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Why Alicia Fox should be Champion

It will be ten years this June since a Fox debuted in the WWE. Alicia Fox debuted in June of 2008 in a storyline as a wedding planner for Vickie Guerrero and Edge’s wedding. It took some time for Fox to start her in-ring competition. She was being used more for backstage segments instead of placing her in matches.

Back about 10 years ago, when Fox debuted, not as many female talents were being picked from the independent scene. Miss Fox was not hand-picked from the indies, but instead, she was hired in from her time in modeling from John Laurinaitis when he spotted her in a magazine. Because she did not have a background in wrestling she had to train and prove herself in the ring. Over the years Fox has had her ups and downs, however, she has improved tremendously throughout the years. She is underused and has what it takes to become a woman’s champion.

It has been since June of 2010 when Fox held her one and only title in the WWE by becoming the first and only African American to have held the WWE Diva’s Championship. Even though she won the title 8 years ago, her craft was not as polished as it is today. She has been highly overlooked in the past few years as a number one contender or a serious competitor. The time when she did start with the company was the height of the Diva division though, so maybe that is why she has sometimes pushed away from the ring. Lately with the women’s revolution, however, she should be at the top of the list for a title run. Fox is currently the longest-tenured female wrestler on the roster and should be given the push that she rightfully deserves.

As depicted in the video shown above, Fox’s moveset was very slow paced during her first few years in the ring. A famous move that she still uses, the scissors kick, was slower and not as hard-hitting as it is in her matches today. Her character was not developed very well either. She was constantly being put with a male superstar as their counterpart instead of her standing out on her own.

Fox’s character started to develop nicely in 2014. They gave her a crazy gimmick that allowed her to interact directly with the fans and even taunt them. After she lost to both Emma and Paige, she goes on a rampage. After the bell rings from her losses, she talks back to the fans, attacks the ring crew, sprays soda everywhere, and she even takes JBL’s cowboy hat (crazy, right?!?). Within the past few years, Fox has been able to keep up with rising stars and top female talent. She has been able to trade punches, hit hard, and does an impressive northern lights suplex. The only thing that Fox hasn’t seem to make convincing is when she is put into a submission hold she normally taps out shortly after the hold is applied. Most recently this has been the case when she puts on matches with Sasha Banks and gets put into the bank statement.

From 2014 to 2016 Fox started to gain more airtime. She was added to the cast of Total Divas and was involved in many Total Divas match ups. When Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte Flair joined the main roster, three separate teams were developed. Fox was added with the Bella Twins and became Team Bella. Fox then was able to put on more matches including solo matches against Paige, Charlotte, and Naomi. The more time she was able to put on matches on televised matches, the more she could show how much her in-ring skills have developed over the years.

In October of last year, Fox wins a big match that most fans were shocked to see. The match was a triple threat against two of RAW’s top women and best friends Sasha Banks and Bayley. Fox displays her ongoing crazy gimmick by ringing the ring bell consistently to distract her opponents and irritate the fans. She ends up imitating and mocking Bayley by acting like her behind Bayley’s back only to end up using Bayley’s own move against her, the Bayley to Belly Suplex. Fox then finds herself in a well known position, the bank statement, by Banks, and this time she is able to get out of the submission and ends up pinning Bayley for the win. This win was important as the stipulation was for the winner becoming the team captain for team RAW’s Survivor Series team. She led her RAW team to victory at Survivor Series and leading up to the match she developed into the Captain Fox gimmick to where she handpicked her team.

The last match that she was involved in was an 8 women tag team match at the 25th anniversary of RAW. While having a good amount of time in the ring, she put on a great back and forth action with Banks. She implemented a perfectly done northern lights suplex. Going into the Royal Rumble match, Fox was just as excited as the rest of the women to make history. Unfortunately, she suffered an injury and missed her opportunity to enter the much anticipated match.

Fox has shown tremendous strides in her career. This author would love to see her tag the title.

What do you think of Alicia Fox’s career? Do you think she has improved? Should she get a title run? Sound off in the comments!!

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