Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Alexa Bliss mourns the loss of her pet pig, sets up fundraiser


Alexa Bliss was not on this past week’s RAW due to trying to find an emergency vet to help her pet pig Larry Steve who needed urgent care. He was in a great amount of pain and was having difficulty even moving. She explained that his normal vet did not feel comfortable assisting him.

By the next morning on Tuesday May 25, she sadly announced that Larry Steve had passed away.

Last evening, Bliss took to her social media to a video in where she thanked everyone for their kind words including those who reached out to try to help her in any way they could. She explained that Larry went very quickly and they do not fully understand it yet. She says that her family was there petting him and trying to make him as comfortable as possible before he passed. The transcript of the video is below:

“I just wanted to get on here and say thank you to everyone who has reached out about Larry and to let everyone know that I really appreciate the amount of support and people who have called and texted, I will get back to you, I just can’t yet, because we’re still trying to kind of wrap our heads around what happened. Larry went very quickly, digressed really quickly, and we don’t really fully understand it yet. But he was surrounded by people who loved him.”

“My family was there, we were petting him and Ryan was playing your music on his guitar because Larry loves music. I just want to say, to any animal care person or vet, no matter how big an animal is, or how different they are, please help them. I hope Larry’s story helps open people’s eyes to the realities of having animals around his size. I just want people to do better. We are going to celebrate Larry’s birthday tomorrow. I really want to do something where we celebrate his birthday and maybe do something like a charity thing to raise money for an animal rescue and if that’s something that you guys are interested in or seeing or anything like that, just let us know, and again, thank you” [h/t – Fightful]

Larry passed away one day before his 4-year birthday. Bliss stated that she is still going to celebrate his birthday today and for those that can to join Bliss on Instagram Live at 7 P.M. EST on her account @alexa_bliss_wwe_. They will be raising money for a pig rescue.

WWE talent Buddy Murphy also mourned the loss of Larry. Murphy and Bliss got Larry together when they were a couple. His post can be seen below.

Ember Moon posted a birthday wish to Larry today saying she misses him.

Diva Dirt sends our sincerest condolences to Bliss, Murphy, and anyone else’s heart that Larry Steve touched.