Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Anna Jay and Tay Conti dedicate win to the memory of Brodie Lee

It’s Thursday and you know what that means. This week’s edition of AEW Dynamite was a tribute and celebration of Brodie Lee’s life.

The night began with entire AEW roster, Amanda Huber and her two sons on the stage. A ten bell salute rang out in memory of John Huber/Brodie Lee.

The night was filled with emotion, love and touching to tributes to a man that was universally admired, loved and cherished.

Special matches took place throughout the night, which had members of Lee’s Dark Order team together in various combinations. One such combination was Anna “99” Jay team with Tay Conti to face Britt Baker and Penelope Ford.

The match started with Jay and Baker going at it with some nice wristlock and headlocks transitions. Conti picked up the pace and showed her skills by laying some stiff strikes into Ford followed by a flurry of Judo throws.

The heels would single out Conti with some help from Reba/Rebel. Ford hit her fireman’s carry lung blower for a near fall. After a double pump kick cancelled both fighters out, Conti would make the hot tag to Jay. “99” would burst into the ring with a barrage of offence.

Jay took out Baker with a sequence of well-executed kicks before paying an emotional tribute to the Exalted One.

Baker took advantage of Jay’s pause with a swinging neck breaker. Conti would fire her out of the ring as Ford tagged in and attempted to hit her springboard cutter, but Jay caught her in midair and locked in the Queen Slayer submission for the victory. After the win, Jay and Conti dedicated the match and victory to Mr Bodie Lee.

The two teams worked really well together and meshed excellently in the ring. All four women got to showcase their individual talents in a great, fun and entertaining match.

After the match, Baker stated that the match was rigged and in a nod and wink to Lee, it was a “Big Rig”. Thunder Rosa lept into the ring and attacked Baker causing a huge pull-apart in the ring.

The night ended with AEW retiring the TNT Championship to Huber’s eldest son, Brodie Lee Jr. This touching moment was followed by a beautiful tribute to a much-loved wrestler, husband and father.

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