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Asuka Takes On IYO SKY At WWE Live Event

Asuka and IYO SKY met in a singles match for the very first time over the weekend at a WWE Live Event in Springfield, MA.

SKY would go on to defeat Asuka after rolling her up and using the ropes for leverage. SKY and Asuka have been across the ring from each other due to their current storyline and finally interacted with one another this past Monday on Raw in a tag team affair.

These two women have a long history together on the Japanese indie circuit. In 2010, she formed a team under the name Kana along with the Shirai Sisters (Io and Mio). They were called Triple Tails.

With SKY being in NXT for several years, the two are just now interacting with each other. When SKY took on Sasha Banks at The Great American Bash in 2020 it would be Asuka who assisted her in getting that win.

Asuka and SKY will be across the ring from each other at Clash at the Castle on Sept. 3. Asuka will team up with Alexa Bliss and the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair while SKY will be with her Damage CTRL teammates Bayley and Dakota Kai. SKY is also in the finals for the Women’s Tag Team Tournament which will conclude this Monday, Aug. 29 on Raw.

You can view the full live event match below –

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