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2021 WWE Draft is confirmed for Oct. 1 & Oct. 4

WWE has officially announced its draft dates for 2021. The announcement was made via a commercial during Sept. 13’s RAW.

The annual event will take place first on Oct. 1 on SmackDown and follow up on Oct. 4 on RAW.

A draft has taken place every year since 2016 which was when the brand split was reintroduced. In 2020, all members of both RAW and SmackDown were available to be drafted in a traditional style draft. There wasn’t confirmation on how the draft will take place this year but it is expected to be the same as last year.

There has been no word on if NXT will be involved this year. The brand has not been involved since 2019 and when it is involved it is outgoing talent only.

Check back in with Diva Dirt during these dates as we will have a complete run down throughout the draft picks.

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