SHIMMER Volume 48 Taping Results

Diva Dirt presents live coverage of the SHIMMER 45-48 DVD tapings in Berwyn, Illinois this weekend.

Diva Dirt’s Steven is on hand with live results.

SHIMMER Volume 46

KC Spinelli def. NY Knockout Nikki via double underhook slam.

Mia Yim and Davina Rose def. Mena Libra and Melanie Cruise after Yim hits a Sky Twister Press on Libra.

Shazza McKenzie def. Rhia O’Reilly via overdrive.

Kana def. Kellie Skater via Kana Lock.

Leon def. LuFisto via frog splash.

Christina Von Eerie/MsChif def. Hailey Hatred/Kalamity agree MsChif hits Kalamity with The Desecrator.

Athena def. Ray via O-Face.

Cheerleader Melissa is attacked backstage by Saraya.

The Canadian Ninjas vs Regeneration-X (dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn) vs The Queens Of Winning (Sara Del Rey and Courtney Rush) vs Ayako Hamada and Ayumi Kurihara in a four team elimination match for the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships.

* Regeneration-X is eliminated after Portia pins Leva with a rollup.

* Ayumi and Ayako are eliminated after Del Rey hits a powerbomb on Ayumi. New champs will be crowned tonight.

* The Queens Of Winning become new SHIMMER Tag Team Champions after Courtney pins Portia with a surprise rollup. Del Rey is not happy.

Cheerleader Melissa vs Sweet Saraya Knight next. Melissa’s knee is injured.

Sweet Saraya def. Cheerleader Melissa via submission using the ropes.

Melissa gets on the mic and says Saraya has unleashed a monster and she will get her title back.

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  • lbthewrestlingnerd

    Volume 48 wishlist-
    Veda Scott vs Leva Bates
    Ayako Hamada & Ayumi Kurihara is singles matches against wrestlers I like
    Leon vs Ray
    LuFisto vs Kana vs Mercedes Martinez vs MsChif

    Well even if all of those matches don’t happen, the way the tapings have been going it should still be good!

    • lbthewrestlingnerd


  • xxQOXxx

    Saraya is the NEW SHIMMER CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • adifferentsame

    I love Saraya to death, but I’m not sure if taking the belt off Melissa so soon was wise. Still, Saraya is a top level heel that commands attention with her character so if she remains champion, I want to see Athena go up against her.

    • Joshi Rules

      This sets up a rematch for the next set of tapings. It gives Melissa the opportunity to become the fist ever two time Shimmer Champion. After this weekend, it would not surprise me to see Athena get a title shot in the next set of tapings.

  • ETR

    fuck thus shit.
    shimmer really loves to screw around melissa…

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    this give Melissa a reason why too run rough shot though shimmer roster in till she get her rematch. Shimmer roster better be on notice like Sara Del Rey she can turn on that wick switch really quick look at her matches on and you can see that will too fight back with wick shots.Like Sara her Japan time gave her that killer style in the ring. that ring is her house and she will own it Mercedes Martinez has that same style but she also has that little street fight in her style too Mercedes can get down and dirty with anyone love it!!!!

  • YourHero

    To be fair, SHIMMER seems to treat her a lot better than some of the other places she’s been. Maybe Prazak doesn’t like having his champ jobbing all the time for more visible promotions… Seems like most SHIMMER champions biggest priorities are with SHIMMER.

    I’m sure the shows were great.