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Alexa Bliss offers encouragement to young fan

During an appearance at MegaCon in Orlando, Alexa Bliss took part in a Q&A panel. When a young fan who is recovering from an eating disorder, a struggle that Bliss has gone through and openly spoken about, asked if Bliss was ever told she was too small to do things the Raw Superstar offered these words of encouragement:

“Don’t let anyone tell you, ‘You can’t do anything,’. Okay? Because even though you’re struggling, I’ve been there, you know what I mean? I remember that I wanted somebody to tell me that I could get through it and it didn’t have to define me. And you are beautiful and you cannot let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do, and I’m so happy that you’re getting help and you’re getting healthier, because you’re beautiful, inside and out. Please do not let anyone else determine your self-worth.”

You can watch a clip of the interaction below:

Bliss also took to Twitter to comment on the touching moment:

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