Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Amber O’Neal Launches Women’s Wrestling Promotion

Independent veteran, Amber O’Neal has launched her own women’s wrestling promotion, CWF ARENACHICKS which held its first show this past weekend. O’Neal, who can currently be seen in WSU and Wrestlicious, launched the promotion as a division of CWF Mid-Atlantic. ARENACHICKS will be based in North Carolina.

Speaking to Diva Dirt, she says: “I am thrilled to bring a professional women’s promotion, along with CWF Mid-Atlantic, to North Carolina.”

“I felt with this being my 10 year anniversary in wrestling, I have worked with the best that wrestling has to offer: talent and promotion wise so now my dream is to bring women’s wrestling fans matches that they want to see.”

Commenting on what fans can expect from the new promotion, O’Neal says that ARENACHICKS will release a DVD series as well as provide downloadable content via official website, ARENACHICKS.com. “You can expect to see the very best that women’s wrestling has to offer from all over the world. You will see some other divisions added to this promotion, those will be announced in the near future,” she explains. “We will be a charity based promotion as well.”

In the first ARENACHICKS promoted match this past weekend, Diva Dirt‘s own Allison Danger defeated the ‘Swedish Sensation’ Mia.

O’Neal also told Diva Dirt that former WWE Women’s Champion, Jazz has been added to the promotion’s roster.

For more information on ARENACHICKS, click here. The company’s website, ARENACHICKS.com is currently under construction.

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