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Alexa Bliss says she pitched the idea to work with Bray Wyatt in 2016

Alexa Bliss has been going down a different road with her character development as of late. Ever since she was the recipient of the Mandible Claw from The Fiend (Bray Wyatt) at the end of the July 31 episode of SmackDown, Bliss has had a darker side of her come to the surface. This has accelerated recently by using The Fiend’s finisher maneuver, Sister Abigail, on both Nikki Cross and Lacey Evans.

Bliss has certainly played as a heel character before. It could be argued that her career started to take off once she became a heel persona back in NXT. During the 2016 WWE Draft, Bliss was drafted to SmackDown. Her call up to the main roster would then elevate her career as she started to capture championships.

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According to an interview with Metro, Bliss originally pitched an idea to work with Bray Wyatt years before The Fiend character came into play. The one unique thing that both the Bray Wyatt character and The Fiend have in common is Sister Abigail. Although there has been no confirmation yet on if Bliss is Sister Abigail, the idea is exciting.

She had the following to share:

“Working with Bray has been awesome. I pitched working with Bray a long time ago, but it never really got off the ground just because it didn’t make sense at the time. This has been a lot of fun for me. Anything that’s out of the box or a bit different, I’m a big fan of – acting or portraying a character. So, this kind of checks all my boxes of what I love to do. It’s been very interesting. We don’t know where it’s going. You know as much as I know, but it’s been a lot of fun and I’m excited to see where it goes.”

Bliss adds to the conversation that the current idea is pretty much the same concept that they are portraying now on SmackDown. She wants to see how far this persona can go and wants to push the boundaries.

She continues, “The original idea was when I first debuted and it was kind of the same deal. I wanted to have some kind of involvement with this character because it’s so good and so compelling. He commits fully into that and does so much research. He’s so good at his craft and who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that?”

“Here’s the difference with where my head goes – I would go as far as we can with it. I would go completely in one direction and then change the direction. I would push the envelope as far as we can. It’s just – do things work out that way? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. We just have to see where it goes.”

As a result of her encounter last week with Lacey Evans, Bliss will be taking her on in a match this Friday on SmackDown. Where will this character take Bliss to next?

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