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BEW’s Alexxis Falcon wants women wrestlers to be taken more seriously

British Empire Wrestling will hold the fifth installment of their longest-running annual event, Empire Fights Back 5, on Dec. 2. Ahead of their anticipated event, Diva Dirt’s Kristen Ashly discussed women’s wrestling with Alexxis Falcon.

BEW was founded in 2014 by Declan Kellett and Tim Birkett, and stands as one of the leading brands in professional wrestling located in London.

As crusaders in the industry, BEW boasts that the most central part of their organization relies on women’s wrestling.

BEW holds 20 international affiliates in promotions like Stardom, Women World Stars, Sabotage, and World Wrestling Professionals, with international talent and alumni like Chelsea Green, LuFisto and Mayu Iwatani.

BEW continues to look for fresh talent to build a solid women’s wrestling foundation. Alexxis Falcon is one of the newest talents to join BEW’s ranks, but with her aggressive style and determination, she’s set to a path straight to the top.

Falcon is fairly new to BEW, but she’s already having the time of her life. She hopes the opportunity leads to more work throughout the UK.

“I debuted at BEW on the Sept. 23 against Rhio. I’d seen all the amazing women that had worked there and was so excited when I got the opportunity to wrestle there. It was also my first-ever wrestling match down south in the UK, and I was so excited on the day.

I’ve wrestled Rhio before and I knew what she was like, but at the next show, I faced Sadie Gibbs, Madison Miles and Skye Smitson which are three women I’ve never had the experience to wrestle before – it’s safe to say I’ve done my research so hopefully I know what to expect.

In the future I hope to debut for more companies and establish more of a name for myself in the UK, and eventually, I’d love to be able to travel overseas to the states and Japan, especially for wrestling purposes.”

Falcon was banned from watching wrestling at a young age by her mother. When she was able to watch wrestling again, the passion about her inspirations and the matches she’s been in can be easily seen.

“For the longest time, Jeff Hardy has been my inspiration. He was one of the first people I saw on t.v. when I started watching it when I was younger, and his high-flying ability and the way he was just inspired me. He was my favourite of all time and still is now. I think today in 2018 the women are inspiring me more than ever. Women all over the world are proving we can main event too!

I was for a while after pretending to do wrestling moves when I was young, I’d say Jeff Hardy has definitely influenced my style. If I could do half the stuff he does. I would do it. When I work babyface, he definitely influences my wrestling style.”

Falcon continues by sharing her favorite matches she’s worked in.

“One that stands out a lot to me is my match against Haillie Louise, as it was the first ever women’s main event and first ever women’s iron woman at RWA, it meant a lot to me as it proved how far the women have come.

My match against Rhio at the last BEW show in September was also a favourite of mine, and then at Wrestle Island I had a match against Jack Reilly from the student union. that was one of the most fun matches I’ve ever had – and the most fun I’ve ever had during a wrestling segment alone – so that definitely stands out as a favourite for me.”

Falcon was the reigning champ at Alpha-Omega Wrestling, and talks fondly about her tenure at the promotion, and how it shaped who she is as a wrestler, today.

“Sadly, … this Saturday on the 24th of November is the last ever show at Alpha Omega. It’s been such a fantastic promotion and gave me some amazing opportunities. I was their first-ever two-time women’s champion after capturing it at both Golden Chances in 2017 and 2018 – the fans there are second to none and I’ve been welcomed there with open arms, since day one.”

Finally, Alexxis shares her hopes for women’s wrestling in the future, including her need for her profession to be taken seriously and grow in the right direction.

“Women have always been seen as not as good as the men, and in some promotions, we have had to definitely work to get the women as the main event, and sometimes even a spot on the card. For me, and being a woman, one of the most empowering moments for me was when me and Haillie Louise had the first ever women’s main event at RWA, and the first ever Iron Woman match. I think it’s great that a lot of promotions now put on two-plus women’s matches per card or even full women’s show. It really makes me feel we’re pointing in the right direction, and people are finally starting to take us seriously and want to see more of the women.”

Alexxis will face Sadie Gibbs, Maddison Miles, and Skye Smitson in a Deeds match, where the winner will get a contract for a match of their choice, in the upcoming year.

Falcon and all the women of British Empire Wrestling can be seen on-demand at the promotion’s website, and at ClickWrestle.

Empire Fights Back 5 will be live at KNK Stadium in Morden, London on Sunday, Dec. 2 at 4 p.m. GMT. Return to Diva Dirt for more interviews, videos, and live action before, during, and after the event.


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