Pro Wrestling: EVE “No Man’s Land 2” Results: Nikki Storm Regains EVE Title; New #1 Contender Crowned

Yesterday, Pro Wrestling: EVE was in Preston, England for “No Man’s Land 2”, their first show since November’s “Wrestle-Fever” iPPV.

The event, EVE’s first in the north of England, was one-third of a weekend triple-header hosted by Preston City Wrestling, and saw the EVE Championship change hands in dramatic fashion, as Nikki Storm emerged victorious in a grueling match against defending champion Emi Sakura to capture the gold.

Flight issues had prevented Sakura from defending her title the night before against Carmel Jacob, but even an extra night’s rest was not enough to stop a ruthless and determined Storm, still angry with the controversial manner in which she lost her title in November. She defeated Sakura and became the first ever two-time EVE Champion.

The second main event of the show was a thirteen-woman “3-Minute Warning” match, which saw the Glamour Gym’s Sara-Marie Taylor eliminate Kay Lee Ray at the end to earn a future EVE Championship shot at any time of her choosing. Kay Lee, the #2 entrant in the match, had just eliminated Carmel Jacob — Taylor’s Glamour Gym tag team partner and the #1 entrant — before Taylor threw Kay Lee herself over the top rope to pick up one of the biggest wins of her career to date.

Elsewhere, the EVE Tag Team Championship tournament kicked off with a bang, as the Owens Twins (Leah and Kasey) advanced with a fine victory over the “Lovely Peppers” Polly Peppers and Kirsty Love. The ever-present Glamour Gym defeated the partnerless April Davids in a handicap match despite a spirited effort from the Lancashire Terrier. She-X (Bete Noire and Viper) and Ama-Reilly (Ayesha Ray and Rhia O’Reilly) fought to a disappointing no-contest. Also, Alpha Female picked up the win in a 3-way match against Kay Lee Ray (who worked double duty today despite breaking her toe the night before) and Shanna.

The previous night at PCW’s show, April Davids was not fortunate enough to defeat Bubblegum in intergender singles action, losing only after interference from PCW Champion T-Bone. Carmel Jacob defeated Kay Lee Ray, who was replacing the then-stranded Emi Sakura. Davids and Sakura would also go on to face each other later that night at PCW’s evening show, wrestling to an excellent ten-minute time limit draw that will surely serve as a fantastic advertisement for those previously unfamiliar with the EVE product.

EVE’s next show is “Special Edition II: War Games” and takes place on February 23rd at their usual haunt of the Delphi Centre in Sudbury, Suffolk, with a huge 4 vs 4 steel cage match between Team Alpha and Team Storm. For more information and tickets, check out the official EVE website.

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  • MrJCena

    It was a fantastic show really one done to all the girls but just felt like the owner of eve wrestling got to involved and was just always hovering around the ring and telling them to hurry up which let it down abit but other then that it was a brill weekend.

  • Monkey Tennis

    By Eve’s standards, it was a slightly disappointing show.

    It’s almost traditional for an Eve show to start late, but all that usually means is that the show then finishes late. This time however, overrunning wasn’t an option as there was a PCW show booked to begin almost immediately afterwards. As a result, much of the Eve show came across as being rushed, particularly the 3-minute warning match.

    Indeed, I’m wondering what would have happened if the KLR vs Blue Nikita match had taken place, given that there was already limited time for the smaller card that came about due to Nikita’s unfortunate accident. Two singles matches became one three-way contest, with KLR added to the already scheduled Alpha vs Shanna match. It was a decent enough opener, but truth be told, I envy those who’ll be at AAW tonight in Wolverhampton to see Kay Lee vs Shanna in a one-on-one match (assuming KLR’s toe is still holding up). And if you haven’t already seen it, check out the Shanna’s promo for that match, which is simple awesome ( )

    I don’t know if She-X and AmaReilly was originally going to be a match, but was changed to a brawl to save time, or if it was always the intent that this would be a no contest. Either way, it was disappointing not to see either team get to actually wrestle (rather than a few minutes of brawling outside the ring). Particularly in the case of Rhia and Ayesha, who’ve been a team for three shows now and haven’t actually had a match of note so far (They beat the Blossoms in a few minutes, immediately after the Blossoms had defeated the Owens twins at Special Edition 1; They walked out of the match at Wrestle Fever; and now this). The other two tag matches (or the tag match and the 2-on-1) were OK, and it was good to see the Owens progress.

    Nikki Storm vs Emi Sakura was a great match, with the right result, although all the emotion from Nikki’s previous victory was absent this time around. This just felt like putting things back they should have stayed in the first place. And whilst this was obviously a more technical match than Nikki’s bout with Alpha, it didn’t have the same level of intensity or quite feel as ‘important’.

    Finally came the 3 minute warning match. Rumbles can be hit and miss at the best of times and this was largely miss, presumably because of time constraints. It had some very good moments, it had some slightly odd moments and whilst you could argue that having KLR lose was at least unpredictable, having Nikki’s first title challenge (of this reign) come from another heel is a puzzling choice.

    As the poster above comments, the wrestlers all did a great job, in the context of what they had to do. There certainly weren’t any bad performances from anyone on the roster. However the booking did seem a bit random and Dann’s presence at ringside, particularly during the rumble, did create a rushed, almost ‘we’re making this up as we go along’ feeling.