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AEW Dynamite: Winners and Losers – 04.01.20

A new look AEW Dynamite took place this week. Gone was the arena vibe of Daily’s Place and here is a smaller, more intimate and dare I say, Performance Center-like feel that works much better under the current circumstances of zero fans in attendance. Another thing that made the show was the inclusion of a number of wrestlers around ringside cheering and jeering throughout the matches.

Last week’s Dynamite didn’t have any of their female talent on the show so there wasn’t an AEW article. This week we were given a match that featured the number one contender for the AEW Women’s Championship, Hikaru Shida taking on AEW newcomer, Anna Jayy.

Before the match, we were treated to a great video package highlighting Shida’s popularity and excellent striking ability, which Cody and Tony Schiavone echoed on commentary as she entered the ring.

The two tied up jockeying for position ending up on the ropes. As they broke up Jayy whipped Shida with her hair and sauntered away. Jayy would dodge a dropkick and take advantage by smashing Shida with a knee strike. Jayy attempted a body slam but Shida escaped only to take a boot to the stomach. Jayy would then try a running attack, which Shida countered into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by big apron knee lift.

Shida would get into a confrontation with Britt Baker, who watching at ringside.

Back in the ring, Jayy would lay in a number of elbow strikes that only fires Shida up, who asks for more before nailing Jayy with a powerful forearm strike.

Shida, now angered by her opponent attempts a suplex but Jayy counters with a nice back-kick to the head, a kick to the back of the knee and a running blockbuster for the 2 count.

Shida and Jayy with both dodge each other’s clothesline attempts and Shida would miss an enziguri allowing Jayy to try a cradle pinfall for another 2 count. Jayy then attempts a backslide for the 2. Shida misses a knee strike and gets caught in a schoolgirl for another 2 count. As Shida kicks-out, she locks in a submission but it is too close to the ropes and it is broken up.

Shida hits a big suplex for the 2 followed by a big running knee strike to the back of Jayy’s head and falcon arrow for the victory.

After the match, Shida and Baker would continue their earlier confrontation, which hopefully leads to further animosity down the line.

Really good match and a really good showing from the newcomer, Anna Jayy. Considering it was Jayy’s first televised match she carried herself and performed very well and is definitely one for the future. One could argue that the match was a little too competitive but it did show that Shida is able to take the punishment and still come out of the match as the victor.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Shida has now won her last seven matches continues on her rise and trajectory towards Nyla Rose and the AEW Women’s Championship. Could we be looking at the next AEW Women’s Champion? I certainly hope so. Speaking of championship and Nyla, she hasn’t been seen on AEW programming since she pinned Shida in tag team match at the beginning of March. It would be good to get her on a show over the next couple of weeks to build up something between her and Shida, rather than just Rose being the champion and Shida being the challenger but knowing AEW, I won’t hold my breath.

Winner: Britt Baker

Heel Britt Baker is the best Britt Baker. Since turning heel, her character work has been excellent and tonight showed you just how good she is. Firstly her facial expressions when Shida confronted her the first time were hilarious. Secondly, the way she was calmly eating a sandwich on the second confrontation was again really funny and showcased her laissez-faire attitude to the fullest. Thirdly during the main event when Cody was thrown outside and the heels all attacked him, Baker took off her shoe to hit him with and turned to the camera with manic delight. Really good and fun stuff from someone once lost and now enjoying themselves and basking in their new role.

What did you make of the show? Let us know below and as always stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your AEW news, reviews and updates.

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