Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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Becky Lynch comes to the aid of a fan having a seizure

Becky Lynch as “The Man” may be playing the role as a take-no-prisoners bada** in WWE, but outside the ring, some may call her a hero. Friday night, Becky ran to the aid of a fan who according to spectators was having having a seizure. Lynch was signing autographs in Nebraska at World Of Wheels when she found out a fan in line needed help. Lynch immediately ran to the aid of the women and sat with the her for five minutes – according to fans – until the EMTs arrived.

Lynch is known to be a very caring individual and treats her fans like friends she has known for years. Prior to joining WWE, Lynch spent time as a flight attendant and had to be trained to act fast if a passenger needed any sort of medical assistance.

As our very own Lauren Founds recalls, a similar story happened last October in Boston when Charlotte Flair came to the aid of a fan who fell ill. During a VIP signing prior to a house show, a fan in line waiting to meet Flair became dizzy almost passing out. While EMTs were called, Charlotte stopped the meet and greet session to console the woman before help arrived.

We hear horror stories all the time of fans meeting their favorite wrestlers and being disappointed with the experience. Hearing stories like these of Becky Lynch and Charlotte makes you realize that they really are just normal, caring people with an abnormal career.

Do you have any stories similar to these where a wrestler has gone above and beyond to help a fan in need? Leave a comment below and share your story.

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