Results from NCW Femmes Fatales VII: New Champion Crowned, Tiana Ringer Returns & More

Quick results from last night’s NCW Femmes Fatales VII show in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, courtesy of the official Twitter page.

* Angie Skye def. Cherry Bomb with a quick roll-up by grabbing her tights.

* Sherbrooke Connexion def. Missy and Anna Minoushka “in a highly competitive tag match”.

* She Nay Nay def. Xandra Bale via submission.

* Mercedes Martinez def. Tiana Ringer in the latter’s comeback match. After the match, Mercedes says she is undefeated and deserves a title shot.

* Cheerleader Melissa def. Yumi Ohka with the Air Raid Crash “in a amazing display of talents by both girls”.

Mary Lee Rose tries to attack Melissa after the match but Melissa counters with an Air Raid Crash on Rose too.

* Courtney Rush def. Kellie Skater in a “really entertaining match-up”.

* Tomoka Nakagawa gets the pin on Portia Perez after spitting water in her face in a three-way match that also included Sweet Cherrie.

* Kalamity def. LuFisto to become the new NCW Femmes Fatales Champion “in a battle of more than 20 minutes”.

Kalamity Wins NCW Femmes Fatales Championship
Diva Dirt Promoters Season: Behind the NCW Femmes Fatales Curtain with Stéphane Bruyere – FF VII on October 8th, LuFisto, Kalamity & More!

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  • xxQOXxx

    I’m getting this the second it comes out! Can’t wait to see Kalamity win the title.

    And ‘Mercedes says she is undefeated and deserves a title shot.’ yes she does, Mercedes v Kalamity at the next show would be awesome.

  • KidKamikaze

    Tiana Ringer came back?

    Holy crap!

  • laqisha

    SHIMMER should book Anna Minouchka, she a great replacment for Kong although there still fine without a Monester Heel.

    • Jhonmarco

      I like her work & she has worlds of potiential but she needs some more flattering gear, as her current gear doesn’t suit her at all. Regardless, I hope she gets a shot soon.