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An Open Letter to Jenna Morasca

In the past 24 hours I have watched ‘Jennagate‘ unfold and decided not to add comment. But having read her long blog yesterday and having just now, read another comment from her, I want to use this space to offer Jenna some advice. So those of you who have access to her MySpace, please feel free to pass on this message from Diva Dirt.


As someone on national television every single week, you have become a public figure. And as a public figure, you are bound to be criticised. It’s not something new & it’s not something only limited to the wrestling industry. I can understand the need to defend yourself, but sometimes it’s better not to say anything at all.

I’m sure you realise that your signing to TNA is a controversial subject, as you readily admit, you are not a wrestler. I’m sure you feel that there is an unfair pressure on you because of your background — or lack thereof, but you have been in the entertainment industry long before you started with TNA. I can only assume that you surely must have faced criticism from audiences before? Which ‘celebrity’ hasn’t? Given this, your reaction baffles me.

I understand the intention of your blog . You wanted to clear the air surrounding your match. But I’m sorry to be blunt, but it didn’t help your case & in fact, only brings more scorn towards you from an audience that was already indifferent to you. I don’t mean to offend you and I’m leaving my personal opinions aside as I write this, but that is the feeling towards you & your blog. To be completely honest with you, your blog further alienates fans and only gives them more ammunition against you.

I’m sure you realise that putting a non-wrestler [again which you admit yourself] in a wrestling match would provoke a reaction from wrestling fans. And I again because of this, I am surprised at your reaction.

To offer you some advice, I would suggest you look at the way other women in this industry carry themselves. In fact, look no further than your fellow Knockouts. Lisa Marie Varon aka Tara for example, possibly one of the classiest women to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. You would never see Lisa break that ‘fourth wall’ between the audience and herself and speak out on criticism that she may face, or at least in the manner that you have. Even looking beyond the industry and towards the entertainment industry i.e. Hollywood, you would never see a star worth their salt take to MySpace and attempt to challenge fans. Again, not lashing out at you, but being honest.

It’s accepted that fans will criticise and the classiest thing you can do is ignore it. And if you can’t ignore it, act as though you’re unaffected by it. The entertainment industry is built on facades, after all.

Thanks for reading.

Diva Dirt

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