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Former Diva on issues with AJ Lee and possible WWE return

Ariane Andrew, who was known as Cameron during her stint at WWE, recently spilled details on her relationship with AJ Lee, wardrobe malfunctions at WrestleMania, working with Ember Moon, and a possible WWE return.

The former Diva sat down with DS Shin of Ring The Belle to countdown fans’ top five Cameron moments.

Andrew touched on her torrid relationship with WrestleMania, including her canceled tag match against the Bella Twins on WrestleMania 29, and a wardrobe malfunction during the Vickie Guerrero Invitational Battle Royal match for the Divas Championship, at WrestleMania 30.

“[WrestleMania] has not been my best friend. We got the match cancelled then we had my top come off. Luckily, I was out early and not later, because, you know, the fans would’ve gotten a full preview of these little nuggets right here.”

Andrew experienced her first championship match at Elimination Chamber against AJ Lee, in Feb. 2014.

The Total Divas staple was asked what it was like to work with AJ Lee during a period when Lee was at the top of the division. At first, Andrew pleaded the fifth, then decided to elaborate.

“Wrestling fans are going to hate me out there because [AJ Lee] did make a huge impact in the division. But what I will say is, I respect her, her work ethic, and what she’s doing now with her books, and stuff like that. But I will say that for someone who was new, I wish I could’ve had someone who was a little bit more guiding and not leave me out to the wolves. That is what it kind of was, with dealing with her. It was major tough love.”

Andrew would continue by making a comment about needing guidance from a wrestler who didn’t show up to matches at the last minute. Also alluding to the fact that the Elimination Chamber match with Lee almost didn’t happen, due to an illness Andrew questioned.

“I’m gonna spill some tea here because [AJ Lee] said she was sick. Her stomach was hurting, but then she told me to do my move where I drop the leg on her stomach. So, I was like, ‘Girl, I’m confused.'”

After the Funkadactyls broke up in 2014, and Andrew experienced an unsuccessful singles run, she was sent to NXT in late 2015. When describing the chemistry she had with Superstars, Andrew spoke fondly of Ember Moon.

“Someone who was my complete favorite was Ember Moon. She wasn’t on the roster on my time, and this is when I was back down in NXT. We had some great matches. We just vibed. Our chemistry was just always on point, and I had the best matches with her.”

When describing a finisher she developed in NXT that was not seen on television, Andrew let it slip that she might return to WWE, soon.

“Actually, I had another finisher when I was down in NXT, as a comeback. You guys didn’t get to see that. But maybe you guys will in the future. I may have an announcement to possibly make. Who knows what it’s about? To possibly, maybe come back in WWE.”

See the entire interview from Ring The Belle in the video above.

What do you think about Andrew’s comments on AJ Lee? Will we see a Cameron return at the Royal Rumble?

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