official and the “horrible friend” were all made up things the girls created for themselves so there is a story they can tell. Even a very small one, it got the people interested.

    When these women can come up with such stuff even its not their job then why in the world can’t the ones that are payed for it?

    That’s the big question there.

    Both Eve and Beth talked partially the truth and partially in character but in that mix both are right partially only aswell.

  • itsmariabitch:p

    thank you

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Wesley Romano

    Eve can booty pop in my face anytime…hell get me Tessmacher IN DA FACE IN DA FACE!!

    The ONLY sexy diva an i love this chick to death is Aksana!! DAMN SHHE OOZES SEX APPEAL BRO!!
    So does Maxine! Shes one hot bitch!
    But Eve knows how to back it up!

    Also reason Beth n Nattie are down n under is because LayCool is gone
    Last year Beth n Nattie were the TOP wwe divas!! Had amazing matches and were the good guys and EVERYONE loved them!! Hell thhey even got some amazing loud cheers!! Best season ever man!!

    • Jhonmarco

      Why do your comments always come off so, uh sexual? And this is coming from a straight guy, but I watch wrestling for just that wrestling.

      • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Wesley Romano

        I dont watch wwe at all dude..i catch the divas matches on youtube via from HERE on DD
        How are my comments “Sexual”?

        Theres nothing sexual about Divas other than Aksana and Maxine n Maryse

        TNA Knockouts have a mix of THEY LOOK SEXY N HOT AS HELL yet kick ass in the ring dude!
        I dont find Kelly hot at all she is pretty hot but not for my standards…and her matches are not my style either
        Im more of a, Michelle McCool or Mickie James fan you know what I mean? Thats what I consider wrestling
        Awesome Kong Gail Kim Tara the ODB n Jackie u get my drift

        TNA knockouts look hot bro not my fault for acknowledging them ;)
        Seems WWE is trying to make their divas more “Sex Appealing” with Eve Booty poppin and Kelly’s stinkface which is a horrible name…and of course with Aksana!!! Who Im a big fan of her since NXT3! =D

        So idk what “Sexual” means to you man

  • Mel

    I like how that Katie Raymond woman retweeted everything Eve said.


    I don’t know what planet Beth Phoenix is on, but the WWE crowds do not ‘adore’ Eve.
    I can’t remember one time when Eve’s reaction garnered more noise than my mobile phone’s vibration when it’s on silent.

    • Shan

      lol this was funny. I never hear anything for her either so I’m always wondering if something’s wrong with my ears.

    • Mr. Asstastic



    Oh here we go with Eve can’t get a reaction bull shit again. For real what diva besides Kelly can get a consistent reaction every week? NONE! When they do something that can get the fans attention thats when they get a reactions. Eve’s promo with Miz when she attacked Cole all got big pops.

    • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Wesley Romano

      When Eve bootypops she gets a nice reaction =)