Michelle McCool Talks Melina’s Backstage Reputation, Getting Punished for Being ‘Too Good’

michelle-melinaFormer WWE Divas Champion, Michelle McCool, has spoken about yet another former colleague on her official website. This time, Michelle — who is no stranger to controversy — spoke about another controversial former Diva, Melina.

Speaking about Melina’s alleged backstage reputation, Michelle said: “Throughout her career, she may have had some run-ins or problems with a lot of people backstage. Personally, I was never one of them. All of the things that she supposedly had done or whatever issues were going on, I was not a part of that. So, I didn’t have a problem with her. That’s not my business — I try to stay out of people’s business, if it doesn’t personally affect me, then I don’t really need to get into the drama!”

She also revealed that while they had one incident, Melina and Michelle never had any serious issues with each other.

“I’ve never personally had a problem with her, but towards the end of my career, there was one little incident. People wanna know: this is the ‘juicy, juicy details’ of the Michelle and Melina problem! We were in the locker room and it was one of those Halloween deals. All of the girls were dressed, and literally ten minutes before we’re all going out, nobody has a clue what is going on. Nobody is giving us finishers, nobody has no idea what is going on. So, we’re bouncing ideas, and I remember it was me, The Bellas, and Melina… I can’t remember who may or may have not been in there. I do remember throwing an idea out there and it was Brie or Nicole who said, ‘Yeah. That sounds like a cool idea’, then there’s Melina, who just kind of rolls her eyes and huffs. Her back is to me, but I’m like: ‘Melina, if you don’t like the idea, just tell me what you want to do — I’ll do it. I don’t care’. She says: ‘Nope. That’s fine’. So I say: ‘Well, we’re in a room full of mirrors. The next time you want to roll your eyes, you might want to kinda not do it in a room full of mirrors’.

“That’s the biggest problem I’ve ever had with Melina! Isn’t that just awful?! …I hope you can hear the sarcasm in my voice. It’s the silliest thing ever, obviously. We got over it, but it was kind of humorous. So, that was my only Melina run-in right there. Honest to God, nothing else between us… but a bunch of good matches.”

Diva fans fondly remember the rivalry between the two over the WWE Women’s Championship, and Michelle opened up about the time she worked with the A-lister.

Speaking on their infamous match at Night of Champions in 2009, McCool confirms they did get told off for being too aggressive.

The inaugural Divas Champion said: “It was that day [Night of Champions] I was like: ‘Could you not tell anybody, but do you think we could do a DDT on the barricade?’ And she was like: ‘Oh, yeah!’, not even thinking twice about it. We kind of hid it all day, even though we did ask our agent for approval, I think it was Fit — which is no secret that he was always fighting for the girls. We just made sure that we can stand up and get our balance, but we never actually did the bump. She was the one who was going to take the huge bump, and there was no doubt, no hesitation, that she would make it look ridiculous — and it did! [During the match] She finally takes the bump, it looks sick, pops off — up to that point, that was the best match I’ve ever had. We had the pay-per-view, we had time, I was really proud of that match.”

However following the excellent match, Michelle recalls how agents thought the match was ‘too good’ but little did she know, her and Melina would receive praise from a top WWE Superstar.

She said: “The next day, one of the agents came up to us and was like: ‘I can’t believe y’all did that! You have no idea! We were all backstage, scared to death!’ We were like: ‘What? We know how to safely bump. We wouldn’t do anything that would put either one of us at risk. We’re totally fine! If the men can do it, why can’t we do it?’ He said: ‘It looked too good! You can’t go out there throwing punches like that, or taking bumps like that — that looks better than some of the guys! You can’t do that!’ Finally, I remember Chris Jericho, who was by the ring, hears all of this going on. He said: ‘Look, if the guys can’t follow what the girls are doing, then the guys need to step it up! I thought it was awesome. They did great. And it’s not their problem that it looked that great!’ I was like, ‘Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!’ Because out of respect, we can’t say anything, and here comes one of the boys — Jericho, of all people, sticking up for us!”

Listen to the full interview below:

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  • Clarke

    Lmao how pathetic getting shouted at for being good at your job. And Vince wonders why the divas aren’t taken as seriously anymore

  • lucky1now

    i totally agree with what jericho said
    let this be a real rule for all the wrestlers
    you you dont want to be outshined improve yourself

  • shameronstar

    Managament: “Goddammit! You divas are just Barbie Dolls you’re not suppose to be that good because you’re just eye candy and EVERYONE knows that the fans don’t what to see the women look like they can actually wrestle!”
    Divas: “F*CK YOU!”
    Tamar Braxton: “Ya’ll need to get ya’ll life ’cause nobody got time for this!”

    LOL! but seriously that’s so messed! How are you going to tell someone to NOT do their job at the best of their abilities! This needs to be reported because this is definitely a form of discrimination! I’ve always thought that Naomi’s potential true is seemingly limitless but maybe that’s actually a bad thing based on this story! She’s like Jean Grey aka Phoenix from X-Men she has this boundless potential but the “higher ups” seal away most of her power because they believe she’s too powerful for her own good! SMFH! I guess people who didn’t completely believe Gail Kim feel a little dumb now!

    • K2Evefan

      I like your jean grey comparison, she was my fav x-man.

  • shameronstar

    Also, props to Jericho for standing up for the girls! He gets a check in my book:)

  • VelvetLoveFan

    I loved how Michelle and Melina did the DDT on the barricade without letting anyone know. It’s just a shame though because the divas today can mostly wrestle but their told to look weaker and only Kaitlyn and Eve and Layla can be “the though ones” it’s just annoying

    • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

      To be fair little Layla and Eve are your more experienced ones and Layla always fights her little heart off bro so don’t do that.
      Kate is incredibly powerful as is Natalya and Aksana

      • VelvetLoveFan

        I know, I said its not fair that most of the divas are told to look weak, I know Aksana, Natalya are tough as is eve, kaitlyn and Layla but only they are aloud to? I wish all the divas could do what thoes 3 are

  • wwe141

    wtf thats crazy the Divas get in trouble for wrestling to good,if the girls do something and it happens to out do the guys its not their problem lol that means the guys need to step it up.The WWE runs stuff so stupid, you should want all aspects of your product to be as good as it can be, not just the guys…Absolutely ridiculous

  • charovnica

    Jericho should run the show! He has never had any problems pushing younger guys , he always continued getting better and was evolving his character every time he returns. He is so damn right. And this is one of the problems in today’s ultra corporate WWE… If they only could realize how much money a good diva division and some friendly competition between all wrestlers is going to bring them…I do believe though that the divas (esp. divas like Natalya) should step up and constantly push the management buttons,because from all I know…divas from the Attitude Era had the same problem,but they fought for it.And if superstars are afraid of being out shined…they need to Dolph Ziggle it a little bit :D

  • 04bia

    nice to hear michelle talking about melina, i cant believe the amount of stuff people said about michelle and melina, saying things like “they hate each other!”
    “melina doesnt like michelle” blah blah blah! michelle pretty much denied those rumors! they got along and they had great matches!!! i loved their feud together!
    i cant believe the management, getting those girls into trouble because they had a great match! this just shows how much the management are holding these girls back! good for michelle and melina for having a great match and its my all time favourite!!!!
    these girls proved they can be better than the guys!!!!!
    and good for jericho for sticking up for these girls!!!!

  • Mikas

    No surprise about the WWE’ agents being upset about women wrestling too good. Remember, we are talking about the same company that pretty much fired their entire womens division in the 90’s because the Japanese women (Bull Nakano, Aja Kong etc) made the men look like fools.

    Here’s an idea…improve the training of your male wrestlers in development.

    • Clarke

      I thought it was because fans were losing interest in the division? which I think is a little farfetched but that’s just what I read.

      I know that’s why WCW phased out their short-lived women’s division, shortly after Bull Nakano and Akira Hokuto put on a match that Dave Penzer gave a 9.25/10 and said it was one of the best WCW matches of that year.

      • Raekon

        Nope, Mikas is right.

        They restricted Bertha Faye from using her monster ripper gimmick she were using in japan and in her debut in which she attacked alundra blaze and turned her to “Bertha Faye”.

        As if it weren’t bad enough, they restricted her to do power moves she used in Japan because some of the guys were using them and she weren’t supposed to outshine them.

        Then when she went to WCW in the hope to wrestle with Bull Nakano there, Bull Nakano left and Bertha that finally got to use her Rhonda Singh gimmick, got turned after a while to a comic relief as “Nitro Beef”.

        So she retired all together.

        Even Bret Hart confirmed it in his block in which he wrote about her when she died and others did too. :/

    • WrestlingFan29

      Yeah I also read somewhere that they told Madusa and Bull Nakano back then to tone down their matches ( at house shows I think) because they looked better than some of the men…it’s a shame.

      • Raekon

        Yep, they had a great match with each other down in japan.
        If you would compare it with the matches they had in the WWF in which she were Alundra Blaze, it was laughable.

        • WrestlingFan29

          Yeah there was a lot of difference … their matches in Japan were much better than the ones they had in the US. Their matches in the WWF were really watered down.

  • redsandman99

    I first heard Maria say they got in trouble for the NOC spot so it’s nice to hear Michelle confirm it. Not really shocking since as Mikas said they fired their girls in the 90s and even Trish said in an interview that she would have to fight girlier in matches when there were other agents besides Fit working with the divas. WWE really needs agents that are like Fit or have someone with Jericho’s attitude working with the girls (or really just have his attitude in general). Everyone would be better off.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    It doesn’t surprise me at all Jericho said something. This is the man who had a great feud with Lita and Trish. He took and sold their moves like a pro plus he didn’t baby them when it came to his moves.

    • 09DHK

      Not to mention the fact that he put Chyna over in his first WWE PPV match (I’m somewhat of a fan, but she wasn’t the best wrestler).

      • aunt.dot

        if you read Jerichos book then you’ll know jericho isn’t the biggest fan of chyna, her wrestling skills and the way she got on top. he felt chyna didn’t do a damn thing and felt that he carried chyna too much than he’s supposed to be.

        Jericho respect anyone who take their craft seriously.

  • NY Pollard

    how ridiculous are these people to limit the girls for doing well? that is just a crooked and shameful tactic to take. no real man would take that way out. if these guys were real men of honor, they would compete fairly and let the women fulfill their own dreams. what a bunch of horseshyt.

    and im not surprised jericho stood up for them. lita and trish were good friends with him and lita expressed how jericho has a more progressive view of pro wrestling, which explains his attitude here.

    as for michelle, im glad they did what they did. broke those unfair rules. i hope more women continue to sneak about harder moves in there too in the future. ugh, these wwe agents are ridiculous…

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    I love Claudio from ROH now he is known as Antonio Cesaro in WWE he is an incredibly powerful guy and an amazing wrestler. By accident I caught the ending of the WEE Christmas show this weekend and OMG Cena vs Claudio was freakin lame.. Thank Cena and his lame strikes. So yeah if guys supposedly feel intimidated by the ladies, then step it up! Man it up a level B-)

    I miss how Michelle and Melina used to dish out those hard hitting punches to one another and Michelle and her super kick was the most brutal kick I had seen In ages! Those two were made for one another. Mind u mccool and Melina didn’t have a “storyline” in 2009, it was all about the championship! :D
    I knew Melina was always game for some crazy shit. Haha and the whole rolling ur eyes on a mirrored room lol womp womp!! XD
    Ya Melina was a piece of work. But who cares she put great matches with McCool actually if I don’t say so myself probably the BEST matches of this/that gen! Seriously NOC09 and American Bash 09 were two very hard hitting matches!! As good as Lita vs Trish!

  • Flawless

    Love jericho and michelle!

  • WWFoverWWE

    Gail kim said the same thing, how management was telling them that they were getting too good in their matches and that they needed to lower it a level.

    It’s a shame….

  • B1G_FaN

    I don’t understand why WWE doesn’t want the divas to be “too good” at what they are doing in the ring????? Makes no sense at all. If any of the guys can’t perform, then drop them off the roster. Plenty of others out there that would love the opportunity to be on the WWE main roster.

  • http://worldelitewrestle.proboards.com FOREVER FLAWLESS!

    Wow. The Victoria v. Michelle story – just wow. WWE, I didn’t even know it was possible, but you have somehow found a way to look even worse in my book.

  • https://twitter.com/TheWorldOfEric She’sGotLegs!

    I am absolutely loving these Michelle McCool interviews : )

    I’m glad she put the rumors to rest about her and Melina having problems with each other. People made it like they really hated each other, but they really don’t. Melina does seem like she was a very controversial person backstage based off of rumors of her poor attitude and her sleeping with other guys while she was with John Morrison. Personally, I don’t know whether to believe those rumors are true or not because there’s always two sides to every story, and some things are a bit overexaggerated. I honestly have never had a problem with Melina. I’ve always been a fan of her work, and to me, she seems like a sweet person. Could Melina have made mistakes that caused people to look at her differently? Maybe. But no matter what, I’ll always like the girl. I mean, who are we to judge her?

    Everyone’s always been so quick to bash the girls when it comes to the divas division, but I bet alot of mouths are shut now that Michelle has pretty much confirmed that WWE holds the girls back from putting on great matches. It’s sad that they got in trouble for doing that spot, but hey, it made the match look great, and the fans were into it. Isn’t entertaining the fans the ultimate goal of the WWE? I guess not. I’ve always liked Chris Jericho because he’s never been one to be afaid of saying what’s on his mind. Good for him for sticking up for Michelle and Melina. And he’s right: if they’re out there doing better than the guys, then the guys need to step it up. We’re all so quick to bash the girls because of their poor performances in matches, but what we need to remember is that WWE is holding them back, which is why most of the times, the matches are either OK or lackluster. It’s pretty sad how WWE doesn’t want to make the girls look as good as the guys do. I guess wrestling has and always will be a male-dominated world…

    • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

      If u consider what 90% of what WWE does, Wrestling. I have tried to hop back on to WWE to see what’s going on and I can honestly say it’s a pain to watch that garbage. The only wrestling I see surprisingly, comes only from the divas, Alberto Del Rio at times, Dolph Ziggler somewhat, and who actually does and puts on incredible matches is Claudio aka now Antonio Cecaro!

  • Raekon

    Well as I said in the past in which some people on this site and others didn’t believe me:
    – The divas are restricted in their movesets

    Many former divas confirmed that and there we have Michelle saying it again.

    As I said in the past and it seems Jericho used the same wording, if the guys are too afraid that the divas will outshine them, then they should train harder.

    If they don’t have the talent or skill to go further then they should suck it up and live with it that some divas are better than them.

    It’s as simple as that!

    Having a division that want’s to work good matches on the backburner the whole time, asking them to be girly and do slaps and hairpulls 24/7 is discriminating and stupid.

    Most of all since the company could benefit from the divas division itself.

  • miickeyzreal

    I love Melina because she actually cares about wrestling. (: WWE sucks!

    • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

      I agree, the negative stuff about Melina is mostly about dating issues. What matters is that she loves wrestling and is very good at it.

  • aldo

    So, the WWE Divas get in trouble for being too good? And what if they have crappy matches? They got paid better?
    Well, as Michelle said, she never had a big big problem with Melina, amd her matches were always great. I think that’s the same problem with Mickie James and Melina, i mean, i think they were too good “hating eachother” in the ring that people think they hate eachother in real life.

    • MNM4ever

      LOL so true, mickie and melina were so good at bringing intensity, fire and hate into their feud. EVERY MATCH was heated and so damn passionate; even their matches on ‘Heat’

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    I at some point was a “Kelly hater”, but ill give her mad credit! Her moveset she did to perfection she even added the Molly go round a DANGEROUS move for a slim petite girl like Kelly :(
    I have seen Kelly’s legs. They are nice and slim and toned BUT a lot of baby fat so easily she could of busted her ankle or knees doing it.

    I remember when Kelly returned to Smackdown she and Tiffany would face Michelle a LOT and Kelly began to improve a lot. Michelle loves doing counters-to-counters type moves which she did a lot with Melina and now even Kelly began to do! :P
    But when Kelly went back to raw she no longer did those because by then it was all 2 minute matches weaker by the week

    WWE is messed up man

  • 09DHK

    Honestly, the Melina vs Michelle match at Night of Champions was Michelle’s BEST match in my opinion, and definitely showcased what both women could do. But it’s ridiculous to berate the women for being good at their job. Jericho was 100% right; if the guys can’t keep up with the women, then the guys should step THEIR game up as opposed to watering down the divas to the lack luster performance of some of the guys. I knew Vince was sexist, but the extent of his sexism is still shocking. This is probably why they buried the likes of Victoria, Luna Vachon, Jacqueline, Gail Kim, and currently Natalya.

  • MNM4ever

    THANK YOU MICHELLLE!!!!!!!!!!! people need to get over these false ‘Melina backstage issues’. I mean seriously who doesnt roll there eyes when they dont like something hahahhaha C;mon we must admire her amazing in-ring talents!
    But yeahh Michelle vs Melina at NOC 2009 was DEFINITELY the best match in michelle’s carreer and definitiely in Melina’s top three. It was so sick, intense, hard-hitting, exhilirating, innovative ad emotive yet technincally impressive. Melina and Mccool truly got the fans into the match.. I think its so stupid that the got in trouble for it looking too good,, i mean how can fans take woman wrestling seriously if that happens backstage :L
    but i love how mccool and melina didnt tell anyone about what they were doing :D
    Miss seeing melina every week :( lol

  • chrisP

    Yes, I’m sure the reason WWE had a problem with the match had nothing at all to do with this:

    Michelle dropkicks Melina off the apron. Melina goes flying. 30 seconds later, Melina is on offense and starts dominating. Guess fallling to the floor like that doesn’t really hurt that much.

    Michelle DDT’s Melina on the guardrail. Luckily, it just looked painful because Melina’s up and beating Michelle about 25 seconds or so later.

    So, yeah, they probably did get chewed out. So would anyone else, unless their gimmick is to not feel pain.

    • Raekon

      Wrong, it had showcased determination and resiliency.

      Sold spots or not, it does hurt to take bumps and every wrestler will confirm you that. The stronger the bump, the longer you feel it.

      Chair spots and ladder ones you feel for a few days and sometimes even longer, no matter how well you are trained.

      Check some other ridicoulos spots the guys have sold that were much worse than that and compare.

      • chrisP

        I’m talking about not selling moves. WWE hates it when wrestlers make big spots look ineffective by getting right back up within seconds and acting like they didn’t happen.

        Al Snow got in trouble for the same thing in 1999 when he decided to let, I believe, Hardcore Holly hit him in the head with a chair several times without selling them. He took about 4-5 chairshots to the head and just stayed standing the whole time, trying to look tough. When he got backstage, Vince and other officials lit into him for it.

    • AndieMcPhee

      Given the amount of women who have said as much about WWE (not to mention this match specifically), I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe that WWE would have objected to the match’s physicality. And Melina crawled to the ring after the DDT to make the ten count, used defends to abvoid Michelle’s baseball slide to hide herself more time and did a desperation facebuster that gave her even more time for recover afterwards. They did the best they could; sometimes believe it or not it’s difficult to work perfect psychology into a match that’s only been allocated about five minutes and entertain at the same time. Melina had proven time and time again at that point that she could sell pain, I Quit being the perfect example. They just chose to amp up the spots here to add intensity to a feud that was being given zero look in by management, and given the response to this match they were successful. It helped legitimise McCool and Melina added another match to what was a pretty impressive catalogue.

      Anyway, it is ridiculously sexist that the women aren’t allowed to wrestle to their full abilities, but it’s not surprising at all. Perhaps Natalya’s ability to outwrestle most of the guys is detrimental to her, which is ridiculous because this is supposed to be the biggest wrestling company in the world and talent should be celebrated.

      • AndieMcPhee

        *used defence to abvoid Michelle’s baseball slide to bide herself more time

    • divaindemise

      Don’t listen to ChrisP: he’s a misogynist that has nothing nice to say about real women’s wrestling on account of expressing himself like your average two bit dirt sheet hack. Had the match in question been between two men, I’m sure he wouldn’t be nowhere near particular with his criticism of it.

      • chrisP

        BS. I’m just pointing out a legit reason that WWE would have to being displeased with them. They were no-selling big time in the match, and WWE hates that unless it’s your gimmick to no-sell (early Undertaker, early Kane). Not to mention, it’s not like there aren’t examples of restricting male wrestlers.

        Ahmed Johnson was told to stop diving over the ropes because his size made it look more impressive than when Shawn Michaels did it in the main events.)

        Shane Helms, when he was the Hurricane, was told to stop using the chokeslam because it’s a “big-man” move).

        WWE freaked out at Dean Malenko and Scotty 2 Hotty at Backlash 2000 because Malenko DDT’d Scotty from the top rope.

        Only top guys who are getting pushed hard are allowed pick up the heavy wrestlers for bodyslams and the like because that’s reserved for guys like Cena and Ryback (or Hogan and Warrior years ago; Demolition Smash caught some heat in 1989 after he bodyslammed Big Boss Man and Akeem with ease because only Hogan and Warrior were allowed to do stuff like that).

        • MNM4ever

          to be honest, WWE shouln’t be pissed at two women for trying to make their match entertaining (which they did very well). WWE is sexist. . Melina and michelle SHOULD be made out to look as strong and capable especially since they are two of the top divas of the past era