Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Ashley: Bandana Babe!


Yay! Another Ashley Massaro photoshoot. Most of you are probably just as thrilled as I am, hah! But I’m psyched for yet another Dirty Diva photoshoot. I suppose since they aren’t using her as much on television, they’re putting out more photoshoots of her – which I’m super excited about. It seems like week after week another set is released. Anyways, let’s get to the photoshoot, shall we!?

I like it. I guess since I’m a super Ashley fan, I can be almost biased on the fact of liking photoshoots from her more so than the other Divas, but I don’t know.. something about this one just does it for me. I like the color coordination of black and pink, then again.. practically every Ashley photoshoot has these colors. Hey, atleast there’s a plus in this photoshoot: No tacky orange thong. Thank god, right? I was starting to have second thoughs about her… please, don’t comment on that statement! Haha!

In conclusion, I like this photoshoot. It gives a good glimpse of her new weave and her new figure? Apparently Ashley’s trying to pack on the pounds due to some select fan-made signs at wrestling shows stating, “Please Feed Ashley!” I don’t really see a difference to be honest. It’s okay, Ashley! Order a couple burgers and chow down, baby! Lastly, I think they need to do more with her photoshoots. I’m kind’ve getting sick of the whole bra, fishnet, hat, and flashy punk hand gesture being tossed out. It’s time have a change of pace – not for just Ashley, but most Divas. Click here to view the photos!


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