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Bayley on Her Favorite Diva, Her Inspiration and Wanting to Wrestle Ivory has interviewed NXT Diva Bayley for their NXT 10-Count feature, discussing her favorite Diva, who she’d most like to wrestle, her history in wrestling and more.

Who inspired her to get into wrestling?: “My parents, along with “Macho Man” Randy Savage, The Rock, The Hardy Boyz, Lita, Eddie Guerrero, Ivory, Victoria and Triple H.”

Who is her favorite Diva?: “Currently my favorite is AJ Lee because she’s taken on the Divas division full speed and she’s made a huge impact. Plus, she gave me a hug one time!”

Which Diva from the past, present or future would she most like to wrestle?: “Ivory! She was amazing in the ring. She would be a huge challenge and I could learn a lot from her. She was also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met – very happy and energetic.”

Who wouldn’t she hug?: “You know when you first meet someone and they shake your hand? Hugging is how I shake hands. I live hug life. So no, there isn’t anyone I wouldn’t hug. But I’m not too sure if I’ll be hugging Summer Rae anytime soon after she broke my headband.”

What she does when she’s not wrestling: “Most of the time, if I’m not wrestling, I’m somewhere thinking of how I can get better or watching tape or writing down ideas. I like simple things, like finding new coffee places to try or new restaurants. I like to run trails outdoors, juggle, play basketball and hang with some awesome people I’ve met here. I used to love pogo sticking when I was a kid and I still do. That’s actually one of my favorite things to do.”

How did she starting wrestling?: “I’ve been wrestling for a little more than five years now. I went to my first live wrestling show when I was 12 years old for this independent promotion called Big Time Wrestling in Northern California. Since that night, I never missed a show of theirs. I knew once I was of age and my mom allowed it, I wanted to begin training with them. Once I did, I was wrestling there twice a week for more than four years before I got to come to NXT.”

How many headbands does she own?: “I have 15 headbands right now and plan to get a lot more very soon. Besides them being just plain awesome, I feel like my headbands represent the same to me as a mask does to Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara. I have all kinds of different colors and designs that all symbolize different things of schweetness.”

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