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Bayley Retains On Her Birthday; Maxxine Dupri Gets Carried Out By Otis

On Saturday, Bayley headed into Clash at the Castle in Scotland against the home country gal Piper Niven. The champ was also the birthday girl so she entered the match wanting to leave it still champion more than ever.

Unlucky for Niven, her tag team partner Chelsea Green was ejected from ringside but would return with a Luchador mask on. Now we can’t confirm that it was Nacho Chelsea Verde, but it most likely was!

The match was a highlight of the show as it had Niven looking the best she has in quite some time. However, the home field advantage that worked for Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn (who won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles earlier in the show) wasn’t so lucky for Niven. Bayley retained after Niven countered the Rose plant but sneaked in with a Crucifix pin.

Elsewhere on the show Maxxine Dupri reluctantly joined Otis at ringside for Chad Gable’s Intercontinental Championship match against Sami Zayn. Gable had both Dupri and Otis prepped and ready to help him cheat to win, but it did backfire.

Gable handed the IC Title belt to Dupri to use on Zayn while he distracted the referee. Dupri couldn’t go through with it which led to a moment where Zayn almost landed the helluva kick on Dupri. Gable would berate Dupri at ringside until Otis stepped between them. After an altercation which knocked Dupri down, Gable distracted the referee once again so that Otis would attack Zayn, but just like Dupri, Otis didn’t struggled to do it and didn’t. Instead he picked up Dupri and carried her away from the ring. Zayn retained.

To read on Alba and Isla winning the tag titles you can click here.

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