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Another Fan Meets Lita at Autograph Signing, More Return Talk

As a follow-up to yesterday’s story, another Diva Dirt reader — Jeff Thornton — sent in a report and picture from meeting Lita (Amy Dumas) on Saturday in Levittown, PA.

According to Jeff, Dumas said that she ‘may have one more good run’ in her.

Check out his report below:

We talked for a few minutes, and I asked her about coming back, even though I figured she wouldn’t be, but she said: “Yeah, I might have one more good run in me.” She laughed a bit before asking: “Who would you wanna see me go up against?” Just thought I’d share that, maybe hinting she is coming back soon for a short stint.

Also, some other notes. When she first walked through the doors at the Collectibles shop, she seemed a little… bitchy. But after going up to her, she wasn’t at all. She was the sweetest/nicest wrestler I’ve met yet. She let me talk to her for a few minutes, and I bought her CD and poster. She signed those along with a pic I bought. I asked her about her lip tattoo, and she showed me that she still had it, and then I showed her mine. She told me about how she got it done, and after it started fading, she got it redone in two weeks and it’s been there ever since. But yeah, she was the sweetest person ever, and so awesome to meet. Definitely worth it. :)

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