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50 Sexiest Divas 2009: Group E


It’s here, it’s finally here! Welcome folks, this is it – the launch of 50 Sexiest Divas 2009. Last year, nearly 1000 votes were cast and you crowned Melina as the Sexiest Diva of 2008! Can the Women’s Champion successfully defend her crown this summer or will we have a new Sexiest Diva for 2009? The competition starts here and continues all summer long!

HOW IT WORKS: This year, the format is a little different. We have collated a list of 100 women from around North America, past and present. From WWE to TNA to SHIMMER, we’ve got them all! Those 100 women have been randomly put into five groups (Groups A-E), with 20 Divas in each group. Every week through the month of June, we will give you a chance to vote for your favourite Diva or Divas in each group. From each group, the 10 Divas with the most votes will secure a place in the top 50, and the 10 with the least votes will be cut. Once you have voted for every group, we will have the 50 Divas who will make up the ‘Sexiest’ list for 2009… but it doesn’t stop there! You will then vote for your favourite Diva or Divas in the top 50 to secure their place in the chart. This is when you’ll decide who is #1 all the way up to #50.

It’s the FINAL group vote! This last vote will determine the final 10 women who will chart on our 50 Sexiest Divas list for 2009! From next week, you will vote one last time to determine the order in which the top 50 rank! The person with the most votes ranks at #1 and the person with the lowest votes ranks at #50.

But that’s next week… This week we have another 20 Divas who want to make it onto the chart including last year’s Sexiest Diva — Melina! Can Melina make it two years in a row? Her place is not safe and she will need your votes. Joining her are new Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool, TNA’s Daffney and many more!


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