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Ariane Andrew (Cameron) Says Naomi Is Recovering From Shoulder Surgery

Ariane Andrew, known in WWE as Cameron, has a recent signing with Golden Ring Collectibles and talked a bit about Naomi. She confirms that Naomi is currently recovering from shoulder surgery. She also adds that she doesn’t want to speak for her outside of that where Naomi’s future will lead her.

“She is recovering from shoulder surgery. I want her to answer the question for herself. I know she’s recovering from shoulder surgery. I’m super proud of her, that’s my sister from another mister. You’ll have to ask her for youself how she’s feeling, see if her shoulder is feeling good because she’s recovering right now.”

Andrew also stated that last year after her appearance in the 2022 Royal Rumble there was an original plan for her and Naomi to win the tag titles. However, that was scraped.

Naomi is still listed on the WWE website but her current status is unknown. She left WWE in May with Sasha Banks. Banks has moved on as Mercedes Monè and just became the IWGP Women’s Champion for NJPW.

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