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Ash By Elegance Lays Out Jordynne Grace; Spitfire Extinguish The Hex

Fresh off a history-making Against All Odds this past Sunday, as TNA Impact! now sets its sights towards Slammiversary.

To kick off Knockouts action, The Hex looks to face the team of Spitfire. After The Hex’s unsuccessful challenge for the Knockouts World Tag Team titles, the team looks to get a one-up on an opposing team that is looking to reignite their fire for those same titles they had once lost.

Jody Threat and Marti Belle lock up, but Threat quickly overtakes Belle and Allysin Kay in the early ongoings of the match. Spitfire takes the early lead, but the team of Hex plays some dirty antics of their own to turn the match around.

The Hex take control of most of the match isolating Threat in the corner. But, Threat manages to power through and gets Dani Luna in for the hot tag. Spitfire is all on the same page, and hititng a unique finish with for the win.

After accepting PCO’s love letter, Steph De Lander looks to finally go on her date with him tonight…in the ring. 

Their first date seems to be going chaotically well, that is until AJ Francis and Rich Swann interrupt their time. SDL hits a winding slap across Francis’ face but meets her fate as she gets chokeslammed through the dining table.

In our next Knockouts match of the night, Heather Reckless is in the ring and per usual George Iceman cuts her intro short and introduces Ash By Elegance to the ring.

The two start and are quite even until Ash levels Reckless with a disrespectful right forearm. Reckless is not giving up and uses her speed to her advantage. The two end up propped up on the top rope, but Reckless miscues and lands on the ring canvas. Ash then hits Rarified Air to get the win. 

Ash is not done and wants to send a message to Jordynne Grace until the TNA Knockouts World Champion herself comes out to make the save. Unfortunately, Grace gets distracted by Iceman allowing Ash to get a cheap shot in and knockout Grace with the Knockouts title. Ash is left standing holding the championship right above the champion.

Backstage Grace is reeling over this attack and looks to talk to Santino Marella to settle this once and for all.

What did you think about tonight’s TNA Impact? Does Ash have what it takes to take the title away from Grace? Can Spitfire use this momentum to get back on track for the titles? Let us know below! 

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