Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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AEW to partner up with AAA

As of this writing, we are less than 30 minutes away from AEW’s Double or Nothing Party, which will be livestreamed online. However, the good ole boys over at AEW just could not wait another hour before breaking the internet – well, the wrestling side of the internet community – yet again as they have just announced a shocking announcement via Twitter.

Via their Twitter page, AEW released a video that was introduced by Dorian Roldan, who some fans should recognize as the General Manager of Lucha Libre AAA in Mexico. Roldan congratulated Cody Rhodes and Co. on bringing their company and its vision to life. Although Roldan regrettably could not attend the AEW Party, he gave us the next best thing by announcing a partnership between AAA and AEW.

AAA now joins OEW as a seemingly growing list of promotions who will be working closely with AEW going forward. As of now, judging by the video posted to Twitter, there are no immediate plans in place – at least none announced yet – for the AEW/AAA collaboration, but if one thing is for sure, AAA GM Dorian Roldan promises that this new alliance with AEW will “present new surprises to the fans, exchange of talent, [and] surprise people.”

We are certainly looking forward to see whatever AAA and AEW have in store for the future together going forward. We are especially excited to see some of the best international stars that AAA have to offer tangle with some of the best talents already signed to the AEW roster, which so far include Chris Jericho, PAC, Adam Page, The Young Bucks and Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

For more breaking news announcements from the company that we should expect to see within the next half hour, AEW’s Double or Nothing Ticket Announcement Party will stream live on Being the Elite’s Youtube page starting at 9pm Eastern Time.

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