Monday, July 4, 2022

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Aksana Discusses Her Agenda with Teddy Long… Or Rather, She Doesn’t

Since making her comeback to WWE a few weeks ago, Aksana has shown off a whole new look and attitude with her jet-black Russian spy-like hair and her new love for sexual innuendo. She seems to be working her way into SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long’s heart, but does she have an agenda?

Well, if she does, she’s not telling. tried to interview Aksana, but didn’t get much in the way of responses. Read below:

WWE.COM: Why do you keep surprising SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long? What’s going on with you two?

AKSANA: What are you talking about, what is going on? Nothing is going on. What’s going on, you can see on TV, that’s all.

WWE.COM: He gave you his personal phone number. Have you called him yet?

AKSANA: That is private. This is not business-like. You are very personal.

WWE.COM: We don’t want to get too personal, but the last time the WWE Universe saw you, you were in that disastrous wedding with Goldust. So what do you have in store for Teddy Long?

AKSANA: I don’t look to my past. Everything is in my future. So I don’t even think about Goldust.

WWE.COM: So what do you have planned for yourself with regards to SmackDown?

AKSANA: I will take it step by step and … Well, I don’t like to talk about it. You will see.

Read the full piece here.

Speaking of Aksana, she also now has a profile page which you can see here.

Thoughts: 1) There should be a rule that all Aksana interviews are audio interviews, and 2) What is going on?! I haven’t been convinced that this storyline is actually going anywhere, but perhaps it is? More Aksanaisms, please.

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