Saturday, February 4, 2023

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Amari Miller thwarts Nikkita Lyons from getting her in-ring debut win on 205 Live

There’s a reason why Amari Miller is a regular on 205 Live and on this week’s show, she proved it. Being somewhat as a welcoming committee to the new talent starting with WWE, Miller took on the debuting Nikkita Lyons. With Miller’s parents in the front row there to celebrate her birthday, she wanted to avenge her past two losses against Ivy Nile and Lash Legend.

Unlike most of the newcomers that Miller has been facing lately, Lyons has experience in the ring. She is most known for her time in the WOW promotion and even had a promo that aired as she made it to the ring. In that, she stated,  “the fighter in me will always prevail.”

Lyons brought the power to the ring but Miller hit just as hard and the two both executed speed throughout the match. After knees to the midsection of Lyons, Miller hit a suplex followed up by driving her opponent’s face into her knee. This keeps down Lyons for the three count and Miller thwarts the newcomer from getting her debut win.

What did you make of Nikkita Lyons debut? Amari Miller picking up the win? Leave your thoughts below.

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