Monday, October 2, 2023

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Ashley Vox and Thunder Rosa steal the show on AEW Dark

Its Wednesday and you know what that means. The first AEW Dark of the year aired last night and offered up a tonne of action and great matches.

The show featured a fledging rivalry, a new tag team, an impressive return and a brilliant debut. Let’s get to the action.

First match of the night had Nyla Rose taking on the Pink Dream, Alex Gracia. Gracia wasted no time in flying at Rose, which rocked the Native Beast at first. However, Rose rebounded with a huge Samoan Drop followed by a Beast Bomb for the win.

After the match, Vickie Guerrero ridiculed Gracia about learning her lesson as Rose drove her through a table.

Gracia and Rose are developing quite a rivalry. Rose has decimated and humiliated Gracia twice now, which will lead to the Pink Dream looking for revenge further down the line.

Next up the new team of KiLynn King and Tesha Price faced Ivelisse and Diamante in tag team action.

This match had really great transactions and smooth sequences that made all four look good in the ring. After some strong back and forth action Diamante caught King for the submission victory.

More of Ivelisse and Diamante in 2021 please.

The following match saw Vipress return to AEW to take on Shanna in singles action.

Shanna took the match right to Vipress from the get-go. Vipress fought back with venomous elbows and kicks that had Shanna reeling. Shanna returned the favour and went on the attack until a double underhook facebuster put away her opponent.

Both competitors looked good and Vipress is a unique and intriguing talent who continued to impress.

The final women’s match of the night had Ashley Vox making her AEW debut against Thunder Rosa.

The match was really good with Vox firing at Rosa from the start. The former NWA rivals exchanged some hard shots mixed with fast and fierce offence. Vox looked to have Rosa beat with a great fish-hook ripcord kick into by a spinning flatliner but Rosa kicked out before putting Vox away with a Fire Thunder Driver.

Great match between these two and Ashley Vox needs to be signed right away preferably along with her sister Delmi Exo.

Another good show with some great action but AEW really needs to add some more depth and reason to these matches. More emphasis, build and storyline makes for a much better product. We are started to see slithers of a story with Rose and Gracia, hopefully we get to see a lot more added in 2021.

What did you make of the matches? Let us know in the comments below.

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