SHIMMER Volume 44 Taping Results

SHIMMER returns this weekend, October 1st and 2nd, with four new tapings for the SHIMMER DVD series.

Diva Dirt’s Steven is on hand in Berwyn, IL, bringing us live results.

* Davina Rose vs Kellie Skater. Kellie def. Davina via Kick/running neck snap combo.

* Taylor Made def. Veda Scott via spinning neckbreaker.

* Kalamity def. Tomoka Nakagawa via the Kalamity-ville Horror.

* Nevaeh and Sassy Stephie def. Ashley Lane and Mia Yim after Sassy hits Yim with the Kiss My Sass. Ashley and Neveah brawl all the way to the backstage area.

* Serena def. Yumi Ohka via spear.

* Regeneration X, Christina Von Eerie and MsChif def. Bonesaw Jessie Brook, She Nay Nay, Melanie Cruise and Mena Libra is next. Von Eerie with pin on She Nay Nay after a double underhook facebuster.

* Hiroyo Matsumoto def. Jessie McKay via Saito suplex.

* Sara Del Rey def. Courtney Rush via Royal Butterfly. Before the match, Courtney tries to get Sara to dance to Poker Face. Sara attacks her to start the match.

* Athena def. Mercedes Martinez via DQ, after Mercedes attacks her with a chair. Post-match, Mercedes works over Athena’s leg with the chair and nails her with a fisherman’s buster. Mercedes goes to the back laughing. Athena gets on the mic and says she thinks her leg might be broken, but when she is well she’s coming after Mercedes.

* Kana def. LuFisto via chokehold.

* Britani Knight def. Saraya Knight in a No DQ match with a modified DDT.

* Ayako Hamada and Ayumi Kurihara def. the Canadian Ninjas to retain their SHIMMER Tag Team Championships after Ayumi hits Portia Perez with a Uranage.

* Cheerleader Melissa def. Madison Eagles to become the new SHIMMER Champion after reversing the Hellbound. After the match, Melissa celebrates but is attacked by Nicole Matthews.

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  • abwiz74

    Kellie Skater wins a match!

  • WWFoverWWE

    not digging them making madison rayne lose all these matches. They are only doing it to give Nevaeh a rub off a mainstream star

  • WWFoverWWE

    I wonder if cheerleader melissa can finally get the job done tonight

  • vonVile

    With Ashley Lane (aka Madison Rayne) being at the Shimmer tapings mean she’s officially gone from TNA? When is her contract over with TNA? As we all know wrestlers can’t appear in other federations that tape/televise their events.

    •!/jayd211 Jayd211

      actually TNA allows their wrestlers to do independent bookings and today most indys tape their shows and sell DVDs she is still very much in TNA and is competing in the title 4 way match at BFG

    • alexver11

      TNA contracts are so differents than WWE. You remember when Daffney and Cheerleader Melissa appears both in Shimmer and TNA

      • Mikas

        You cant compare the 2. In WWE they are on the road constantly, so they make plenty of money for working houseshows. In TNA some people only work 3-4 shows a month, thats not enough to pay their bills, so you have to take indy bookings or get a daytime job.

        @Vonvile: that rule only applies to TV and PPV tapings, not DVD tapings.

        • alexver11

          Thanks for the tip!!! Mikas :)

    • WWFoverWWE

      TNA and shimmer have a deal where the knockouts are allowed to wrestle at shimmer. Madison hasn’t been at the tapings until now due to her own choice

      shimmer is not on TV

  • Jhonmarco

    Loving this Mercedes/Athena angle :)

    • NY32986

      “I can see Athena/Martinez being a double turn ala Bret/Austin WM 13.”

      *Pats self on back

      Now I wait for the promo MM throws out there that turns on the fans. She’s comin off like a sadist.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I know this i off topic but jeez if Madison Rayne was doing this to get extra money , then how much does TNA Superstars make ? Sheesh! It seems as if the knockouts are walking out with 500$ for their pay checks

    • WWFoverWWE

      madison makes around 450 per appearance in TNA, her paycheck is fine

      • soju81

        Only $450? I think she & the other Knockouts deserve more!!! BTW how do you know she gets $450/appearance? If that is true then assuming a Knockout only does TV appearances & no house shows then they’d only make $1,800/month from TNA….

  • NY32986

    I bet the Berwyn Eagles Club no longer has a roof and only Night Time Skies.

  • Jhonmarco

    YAY! :D I’ve been waiting for this since the April 2010 tapings <3 congrats Melissa you deserve it :)

  • Piggie James

    @WWFoverWWE: Madison and Nevaeh are very close friends in real life (both came up through the indies in Ohio) so I’m sure Madison is perfectly happy about giving Nevaeh a ‘mainstream’ rub. In fact it was probably Madison’s idea, I doubt Shimmer went out of their way just to get Madison.

    Not sure where you heard about a ‘TNA/Shimmer’ deal, because the only rumor I’ve heard (which is probably not true in hindsight) was that Shimmer wanted to book Sarita, but TNA were charging ~$1000 per appearance which Shimmer wasn’t prepared to pay. There might be some truth to the deal you’ve heard about though, given that there are two TNA contracted talents at these tapings (Madison & Christina Von Eerie), and quite a few more have appeared in the past.

    Also for the last time stop spouting around those $/appearance figures, since they have no legitimate source whatsoever. It doesn’t serve any purpose to spread misinformation around as fact. For all anyone knows she might not even be on a per appearance contract. People can only speculate.

    @vonVile: The details might vary from contract to contract, but usually TNA talents can appear in anything but US PPVs/iPPVs/TV. Therefore DVD tapings are perfectly fine. I think there was a case where The Young Bucks were still on contract with TNA and appeared in a ROH iPPV as a dark match. However the match was available when the DVD came out. I specify US as well, since Sarita (and recently Rosita) appears in CMLL even though their rival promotion AAA has a talent deal with TNA.

    Madison has been taking quite a lot of indy bookings lately, but otherwise, there is no sign she has any intentions of leaving TNA. For one thing she’s booked in the four way title match at Bound for Glory, so it’s doubtful that TNA would give her that position if she were leaving. Her heightened indy schedule is probably due to her coming back from relative inactivity while spending time with her husband (who was recently sent back to Afghanistan).

    Anyway rapt to see Ashley Lane back in Shimmer, and should be interesting to see her as a face again (judging by the taping results).

    Also a little surprised that Melissa would be the one to beat Eagles, just because Melissa is already so highly regarded without a title, but she is a more than worthy champion, and will do great with it.

  • Dave Muscarella

    I am super happy for Melissa, but at the same time I am bummed that Madison Eagles is no longer the champ. But, I kinda figured she wasn’t getting out of there with the title, esp when I read that it was gonna be against Melissa. No way was Melissa gonna lose to Eagles two times so quickly.

    I think Melissa will treat the belt well and put on some fantastic matches with it. I think the next one in line to get the title might be Serena, but that won’t be for a while.

  • laqisha

    Oh no my girl lost the SHIMMER title :( but at the same time I’m happy for Cheerleader Melissa.

    PS. Can’t wait to buy the DVDs when I’m back to US.

  • ElectricMVx

    Congrats to Melissa and also Britani. Poor Mia Yim losing again.

  • jim462

    Kudo’s to Melissa she will be a great champion

  • jim462

    What move did Melissa use to beat Madison Eagles