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Bayley gushes about being included in WWE 2K17

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WWE 2K17 hit store shelves today and includes more than 20 female Superstars on its roster, an impressive achievement after 2K faced backlash for not including the Four Horsewomen or other NXT talent last year. To mark this occasion, Bayley recently spoke with Fox Sports about being included in the game, what’s next for women’s wrestling, and much more.

On seeing herself included in the game: “It’s amazing, I can’t believe how much detail they got – my ponytail and my gear. They actually even picked one of my favorite sets of gear, because I love that bright green, and to actually have the tassles on there, I was hoping they would get one with my tassles so I was really excited to see that. I’ve seen videos of my entrance and short clips from matches , they really got everything down to a T and it’s really cool.”

On creating herself in previous games: “Oh yeah. But I was such a tomboy, I would always create myself as a guy, because I always thought like – sometimes I would create women, but for some reason I was creating myself as a guy, I wanted to be a different version of the Hardy Boyz. So I would just be like the third Hardy Boy, and I would always create someone who was a mixture of Jeff and Matt. I kind of just wanted to be the Hardy Boyz’s sister, but they already had Lita, so I [had] to be the third member. I would always create the same one every year.”

On creating fantasy matches: “I have a few, but No. 1 that comes to mind right now would be … I would team with Macho Man and we would take on Sasha Banks and Eddie Guerrero. If I were to have a match with Lita, I would make that a championship ladder match.”

On transitioning to the main roster: “Aside from being able to travel to different places a lot more…. honestly with NXT, we only had one day off, we had Sundays off. We trained every single day and we had three shows a week, and we only had Sundays to kind of do all of our errands and stuff like that. Now with the brand split we have an extra day, so I have more days off than I did with NXT and that’s been super helpful because there’s so much that I need to do now that I’m not home every night.”

On women competing in Hell in a Cell and other matches with stipulations: “That’s definitely something I’d love to see in the future. That’s like another level. We’ve just started to make strides on having these huge matches and the women having the main event spot of Monday Night Raw like they did last week, so I think that’s kind of gonna be the next step. We want to start main eventing pay-per-views, main eventing WrestleMania someday. We want all the opportunities that the men have, and we want to be able to be put in those situations and know that we can handle it. I think if they… Hell in a Cell is a huge deal, if they wanted to start off small and maybe put us in a cage match or something, that’d be cool, but I know that’s something we all want to be a part of.”

To read the full interview, go here.

Will you be picking up WWE 2K17? Who will you play as? What are some of your dream matches? Sound off in the comments below.

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