Monday, July 15, 2024

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As the WrestleMania “No’s” Pile Up, Here’s a Positive…

It looks as though Diva fans are somewhat aggravated at the amount of Divas saying “No” to a WrestleMania 25 appearance. And it is true that the “No’s” do outweigh the “Yes'” and “Maybe’s” on Erin’s quaint little chart. But being ever the bigger-picture-seer (I realise that isn’t a word) that I am, there’s a much more positive aspect to this whole thing.

As the likes of Terri and Debra drop out, the chances become more and more likely that we will see Gail Kim make her debut at ‘Mania. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t rather see Gail than Terri or Debra? With the “No” list prevailing, it’s all but a dead-cert that our former Women’s and Knockouts Champion will make her return at the biggest pay per view on the calendar. And how many Divas can boast that?

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