Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Alexa Bliss introduces Charly to Charlotte Flair on RAW

On this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW Alexa Bliss continued to play mind games with Charlotte Flair. The two are set to clash at Extreme Rules for the RAW Women’s Championship but not before Bliss presented Flair with a present.

Flair had just defeated Shayna Baszler when Bliss, accompanied by Lilly came to the ring. Bliss and Lilly offered Flair a gift to say thank you for granting them the title shot. Flair refused, saying that she didn’t collect dolls she collected championships. However, after some persistence from Bliss and the live crowd Flair accepted the gift.

Flair opened the box to reveal Charly, a Lilly-esque doll created in the image of Charlotte much to Bliss and the fan’s delight.

Infuriated by Bliss, Charlotte declared she going to adult her into Extreme Rules. Bliss attacked her adversary and after a brief back-and-forth, she hit Code Red on the champ, which sent her fleeing out of the ring.

Later in the night, the champion said she would destroy both Bliss and Lilly before throwing Charly in the trash.

Also on the show, Nikki A.S.H defeated Tamina in an impromptu match after a backstage brawl. It was a good match but the end was rather confusing with it seemed Tamina forgot to kick out of a DDT resulting in an abrupt end to the match.

In a scheduled match Rhea Ripley took on Natalya in another solid back-and-forth outing. The Nightmare sealed the second win for her team with an inverted Cloverleaf.

Finally and in the fourth women’s match of the night, Doudrop made quick work of Eva Marie when she defeated her former mentor with a running splash.

What do you make of the introduction of Charly and the rest of the happenings on RAW? Sound off in the comments below.

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