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Becky Lynch responds to Alexa Bliss in interview with Michael Cole

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This week is all about the Bad Lass Becky Lynch, how she made history as the first SmackDown Women’s Champion, and how she’s going to prepare for her first defense. Michael Cole sits down with Becky this week in a exclusive interview to get the scoop on how she feels holding the title, being an ambassador for WWE now that she’s a champion, and if she has any words for Alexa Bliss.

At the start of the interview Becky immediately dotes on how “over the moon” she is about holding the title. She tells Cole to look at how beautiful the title is and continues to treasure how special the belt is. She says she has not been able to wipe this “cheese eating grin” off her face.

Cole askes her if she ever thought this would happen and she says there were times when she doubted it. There were times where she thought she’d have to come to terms with it never happening. She says, “But here I stand the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion, and the longest reigning, and the best, and the youngest, and the oldest…I could go on!”

Cole stresses that now that she’s champion, she’s an ambassador of the WWE brand. He asks her to tell him about a touching moment with child during a recent children’s hospital visit.

She tells a story about how she let a child hold her title and they loved it. However, when she gave him a replica, he said, “I’m onto you. This isn’t the real gold.” She said he knew right away how special the title really is.

Lastly he asks her how she feels about Alexa and if she has any words for the spiteful one. Alexa isn’t one to be underestimated but Becky has been fighting her whole life for this, she says. She says Alexa may be spitfire but she’s not about to get burned.

Watch the whole interview here:

Becky is set to take on Alexa at No Mercy on Oct. 9 at 8 pm ET on the WWE Network.

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