Monday, October 2, 2023

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Asuka Receives New WWE Women’s Title Belt; Charlotte Flair Returns

The Raw Women’s Championship is now a thing of the past. Asuka is now the WWE Women’s Champion. The belt style is duplicate to the Undisputed WWE Universal Title belt that was presented to Roman Reigns last week. It just includes the white belt.

There is no confirmation as of yet if the new title will follow the Raw Women’s Title lineage or start its own

Prior to the presentation from Adam Pearce to Asuka in the ring, Bianca Belair was heated in Pearce’s office. Pearce asked Belair to not interrupt the presentation and if so she will be getting a rematch against Asuka. Belair agreed.

Now out to the ring. Pearce unveiled the new belt and new name associated with it and put it around the waist of Asuka. Charlotte Flair’s music then hit and the Queen is back. Where there is a title, there is Flair.

Once Flair entered the ring, Pearce asked her what she was doing. He figured she wanted a shot at the title, but he told her she has to wait in line. Flair says she doesn’t wait in line, she made the line.

Flair says no one respects Asuka as much as she does but she then demanded a title match (but she kept pointing to the Raw belt?). Asuka accepted and went to spit the blue mist at Charlotte but the 14 time champion was able to avoid it.

Moments later, Pearce was back in his office on the phone rattled about Flair and when to have the match. Belair showed back up angry and Pearce realized that he has more to figure out.

Despite where Belair fits into all of this, it was confirmed that Auska vs. Flair for the title will take place three weeks from today on June 30.

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